In Video: Santana Garrett – one to watch

Santana GarrettSantana Garrett‘s been busy.

As well as creating a good impression in SHINE, the 24-year old Floridian has also been solidifying her status in other promotions in the state, such as I Believe In Wrestling, Ring Warriors, Belleview Pro Wrestling and Future Of Wrestling. In addition, she has travelled outside of the state to thrill others, venturing to SHIMMER last October, and last month went to Las Vegas, NV to team with Amber O’Neal and win the Women Of Wrestling Tag Team Championships. Indeed, Garrett’s star is rising, and it’s hard to not notice her.

With her big hair, big smile, shiny gear and high boots, she’s pretty easy to spot – and has a pretty exciting finisher in the form of a standing moonsault preceded by a handspring off the ropes she calls the Shining Star Press. If a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader ever became a wrestler, it would be Santana Garrett.

After the jump, we have posted a couple of her matches under the Battling Bombshells banner, showing off her work both as a babyface and a heel. The first is from Saturday’s Future Of Wrestling show in Deerfield Beach, FL against newcomer Dynamite Didi Cruz, while the second is a 3-way match for the Battling Bombshells title which was also held at FOW back on August 11 last year, with Garrett and Christina Von Eerie challenging La Rosa Negra for the belt.


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