WSU "An Ultraviolent Affair" results – now updated with thoughts

155917_421794477894502_243783641_nWomen Superstars Uncensored returns today with their first show since October’s “Full Steam Ahead” with their debut in a new area, as part of a CZW double header in Voorhees, NJ. Unfortunately, due to the major snowstorms in the North East, the show appears to have been decimated due to talent being unable to get to the venue, resulting in a hastily re-jigged show. Weather related issues have stopped the WSU Tag Team Champions Allysin Kay & Sassy Stephie making the show, along with Marti Belle, Tina San Antonio, Lexxus & Nikki Addams. It’s not the first time a WSU card has been weather-afflicted, as last year’s joint show with PWS in New Jersey was also heavily affected.

However, the show must go on – and with the main event of Jessicka Havok defending her WSU Title against Athena still intact, as well as the potentially show-stealing semi main of Mercedes Martinez vs LuFisto in a Falls Count Anywhere match, there’s still a lot of potential in this show. Click through after the page break for coverage.

1. Nevaeh pinned Jessie Brooks (w/ Sammy Geodollno) with a bridging German Suplex.
2. Christina Von Eerie pinned Kimber Lee (w/ Annie Social) with a straight-jacket lungblower.
3. Uncensored Opportunity: Veda Scott pinned Niya with the Mind Trip, although Niya’s foot was on the ropes. Special referee Jana did not spot this. Veda is now a full time member of the WSU roster.
4. Kalamity pinned Cherry Bomb with a Kalamity Driver.
5. Beyond Wrestling Showcase: Chris Dickinson pinned Addy Starr by reversing a Sliding D into a rollup. As part of the pre-match stipulation, Dickinson made Addy Starr “Kiss His Ass”.
6. WSU Championship: Jessicka Havok pinned Athena following a top-rope Air Raid Crash. (3rd Defence)
7. Falls Count Anywhere: LuFisto pinned Mercedes Martinez following a Burning Hammer through a table to the floor in what was described, unsurprisingly, as a great match. Post match, Mercedes and LuFisto hug, only for Mercedes to turn on LuFisto and attack her. LuFisto’s fellow Quebecer Kalamity made the save.

In good news for the promotion, attendance has held up not too badly, despite the adverse weather conditions, with an estimated 100 in attendance.

Live results courtesy of correspondent Dave Muscarella on twitter. Thanks, Dave.


Later in the evening at Combat Zone Wrestling‘s 14th Anniversary Show, Lufisto picked up her second win of the evening, teaming with Sami Callihan to beat Havok and Adam Cole in an intergender tag match, Greg Excellent defeated Chrissy Rivera in a food fight, and Von Eerie was heavily bloodied as she went to a no-contest with MASADA in a Deathmatch.


WSU Thoughts, courtesy of Dave Muscarella

• Show started about 20 or so minutes late due to hockey game ending later that was using the rink before WSU got there. Despite the mass amount of cancellations, the final card really was not bad at all.
• Nevaeh vs Jessie Brooks opened up the show and was easily the worst match on the card. Not really Neveah’s fault either. Either Jessie was nervous or they just didn’t click. Match felt slow and never got into high gear.
• Kimber Lee vs CVE was much better than the previous match. Kimber Lee wore old-style one piece gear which seemed a bit out of place for ring gear, but the match was good. Annie Social did her best at ringside to get the crowd into it
• Veda Scott looked good against Niya and I an extremely happy she will be a full time roster member, because she adds a spark to the shows, esp with her promo ability. Niya clearly had her foot on the bottom rope when she was pinned so, most likely, this will lead to yet ANOTHER match for Niya to get on the card. Jana told Niya after the match she “didn’t see her foot on the rope until after the pin”. So, if she DID see it, why not restart the match? Kinda weird.
• Kalamity vs Cherry Bomb was good stuff, however, I must say her match at the previous show vs Leva was better. CherryBbomb played up the bratty heel gimmick perfectly and interacted with the crowd more than anyone else on the show to that point.
• The Beyond Showcase was weird. Before the match Dickinson came out, grabbed the mic and sat in the crowd and asked who wanted to see his ass. This worked to get the crowd to hate him. Addy Starr got killed thru most of this match. I mean, killed. Dickinson was NOT taking it easy. Very stiff stuff. Reminded me of Heidi Lovelace from NPWD a lot.
• After Dickinson won, he hit Addy with a power bomb variation and then teabagged her after pulling his trunks down. Pretty nasty. Addy got a small standing ovation on her way to the back. Since she won their first match, I guess she was due for a loss here, but I felt she got beat up a little too much given this was a women’s show. Still, Addy came away with good sympathy from the fans and proved how tough she is.
• Intermission was cut short with the World Title match starting with no warning. Most of the girls were still out at the gimmick tables as they announced Havok coming out. Seemed off, but with the late start, I guess they were rushed for time.
• Havok vs Athena was great, but somewhat odd in that they kept it all in the ring unlike their last match in ACW back in June. No weapons, nothing much at all outside of the ring. Havok jawed with the ref a LOT. Constantly yelling at him and just being generally miserable towards him. Havok had brand new custom ring gear on as well which looked great. This match was not quite as good as their first one, but still very
enjoyable. At no point did Athena ever try to hit her finisher, the O-Face, and Havok’s top rope Air Raid Crash looked brutal.
• Lufisto/Mercedes Martinez started out outside the ring as Lufisto hid behind a tarp before Mercedes came out and attacked her. They stayed out of the ring for a good 10 minutes to start the match going ALL over the venue
including penalty box, bleachers, and behind the glass. At one point I THOUGHT they were going to go outside into the snow, but never did. Lufisto had a table propped up in the corner of the ring and ended up
getting powerbombed through it. But returned the favor at the end when she put Mercedes through a table on the floor from the ring apron via Burning Hammer.
• Match went close to 30 mins, just like their last one. Good, fun brawl that the crowd enjoyed. After the match, both shook hands and hugged only for Mercedes to turn on Lufisto and attack her post match. Kalamity came out to make the save.
• No return show was announced to the crowd, but based off this, it sets up Havok vs Lufisto for the title, and most likely Kalamity/Mercedes, although with their match at nCw:FF in March, not sure if a match in WSU will happen or not.

Dave’s CZW Thoughts:

• Intergender match was all kinds of fun. Sami Callihan came out with a bull horn and used it quite a lot to taun Adam Cole. He grabbed a sign at ringside that said “Adam Cole is Gay” and would randomly announce to the crowd that “Adam Cole is STILL gay” via the bull horn. He also called Havok “fat” a few times. Lufisto got a much deserved “Welcome back” chant and was loved by the crowd, as she should be.
• After match ended, Havok and Cole were arguing a lot blaming each other for the loss. Lufisto got a “please come back” chant as well.
• The Ultraviolent food fight was ridiculous. Some of the food that was used included pizza, twizzlers, Hello Kitty bucket with candy inside, garlic bread, watermelon, and cupcakes with lit candles in them, whipped
cream. Greg Excellent sprayed whipped cream all over his chest, then rubbed Chrissy Rivera’s face in it. Rivera used a watermelon as a bowling ball and rolled it into Greg’s balls as he was sitting in a corner.
• A few minutes later, Greg powerbombed her hard into the melon, but it didn’t break. Must be a Japanese watermelon. Chrissy Rivera busted out a tornado DDT and even GERMAN SUPLEXED Greg at one point which was a sight to behold. After the match, both shook hands.
• From the ridiculous to the insane, the Death match main event was insane.
– Weapons used: Chairs, a bed of thumbtacks, staple gun, pane of glass, barbed wire covered ropes, wooden skewers, and barbed wire covered bat.
• CVE was a bloody mess and between the bloody face and green hair, looked like some kind of Christmas costume. Match ended in a no contest when Joe Gacy ran out and attacked BOTH wrestlers. Crowd chanted BULLSHIT at the end of the show which can’t be how you’d want an anniversary show to end, but this is CZW, so it fits.


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