First SHIMMER title match on British soil announced

Saraya Destiny Bellatrix SHIMMER

On Saturday, we ran down the card for March 24’s Bellatrix 5, knowing that there was one match still to be announced. Earlier today, that final match was revealed, and it’s groundbreaking on a number of levels.

When Saraya Knight faces Destiny in the main event of the show in Norwich, England, it will be fought under British rounds rules with the first woman gaining two falls winning the match – and to sweeten the pot a bit more, Saraya’s SHIMMER Championship is on the line, making it the first time that the title has been put up for grabs on British soil.

The match has the potential to be a cracker. Considering both had wrestled each other numerous times over the years and not held anything back when doing so, you can anticipate that with the eyes of the world on them at Bellatrix 5, they will go all-out to have a great match – especially in Destiny’s case, as a great performance could open up a number of doors for her. It’s something which we discussed with her at the end of last year following a strong resurgence in 2012. She is keen to expand her horizons in 2013, and has a great opportunity to do so on March 24.

Moreover, should she win the title, it would change the outlook of the upcoming SHIMMER volume 53, where Saraya is due to defend the belt against Cheerleader Melissa in a steel cage match. If Destiny were to win the title, SHIMMER promoter Dave Prazak has stated that the match between Saraya and Melissa will still go ahead, but obviously won’t be for the championship.

Destiny argues with the fansThis is quite a coup for Bellatrix, which is looking to establish the new brand following the name change from the World Association of Women’s Wrestling at the start of this year. To have only the second SHIMMER title match outside of the US – the first being Madison Eagles defending against Jessie McKay and Nicole Matthews at a PWWA show in September 2011 – is a big talking point, especially then the challenger is someone who has never stepped foot in a SHIMMER ring. Considering Destiny’s success last year, winning the Queen of the Ring moniker at Bellatrix 3 and surviving the main event elimination match at Bellatrix 4 alongside Skarlett, she has plenty of momentum ahead of arguably the biggest – and potentially most lucrative – match of her career.

As for the titleholder, she will go into the match as the babyface, as Knight is beloved in Bellatrix – a far cry from her hellraising in the US. However, nobody should expect her to be meek or hold back, as it’s the same Saraya, except the growling and violence is saved for her opponent.

Ringbelles will be on hand at the Epic Studios in Norwich to watch it all unfold. You can buy tickets by clicking here.


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