Sammy "Bambi" Hall makes Future Legend final four

Sammy Bambi Hall Susan VelliosIn 2004, Cheerleader Melissa became the first female winner of the Cauliflower Alley Club‘s Future Legend award, with Mariko Yoshida repeating the success in 2006. This April, Canadian wrestler Sammy “Bambi” Hall hopes to become the third winner.

The 20-year old is one of four wrestlers up for the honour, with her being the only woman in the running. She’s currently riding a high after winning her first championship on January 26, scoring the Canadian National Wrestling Alliance Women’s Championship by defeating her mother Raven Lake in Cloverdale, picking up the CNWA Rookie of the Year title for 2012 and also scoring a runner-up mention for the same honour in Pro Wrestling Illustrated. Her profile also received a boost by appearing on the second season of World Of Hurt and earned her stripes by participating in what the CAC describe as the “infamous Tony Condello northern Manitoba “Death Tour” across the ice roads of the Canadian wilderness”.

In addition to the Death Tour, Hall has also cut her teeth in other promotions in western Canada, including Big Time Wrestling, Big West Wrestling, Monster Pro Wrestling and Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling, taking on the likes of Kc Spinelli, Nicole Matthews, Taya Valkyrie and the fantastically-named Riea Von Slasher and Andrea The Giant.

The nomination alone is something that Hall can use to gain some extra publicity, but winning it could be a moniker that she could take advantage of. For example, Melissa used the Future Legend tag during her time as Alissa Flash in TNA in 2009 to help push the heel image she was going for Alissa Flashwith the new character. There is no reason why Hall couldn’t do the same to skyrocket her career and expand her profile beyond the promotions for which she currently wrestles.

We wish Sammy luck for April 17, when the winner is revealed as part of the Wednesday night banquet at the Cauliflower Alley Club reunion, which is being held at the Gold Coast Hotel in Las Vegas, NV between April 15-17, where Molly Holly will be inducted as this year’s Women’s Wrestling Honoree.

– Lee Burton
– Main photo by Susan Vellios


One thought on “Sammy "Bambi" Hall makes Future Legend final four

  1. With Sammy Hall winning the title off of her mother, that raises an interesting question:

    What are the current mother/daughter pro wrestling duos going today?

    I know of Sin-D and Amanda Ruffin, Saraya Knight and Britani (Paige) Knight, and now of Sammy Hall and Raven Lake.

    Do you think we’ll see more of this as time goes on or will this be the last iteration like this for a while?


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