Pro Wrestling: EVE War Games lineup completed

Pro Wrestling EVE War GamesIn her interview with HONOUR Magazine, Alpha Female insisted that she was happy to go it alone in the War Games match at Pro Wrestling: EVE – Special Edition II on February 23 against Champion Nikki Storm, Shanna, Amazon Ayesha Ray and Rhia O’Reilly. She told HONOUR that she would “rather fight alone than alongside three people who don’t understand what going to war involves”.

However, it seems that some like-minded souls have been found, as it has been revealed today that it won’t come to that, as the promotion has revealed that three wrestlers have stepped up to stand by her side. Joining Alpha will be April Davids and the She-X tandem of Viper and Bete Noire. There are a lot of intertwined backstories spanning all the way back to last November’s Wrestle Fever show, and continued at No Man’s Land 2 earlier this month.

Alpha has scores to settle with both Storm and Shanna after their attack at Wrestle Fever which led to her leg being injured leading to Storm winning the belt later on. The intimidating German will be able to get her hands on the latter before stepping into the cage, as they will compete in a singles match ahead of the main event, with the winner getting to chose the first two entrants into the cage. Who has the team advantage – as in which side gets to have the extra person edge as the competitors enter the cage in turns – will be determined by the winner of Storm and Davids, which came about after the Lancashire Terrier came out at No Man’s Land 2 following Storm recapturing the belt from Emi Sakura and administered a post-match beatdown on the former titleholder.

She-X & Ama-Reilly brawlShe-X and Ama-Reilly have faced each other in two successive EVE shows, with nothing settled between the pair so far. At Wrestle Fever, Ray and O’Reilly walked out of their match, while their contest in the quarter-finals of the Tag Team Championship tournament earlier this month was over before it began, with the match being thrown out due to both teams’ brawling. In the cage, something will have to give.

Elsewhere on the card, the final match in the tag tournament quarters takes place with the new team of the Blue Haze AssassinsBlue Nikita (who missed No Man’s Land 2 due to trauma sustained in a car accident) and the debuting masked Spaniard Rachel Arijon – taking on another as-yet unannounced tandem.

You can buy tickets for the show in Sudbury, England by clicking here.

– Lee Burton


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