TNA live: Blossoms win, plus Gut Check news

The Blossoms beat Gail Kim & TaraIt says something very positive when two people who aren’t officially a part of the TNA roster elicit as much of a reaction as anybody else on a TNA card, because that’s exactly what Hannah and Holly Blossom did last night.

The twins were the third match on what was a great card in Nottingham, England, beating Knockouts Champion Tara and PWI Female 50 winner Gail Kim, with Velvet Sky as the special ref – inserted into the role possibly due to Miss Tessmacher (along with ring announcer Christy Hemme) coming down with the flu, causing them to miss this date as well as the Glasgow, Scotland card the previous night. It makes you wonder what match we would have had if Tessmacher was well, as with four babyfaces and two heels, there would have been a discrepancy. I can only assume we would have got a three way tag team match, with Sky and Tessmacher teaming up…

Even before the match began, there was tension among the heel team, with Tara wanting the play the queen bee, pushing Kim aside so she could do her bending-over-the-ropes pose before the match, and said friction would be important as the contest reached its conclusion. As the the match, it was your regular tag team fare with Holly taking a beating from both of her opponents, with them both looking to one-up each other to the point where a missed dive by Gail led to the hot tag and Hannah cleaning house. However, her opponents’ experience saw Kim hit her Eat Defeat finisher for what would have been the win, had Tara not broken up the pinball, claiming that she should be the one to get the victory with the Widow’s Peak in what was a fun tag team match.

Holly Blossom ties up Gail Kim for the pinAs the pair argued, Hannah switched for Holly, and as Kim returned to what she was doing, she was trapped in a small package for the win. Afterwards, both Kim and Tara attacked the Blossoms, but Sky had decided she had seen enough, attacking them both and sending them packing – Gail was taken out with a bulldog (on the second attempt) while Tara ate the In Yo Face.

As mentioned, the Blossom Twins look like they seamlessly fit into the Knockouts picture, and that’s a massive compliment considering how there would have been a portion of the audience who would not have watched their antics on British Boot Camp. As for the Knockouts, Sky is over to a massive degree, and certainly knows how to work a crowd. Kim’s wrestling is so effortless, and it’s massively evident that WWE missed the boat with her. Tara, meanwhile, is great as the deluded, arrogant heel, and is also massively confusing to me – I’m sure she looked at herself in the mirror at age 29 and decided she was just going to stop ageing. She looks exactly the same now as she did when she debuted, and when I saw her live at WrestleMania XX.


Before the live event, a decent number of wrestlers from across Britain and Europe took part in a Gut Check, with notable female names including Alpha Female and Shanna (who had both made it public that they were going to be there) as well as Nikki Storm, who had kept it quiet.

We approached all three for comment, with Storm choosing to keep her feelings to herself for now – which is totally her prerogative – but did retweet a message to her from Mickie James saying “Congrats @NikkiStorm1 on a kick a$$ gutcheck yesterday! Heard you did #Cramazing & so proud of you #TalentedToughAndHumble can’t be denied!”

Gail Kim puts the boot to Holly BlossomShanna took to her Facebook page to say:

TNA Gut Check is THE place where any and all wrestler should go, not JUST to try and earn a contract but simply to absorb knowledge and information that will definitely help him/her in the future.

It was without any doubt an enrichening experience. I believe we all learned a lot at TNA’s Gut Check with D’Lo Brown, and just by being in contact with such a professional environement that, we dream about being a part of one day, fuels even more our dream and our desire and passion for this business.

I have to say this experience was eye opening, I learned so much, I feel the changes in me already, I’m even more motivated, willing and ready to grab my opportunity.

I am thankful and honoured to have had this opportunity with TNA Gut Check. Next? Who knows, but I’ll do my very best to prove that dreams DO come true.

Meanwhile Alpha – who had a tryout with TNA two years ago – told us:

When D’Lo [Brown] came in, I was pretty impressed. He asked for respect and he gets all of it from me. He is doing a hell of a job and I learned so much from the seminar!

When we had to introduce ourselves he said to me: “I know you!” I didnt know if this is a good or bad thing, it felt scary in that situation.

I need to say that Nikki and Shanna [were] very good… Europe has some really good talent and few of them showed to TNA yesterday that we dont need to hide!

Obviously, details of what went on in the session are closely guarded – which is why we don’t judge Nikki for keeping her feelings to herself – but it is great to see that Shanna and Alpha left with positive feelings. With any luck, it won’t be the last time we see this trio in a TNA ring, and follow the lead of the Blossoms – especially since stand-in ring announcer Jeremy Borash seems interested in making a second series of British Boot Camp.

– Lee Burton
– Many thanks to Simon Rothstein for his help.


2 thoughts on “TNA live: Blossoms win, plus Gut Check news

    1. Froma later new post here it seems Nikki Storm was also at the latest TNA Gut-Check as well as Shanna & Alpha female. But no matter what happens, it should be known that all 3 women are ready for TV no matter what happens. I just wish TNA cared more about their women to actually sign them, otherwise they would be wasted so badly…


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