Multiple women vying for your TNA Gut Check vote

TNA Gut CheckThe TNA Gut Check series isn’t just played out on TV. The promotion has spent the last two years travelling the US, Canada, the UK and Ireland offering sessions to wrestlers looking to make an impact (pun intended). That means that it’s not just winner Taeler Hendrix who has been involved in the process – and as we mentioned last June, both LuFisto and Courtney Rush were involved in the Gut Check which took place in Oshawa, ON, Canada. However now, TNA has thrown the selection process for who gets a shot on Impact Wrestling out to us, the fans. We will have our say in who we want to step into the ring in Orlando, FL.

To do this, TNA has listed every single person who has participated in any one of the sessions since the first one took place in September 2010 in Rahway, NJ. As stated in the press release – from tomorrow evening, we have the chance to go via the promotion’s website and vote in the Gut Check Challenge, described as “an interactive experience by letting fans decide the one previous “TNA Gut Check” participant who is most deserving of appearing on IMPACT WRESTLING’s “TNA Gut Check” segment on Spike TV.” There will be rounds – 16 brackets in all – until all the wrestlers are whittled down to one.

A number of women have attended the Gut Check sessions, and all of them are eligible, including the aforementioned LuFisto and Rush. After the jump, we’ll let you know which names to look out for – but first, A WARNING.

Beyond this point, we will be revealing the real names of a lot of wrestlers, as that is how their names will likely – appear on the voting form though some are just going by their wrestler persona. If you are someone who likes not knowing their true monikers, stay away. With that said, anyone who’s OK with it can jump in and see who’s vying for your vote from tomorrow evening [UPDATE: it’s been bumped to Monday afternoon], as well as the links to their profiles on the Gut Check site, where available.

Niya (Nicole Barela) – Saginaw, MI, October 2010
Holly Rocamora (Holly Davis) – London, England, January 2011
Kacee Carlisle – Richmond, VA, February 2011
Davina Rose (Pamela Martinez) – Salem, OR, March 2011
Lylah Lodge (Kristina Saeger) – Salem, OR, March 2011
Luscious Latasha (Latoya Allsopp) – Pittsburgh, PA, April 2011
Zaira Ojeda – Pittsburgh, PA, April 2011
Brittany Force (Brandy Way) – Plattsburgh, NY, May 2011
Athena (Adrienne Reece) – Houston, TX, July 2011
Tina San Antonio – Asbury Park, NJ, July 2011
Mercedes KV (Mercedes Kaestner) – Plymouth, MA, January 2012
Mia Svensson (Desiree Snow) – Concord, NC, February 2012
Paloma Starr (Paloma Vargas) – Houston, TX, June 2012
LuFisto (Genevieve Goulet) – Oshawa, ON, Canada, June 2012
Courtney Rush (Holly Letkeman) – Oshawa, ON, Canada, June 2012
Jessie Kaye (Jessika Heiser) – Philadelphia, PA, January 2013

Granted, there are a few names (for example, Mercedes KV) who won’t be available to take part in a Gut Check because they are committed to contracts elsewhere, but we have added her name to the list for the benefit of full disclosure.

So now you know the names, you have everything you need to cast your vote. Make sure you do so, as your vote could see your favourite get a shot at becoming a member of the Knockouts roster. In fact, the brackets are up – GO VOTE!

– Lee Burton


3 thoughts on “Multiple women vying for your TNA Gut Check vote

  1. So from that list we have ti rule out Davina Rose & Mercedes KV since both are with WWE now. But from everyone else on that list, I’d love to see Athena, Mia Svensson, LuFisto, Courtney Rush and Jessie Kaye get looked at more.


  2. I’m still unsure about the list of women for gut check because I fear they’ll get the treatment Rosita got but it depends on the amount of talent & potential they have what it takes to be a knockout.


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