Jessie McKay returns to SHIMMER; facing Madison Eagles on volume 53 – plus, iPPV news

Jessie McKay Gilda PasquilAnother comeback has been announced for the upcoming SHIMMER volume 53 in Secaucus, NJ on April 6, and it also clears up who fellow returner Madison Eagles will face on the show. In fact, it’s the woman who she debuted with all the way back on volume 21 on October 19, 2008 – Jessie McKay, who returns after missing the last tapings.

The pair made their first appearance in the promotion as the Pink Ladies in the Tag Team Championship Gauntlet to determine the first titleholders – still the longest match in SHIMMER’s history. They were the first team eliminated by the Canadian Ninjas of Portia Perez & Nicole Matthews, and also fell to The ExperienceLexie Fyfe & Malia Hosaka – on the next taping.

However, while it was plain to see at the time the hierarchy in the team, an illness suffered by Eagles on the second day of the volume 23-26 tapings in May 2009 gave McKay a break. She took on Cheerleader Melissa on volume 25 – going down in defeat, but she was rubbing shoulders with bigger names – won a 4-way on the next edition, and when SHIMMER returned in November, stood across the ring from Sara Del Rey. At the time, she was plucky but lacked the edge to get the win over the top talent, though her feud with Nicole Matthews over a number of volumes saw her make her way into a #1 contender’s match against Ayako Hamada and Del Rey on volume 34… and guess what happened?

The win saw her facing Eagles on volume 35 – who won the belt on volume 31 – and together, they had an amazing encounter that still ranks up there as one of the best in SHIMMER history. McKay was no longer just a pretty face with promise… she was a contender, and one that fans truly believed in. Never one to just rely on her looks, she was also a hard-hitting warrior who dealt out just as many lumps as she took.

Jessie McKay eats hairOver the next few tapings, the 23-year old amassed wins over the likes of Athena, Britani Knight and MsChif in order to gain another shot at the belt – this time against Melissa, which led to some incredible drama over whether she would succumb to Saraya Knight‘s “influence” to cheat to defeat the titleholder. Staying true to herself, McKay refused to break the rules, and ended up losing the match.

Fittingly, considering their history, it was McKay who Eagles faced in her comeback match on January 12 as part of a mixed tag match with the returning former SHIMMER Champion taking the loss, though things were turned around the following week when Madison & Shazza McKenzie beat Jessie and PWWA Interim Champion Evie. As is obvious, their histories are woven together with the standing alongside or opposite each other, and on April 6, they add another chapter to their story.


We all have the chance to see the match either live or in the comfort of our own home. Should you wish to be there for volume 53 – which also features Melissa v Saraya in a cage for the SHIMMER Championship, Mia Yim v Amazing Kong and Hamada v Athena – you can still get tickets for the event by clicking here – however, if you’re unable to be there, you have the option of watching it on iPPV, after it was officially confirmed during the SHINE 7 broadcast last Friday. It will be made available to buy through WWN Live in due course.

McKay will also be a part of the volume 54-57 tapings in Berwyn, IL on April 13-14, with general admission tickets still on offer. Click here to get tickets.

– Lee Burton
– Main photo by Gilda Pasquil


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