Shanna to defend ABC Catch Women's Title on Friday

ABC Catch tournamentRemember Queens Of Chaos? The French promotion launched about six months before SHIMMER in May 2005, and faded away about 18 months later. However, despite a decent enough start, it had its problems.

The wrestling wasn’t much to write home about, there were too many random US imports, the fans were rude and embarrassing, and some of the booking was really weird – for example, there was one match where babyface champion Saraya Knight defended against heel April Hunter with a babyface Christy Hemme as the referee doing her best to screw Hunter, in some of the most bizarre storytelling I’ve seen. It reportedly left such a mess that women’s wrestling in France has been in the doldrums for a long time. However, wrestling is still popular in the country – so much so that fans will go to a show without knowing who’s on or what the promotion is – and the time has arrived for another go at an all-women’s show.

Association Biterroise de Catch presents Tournoi des Amazones in BĂ©ziers on Friday, featuring a one night tournament with the winner facing Women’s Champion Shanna on the same night. The tournament itself is a little different to the regular 8 person affairs you tend to see, and features six women instead with a different format to the brackets.

Three pairs will compete in the semi finals, with each winner advancing through to the final round, where the victors will then wrestle in a 3-way. Whoever emerges victorious from that will then earn the right to face Portugal’s Perfect Athlete with the title on the line. Granted, this means that Shanna will be at an advantage, being fresh while her opponent will be wrestling their third match of the evening, but them’s the breaks…

The tournament’s three semi finals will see Germany’s Lady Lory squaring off against Scotland’s Kay Lee Ray; France’s Morgane Leigh will take on the German monster Alpha Female; and in an all-Scottish affair, Carmel Jacob (who will be accompanied by Sara-Marie Taylor) tangles with the bruising Viper.

Should this show be a success, it could see a resurgence for women’s wrestling shows in France – which is turn will give European females another stomping ground to ply their trade. Here’s hoping a lot of the negative stigma from Queens Of Chaos is also shaken off, and these women put on an entertaining card.

– Lee Burton


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