Bellatrix forms external working relationship

Bellatrix logoIt’s changed its name from the World Assocaition of Women’s Wrestling, has its first show under the new name on March 24, and now Bellatrix has announced a new working relationship with another wrestling promotion – and it’s quite a surprising one, considering it’s one which hasn’t really dealt with women’s wrestling in the last five years.

Since LDN Wrestling‘s Capital TV show came to an end in 2007, the promotion has only held a handful of women’s matches. Most of them were intergender affairs and all of them containing Jetta – which, when you consider how long it has been since she gave up full-time wrestling, show you how long it has been since women wrestled in LDN.

In the past, LDN featured matches involving Jetta, Skye, the Jezebel Eden Black, Kelly Adams, Violet (now Janey Britannico) and more, though it was Jetta who was the main attraction. As her horizons expanded, the promotion’s interest waned and eventually petered out. However since then, women’s wrestling has grown and expanded in the UK at a huge rate, and LDN is venturing into that world again, and is doing so with Saraya Knight‘s promotion. Click the jump to read the official statement:

LDN Wrestling is pleased to announce a working relationship with Bellatrix Women’s Wrestling and will be providing joint women shows in established LDN venues such as the historical Fairfield Halls in Croydon, the Princes Theatre in Clacton on Sea, and the Thurrock Civic Hall in Grays. The shows will also feature one male only contest which will be for the LDN British Heavyweight Championship.

Bellatrix Women’s Wrestling owner and legend Sweet Saraya commented, “LDN hasn’t had women’s matches since their TV days, I’m coming in and kicking arse. Things are about to shake up in LDN. These girls are as good if not better than the men.”Miss Mina stretches Penelope

Sanjay Bagga, Managing Director commented, “It gives the great people who come to my shows something different to see. I look forward to bringing girls matches to these fantastic venues. The public wants it, they got it!

It is to Bagga’s credit that he has bowed to the calls of LDN’s fans to be a part of this, and also allows Bellatrix to expand to new areas outside of the east of England as well as showcase its roster to new sets of eyes. It also shows the big ambitions the promotion has for 2013. No dates have been announced for the shows as of this moment, but we understand that it won’t be long until they are revealed.

– Lee Burton


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