In Video: Build up to Bellatrix 5

Liberty Queen Maya Bellatrix

Yesterday, six matches were announced for March 24th’s Bellatrix 5 show in Norwich, England – the first show since the name changeover from the World Association of Women’s Wrestling to Bellatrix, something which was explained by Destiny in our interview with her at the end of last year.

The biggest match announced so far is a return contest from last November’s Bellatrix 4 with RQW European Women’s Champion Queen Maya taking on Liberty in an encounter that was cut short because of a broken arm suffered by the tall Italian. This contest is billed as non-title, but a victory by Liberty could propel her to a title shot in the future.

However, the revelations continue – as well as the aforementioned rematch, Bellatrix 5 features debuts and returns – such as Amy Lee making her first appearance in a Bellatrix event since the original one last March where she face Miss Mina, who is now fully recovered from the ankle injury she suffered last November. Speaking of returns, the creepy Phobia – who hasn’t been about since Bellatrix 2 – will be seen again on March 24, standing across the ring from rookie Chanel, who is going in the right direction in terms of progression.

So that’s the returns taken care of – how about the debuts?

First off is Bacardi, who has successfully overcome a sleeping pill addiction, who will face the diminutive yet rugged and feisty Violet O’Hara ; meanwhile Rebecca Mason – who’s recovered from a broken wrist she suffered during training last year – will also make her first Bellatrix appearance against Skarlett, though the pair have waged war in the past at Extreme World Wrestling over the promotion’s Women’s Championship. It’s a high profile first appearance for Mason, considering Skarlett won the main event of Bellatrix 4 alongside Destiny and almost incited a mini-riot in the process due to their overly-aggressive beatdown of hometown girl Liberty.

The final match to mention could be the sleeper outing of the show, with two high-fliers taking to the ring – and the skies – when Erin Angel meets Penelope. The latter’s development has been evident throughout the Bellatrix shows to the point where she has become an exciting performer, and will be a worthy challenge for the veteran Angel on March 24.

So there we have it – for now. Apparently one more match is being announced on Monday, so we’ll see what’s going on there. For now, we’ve attached a match of what Penelope has to look forward to in a month’s time, as we’ve posted a match between Erin Angel against former Bellatrix participant Aurora Flame and Sara Elektra at Fight Club Finland in Helsinki on February 25 last year.

Erin Angel Penelope


One thought on “In Video: Build up to Bellatrix 5

  1. I cant wait for this show! A couple of matches that im not really fussed for. but a couple i cant wait for.
    Shimmer championshiop. Destiny is the hottest thing in waww/bellatrix right now. Sarya has her work cut out.
    Scarlet vs Mason should be terrific awesome. Scarlet has really upped her game over the last year and its gonna be criminal if she dont get a title push soon.
    Looking forward to seeing Erin angel and penelope


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