Saraya: We knew Paige was going to be huge

Sweet Saraya Paige Gilda PasquilSaraya Knight may be scary and intimidating to some, as well as being as tough as week-old bread – but she’s also got a big heart, and that is evident when you ask her about her family. That’s why when she is asked about her daughter Paige, she is more than willing to tell you how proud she is of her accomplishments in the industry.

Speaking to The Sun UK, the reigning SHIMMER Champion gushed:

“I was there when Britani (Paige) was told. It was amazing, she was bouncing off the walls. We as a family were buzzing for her, but inside we all knew we would have to lose her to the States.

“We knew she was going to be huge and are so proud. Now it is the rest of the world’s turn to find that out.”

The 20-year old’s ascent to WWE was covered as part of The Wrestlers: Fighting With My Family documentary which aired in the UK last July, as part of a biopic of the entire Knight family with both Paige and son Zak vying for WWE contracts – however according to the matriarch of the group, that may not be where the story ends:

“I’d love to see it released on DVD, but for now it looks like it may become a series.”

Saraya also took some time to discuss women’s wrestling in the UK, pointing out that its popularity is high in Scotland, and audience numbers are also very respectable in the north and east of England too. With the overseas success of the likes of Saraya, Rhia O’Reilly, Kay Lee Ray and April Davids, the rest of the world is finding out the quality and range that British grapplers bring to the table. Things are looking healthy for British female wrestlers, and it looks like the individual successes of the Knight women may spread in the future.

The possibility of a full series with the Knights is also an interesting prospect too. With the big personalities in that family – as well as the possibility of extrapolating it to other member of the World Association of Wrestling and Bellatrix rosters, it could be a big boost for wrestling to show their lives both inside and outside of the ring.

As for Paige herself, her popularity currently sets her apart from the other women in NXT – she is generating a reaction with the audience in Winter Park, FL, and that adds a buzz to her matches. In addition, she is working on an impressive winning streak, claiming the heads of some Divas on the main roster. At the rate she is going, it seems to be only a matter of time until she rocks up on Raw and/or SmackDown.

– Lee Burton
– Photo by Gilda Pasquil


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