Ringbelles Retro: Angelina Love v Portia Perez in WSU

Angelina Love Portia Perez Wrestlin WallyJust over a year ago, we posted a match in the Retro featuring Portia Perez as a babyface – and as part of the build up to it’s An Ultraviolent Affair show on February 9, Women Superstars Uncensored has released another.

She takes on Angelina Love from WSU’s The Show Must Go On in Boonton, NJ on June 21, 2008 – her other match that day was on the Army Of One card with her teaming with Dawn Marie to beat Love and Becky Bayless.

This was Perez’s first venture into WSU – she would return a few more times over the next two years, with her most recent appearance being on November 6, 2010 where she would beat ODB on one taping, and lost a number one contender 4-way on the other.

– Photo by Wrestlin Wally


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