King v Kong at next CHIKARA event

King v KongWink Vavasseur is a man who won’t be disrespected and manhandled, if his reaction to what happened to him last weekend is anything to go by. At CHIKARA‘s 2013 debut show, All The Agents And Superhuman Crew, the promotion’s Director Of Fun got in the way of a fight between Grand Champion Eddie Kingston and Kevin Steen – the latter of whom interfered in Kingston’s match with Green Ant. As a punishment, Vavasseur said that he intends to take legal action, and that Kingston’s opponent on the March 8 show in Tampa, FL – entitled Just Shadows in the Fog – will be Amazing Kong.

As it stands, the match is not for the Grand Championship, though that has not been made concrete yet and could change.

The match will be Kong’s second in CHIKARA, and her first singles contest. Her only other match in the promotion took place on July 25, 2010, when she and Raisha Saeed (Cheerleader Melissa) fell to Bruderschaft des Kreuzes members Sara Del Rey and Daizee Haze – in fact, it was Kong who took the fall thanks to a titanic German Suplex by Haze – you can watch the match below.

Intergender contests are nothing new for CHIKARA – Del Rey, Haze and more recently, Saturyne have stepped into the ring against men. Additionally, both Sendai Girls and JWP sent over teams from Japan for the annual King Of Trios event last year, with the Sendai Girls picking up a slew of new fans for their work, including a great outing against Team Ring Of Honor. It’s no big deal for the promotion, which barely even acknowledges that the wrestlers are different genders and is generally only pointed out when there is a size discrepancy. However, the same sort of comments are made during a Rey Mysterio/Big Show match.

In this contest between King and Kong, there will be little difference in size – in fact, you could argue that the champion is the smaller of the two. Consequently, intergender talk will likely be at a minimum, and it will just be a case of two wrestlers going at it – both of which like to use the backfist as a finisher. This could be a load of fun – exactly what Wink’s job is, but probably not in the way that he has it planned in his own mind.

– Lee Burton


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