Bombshell Ladies Of Wrestling #3 live results – now updated with thoughts

blow 3 posterBombshell Ladies Of Wrestling crowns its first champion today, culminating a tournament which started back in October. There have also been some unexpected twists and turns, with pullouts and substitutions along the way.

The most recent change is in the title match, which is now a triple threat after Sienna DuVall had to pull out due to injury. As a result, the planned semi-finals and finals have been scrapped, with the three remaining contenders – Missy Sampson, Sumie Sakai and Katarina Leigh – all meeting in a 3-way to determine the first champion. Elsewhere, the other marquee match is between Amy Lee and Amazing Kong, in what will likely be a hard-hitting affair.

You can watch the show unfold for yourself on iPPV from Highspots, though we will also be updating results after the jump, so keep hitting refresh to keep up with all the latest developments.

1. Mia Yim pinned La Rosa Negra with the SkyYim.
2. Amber O’Neal defeated Shelly Martinez in a Bra and Panties Match. The South Side Players Club then came out to celebrate Martinez’s birthday with she and O’Neal.
3. Amazing Kong beat Amy Lee with a running splash following an arena-wide brawl. It looks like Kong injured her left knee outside the ring when she smashed into a row of chairs.
4. Star Man pinned Niki Nitro with an inside cradle.
5. Becky Bayless defeated Miss Adiva after spraying hairspray in her eyes and nailing a neckbreaker.
6. Missy Sampson won the Bombshell Ladies Of Wrestling Championship by beating Katarina Leigh, Sumie Sakai and Sienna DuVall in a 4-way elimination match. DuVall was pinned by Sakai following a Sampson Gordbuster; Sakai was pinned with a Katarina roll-up, and Sampson got the win by getting a flash pin on Leigh.

Mia YimThoughts
• The card had to be carved up from eight matches to six because of the adverse weather conditions in the New Jersey area, with Mia Svensson, Tracy Taylor, Silvie Silver, Santana Garrett and more having to bow out. As a result, the card was hastily rearranged, and meant that the show started a quarter of an hour late.
• Mia Yim’s heel work was good. Abandoning more of the flashy moves and replacing them with strong kicks allowed La Rosa Negra to be the firey babyface – which she also did well.
• Their exchange of slaps between the pair needed no suspension of disbelief – they really laid those shots in, as you can tell from the shot that Yim posted on her Instagram after the match.
• The referee was dog-awful. He screwed up a two by counting it as a three at one point, and then questioned himself after the match-winning SkyYim because Negra moved during the pinfall. Show some conviction, dude.
• I laughed a couple of times during O’Neal and Martinez’s Bra and Panties Match due to Shelly’s clever tactic of wearing many layers on both her top and bottom – though in another refereeing snafu, he ended the match while Martinez protested that she still had more layers to be stripped off… and stripped off they were. Funny, clever and good-spirited.
• Weirdly, Amy Lee called for Luna Vachon to be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame before her match with Kong, which seemed incongruous.
• The brawl between Lee and Kong went out of the area, with the pair fighting up against hockey boards and behind the merchandise stand, but came unstuck when Kong crashed into some chairs and legitimately hurt her knee, which put a crimp on the rest of the match. Things came to a hasty end after Kong hit a splash in the ring.
Amazing Kong Amy Lee• All in all, things were fine, and I was hoping for things to pick up in the second half. As it turns out, things went in the other direction.
• Niki Nitro v Star Man was a bad comedy match. Nitro seemed intent on going at 100mph, and she suffered because of it. On two occasions, she thundered into the ropes while trying to run them, which made her look totally out of control. Under normal circumstances, it would have easily taken the worst match of the night…
• But Miss Adiva and Becky Bayless was far worse. Bayless is beautiful, a good manager and is adept on the microphone as either a babyface or a heel, but she’s no wrestler. Meanwhile, Adiva is pea-green – so putting the two together was a disaster.
• Worse still, MTV is following Adiva around for a documentary, and were at ringside to shoot this match. I hope it gets left on the cutting room floor.
• As mentioned in the bumf at the top, Sienna DuVall had been taken out of the title tournament because of her suffering an injury, but she came out anyway, saying she wanted to be part of the action. If it was always going to be the case to make it a four-way, why did the two semi finals and the finals not take place as planned?
• You could tell that DuVall was hurt – she favoured her left arm a lot and really shouldn’t have been in there. It’s admirable that she wanted to honour the booking, but she should have rested instead. Mercifully, she was quickly eliminated.
• Considering this match was to crown a new champion, it was painfully short. Plus, the booking was weird – Sakai was eliminated after kissing both her remaining opponents and the ref, even putting him in an inside cradle as Sampson counted him down. This wasn’t the place for comedy.
Missy Sampson• Moreover, with Sakai gone, we were left with two heels vying for the belt, which took the wind out of the sails of the fans, as they had nobody to get behind. As the blowoff to the title tournament, it was a letdown, and felt like the bookers just wanted to be rid of it.

Overall impressions
While I got into the opening half of the show, this Bombshell Ladies Of Wrestling #3 was totally missable. The second half was tragically bad, and the main event left me feeling deflated. I appreciate that the undercard had to be altered because of the weather, but Kong/Lee, O’Neal/Martinez and Adiva/Bayless were scheduled contests. As for the conclusion of the title tournament, the removal and reintroduction of Sienna DuVall into the title picture was confusing – a point picked up by the commentary team, who wondered how someone can just announce themselves as being part of a title match.

Speaking of the commentary team – for the most part I liked them, with one of them was great at announcing the backstory of the tournament by pointing out who each person had defeated to advance. However the other – who admitted that he was drafted in at the last minute – pronounced Sumie Sakai as “Sammy” until he was corrected, and despite unsubtle prodding from his commentary partner, was referring to Katarina Leigh as “Catalina” until he was told that he had her name completely wrong.

Plus points? Yim v Negra wouldn’t have looked out of place on any other show, and I’ll be seeking out more of the latter’s matches after her performance here. Kong v Lee was OK until the injury, and the Bra and Panties match was a decent laugh, but this was a thumbs-down show. Not good.

– Lee Burton


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