Kaitlyn wins the Divas Championship; Eve quits WWE

Kaitlyn WWEIn front of her hometown fans in Houston, TX as part of the 20th Anniversary episode of Raw, Kaitlyn finally ascended to the top of the company’s women’s division by winning the WWE Divas Championship, pinning Eve Torres with a spear after outwitting the three-time titleholder.

In a match where the stipulation was added that should Eve be disqualified or counted out she would lose the belt (an amendment added because Torres deliberately got herself counted out last week to save her reign), she tried to gain a count-out victory by throwing the challenger over the barricade. Unbeknownst to her, Kaitlyn had already returned to the ring, and was waiting to deliver the match-winning move.

The match was arguably the best outing the pair have had, and was aided by an enthusiastic crowd. However, one person was seriously unhappy.

After the match, a WWE Active video was released on the company’s mobile app where Torres – unhappy at the stipulation added before the match, blaming SmackDown General Manager Booker T for making the amendment, before saying that she didn’t need WWE, as she was a bigger star now, having been a reality TV winner – a reference to her emerging victorious on NBC’s Stars Earn Stripes last year. With that, she quit and left – all of this off TV, so who knows how much it will be referenced on future shows.

The rumour mill had been swirling all day after PWInsider claimed that Eve would be leaving the company tonight, dropping the Divas Title to Eve on the way. As it turns out, that’s what happened. Where this leaves the new champion, the former champion and the Divas division as a whole is something which we will be looking at in more depth as part of the Ringbelles Roundup later, so check back in a while to find out our thoughts on the fallout of this significant title change.

– Lee Burton


One thought on “Kaitlyn wins the Divas Championship; Eve quits WWE

  1. On the September 24 episode of Raw Eve teamed up with Beth Phoenix to defeat Layla and Alicia Fox. After the match, Eve attacked Phoenix after an injured Kaitlyn appeared on stage telling that the person who attacked her was a blonde. On the September 28 episode of WWE Superstars, Eve was defeated by Layla in non-title match, thus earning a title opportunity. On the September 29 episode of SmackDown, immediately after Beth Phoenix’s match with Natalya, Eve would act on her own accord and suspend Phoenix, pending investigation of Kaitlyn’s attack. Later that night, SmackDown General Manager Booker T reversed Beth Phoenix’s suspension and Eve then blamed Teddy Long for telling her to suspend Phoenix. On the October 8 episode of Raw, Eve defeated Kaitlyn via submission to retain the Divas Championship. After the match, Eve was pushed by Layla when she was attempting to re-injure Kaitlyn.


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