AIW Girls Night Out 8 results – Allysin Kay retains over Mickie Knuckles, Veda Scott earns a title shot

Allysin Kay GNO8Absolute Intense Wrestling is presenting its first iPPV through Smart Mark Video. We talked to one of AIW’s owners John Thorne in the most recent edition of the Women of Wrestling Podcast about just how important this show is for the company – but if you can’t order the iPPV (which includes unlimited replays), we’ve got your results right here.

As part of a double main event, AIW Absolute Women’s Champion Allysin Kay defends her title against a mystery opponent, while her next challenger will be determined in a four way “Climb The Ranks” ladder match featuring the winners of four qualifier matches on the show. In addition, ‘The Social Network’ of Heidi Lovelace & Nikki St John see tag action vs Angeldust & KC Warfield, while highly touted Angelus Layne goes one-on-one with Canadian Jodi D’Milo.

Click through after the page break for results as they happen.

1. Climb The Ranks Qualifier: Addy Starr pinned Sassy Steph after a Sliding D.
2. Climb The Ranks Qualifier: Athena pinned Kimber Lee after an O-Face.
3. Climb The Ranks Qualifier: Veda Scott pinned Leva Bates with a bridging Saito Suplex.
4. Climb The Ranks Qualifier: “Crazy” Mary Dobson pinned Annie Social with a Schoolgirl.
5. Absolute Opportunity: Angelus Layne pinned Jodi D’Milo after a Death Valley Driver.
6. The Social Network (Heidi Lovelace & Nikki St John) beat Angeldust & KC Warfield when Lovelace pinned Warfield following an Annie Social Stunner.
7. Absolute Women’s Championship: Allysin Kay beat Mickie Knuckles with a Gogoplata submission.
8. Climb The Ranks 4-Way Ladder Match: Veda Scott beat Addy Starr, Athena and “Crazy” Mary Dobson by retrieving the contract after powerbombing Athena off the ladder through a table.


• First, a caveat. These thoughts are being written well over 12hrs after the conclusion of the event, without the aid of notes and following both a few hours sleep and a full day at work. The show started at 12:30am (my time) so I’m working from memory, and with the replay not up yet at Smart Mark Video to refresh my memory, I’ve only got my initial impressions to go on. So for all I know, the memory cheats.
• Let’s start with presentation. This was really good. Obviously the crew at SMV have experience in quick turnaround releases and live camera switching, so watching the show live really didn’t seem any different from watching the DVD/downloads I’ve been watching of previous GNO offerings – and from the AIW perspective, everything was as it should be.
• The crowd seemed hot for the show. I know there were some inappropriate things shouted from the audience from time to time, but the atmosphere was there, and that helped.
Sassy Stephie Addy Starr GNO8• Commentary was one of the biggest positives of the night, with Aaron Bauer especially on great form, particularly when any given match included Veda Scott. Bauer put in a performance clearly influenced by Bobby Heenan at numerous times, and did it superbly – from “My monitor went out…” to his near begging for “Miss Scott” to win the ladder match (similar to Heenan calling a Ric Flair match), he had me laughing several times. Kudos also to Matt Wadsworth & Paul Rodgers.
Addy Starr was… ahem… a star(r) on the night. Her qualifier match with Sassy Stephie was very good, and she – calling herself the “All American Canadian” projected a likeable persona. She benefitted greatly from taking the open slot left by Taylor Made.
Athena vs Kimber Lee probably takes Match of the Night honours, for a really tidy match. Lee won our Discovery of the Year for last year based in no small part to her exploits in AIW for consistently delivering good matches out of nowhere – but here she was, in a match against one of the other ‘bright young things’ of women’s wrestling, with expectations set high, and she *still* delivered. Cracking back and forward stuff, believable near-falls and the ever-impressive O-Face topped off a great match.
Veda Scott Leva Bates GNO8Veda Scott and Leva Bates would have had trouble following Athena vs Kimber Lee at the best of times, but this match seemed a bit loose, a bit basic and never seemed to really click. I like both competitors, but they never really got on the same page, which meant that this match felt like a step down from the last two. A shame. The best bit of the match was actually Greg Iron’s pre-match promo, burying women’s wrestling fans, and pointing out that Veda doesn’t have an Amazon Wishlist because “she’s not a prostitute”. Indeed not.
• I’ve only watched Crazy Mary Dobson in AIW before now, and all of her matches have been death matches – blood, light tubes, thumbtacks, you know the kind of thing – so it was weird to see her wrestle what amounted to a straight-up match with Annie Social. It’s not her strong suit, but wasn’t terribly bad either – she just seemed to be more about big moves and spots than basics. Finish (via rollup) was out of nowhere.
Angelus Layne and Jodi D’Milo had a pretty good match following the interval – Layne’s hair in particular was a star, and I’m of the opinion that she should just go full-on Bull Nakano with it and hairspray that sucker as tall as she can get it. John Thorne told us on the WOW Podcast that Angelus was coming in “highly recommended” by several of the girls on the show, and I think she showed that potential here, even if the match was a bit rough around the edges. D’Milo didn’t stand out in any great way.
• The tag team match of Angeldust & KC vs The Social Network started well but ended badly. This was not KC’s night – she looked lost (or at the very least a few seconds out) on more than one occasion (including an Annie Social Allysin Kay Mickie Knuckles GNO8Roaring Elbow right near the end), and although she took the majority of TSN’s offence, the “hot” tag to Angeldust was anything but. This was a decent chance to see Heidi Lovelace work heel though, and she looked at home doing it.
Allysin Kay’s mystery opponent was Mickie Knuckles, making (I believe) only her fourth wrestling appearance following the birth of her child. I can totally see the booking here, as Knuckles was undefeated AIW Women’s Champion before vacating the belt (which was then won by Kay), so Kay going over on the former title-holder further legitimizes her reign as the promotion’s new ‘ace’. The finish also was a nice idea, with Kay reversing Knuckles’ pumphandle lift into a gogoplata for a submission. Only problem was that it seemed to come just as the match was really starting to get going. Perhaps, as Mickie is just getting back into ring shape, this was a call based on cardio, but it did bring what seemed like a premature end to the match. Wouldn’t mind seeing a rematch of this down the road either.
Veda Scott Addy Starr GNO8• The main event was crazy and fun – not to mention innovative in spots. Athena delivering an O-Face off a huge ladder outside the ring to Addy Starr (who was *inside* the ring) was insane, and I really, really dug Veda Scott’s guillotine choke (also on Starr) whilst hanging inside the ladder. Not often you get to see women in a match like this, (and that’s probably a good thing for everybody’s future career) but I enjoyed this one greatly.
• All things considered, this was a really enjoyable show. More than worth the $14.99 price tag, and – assuming/hoping that the show sold well on iPPV – hopefully the start of a new player in iPPV. If they can continue to produce cards as good as this, I’m pretty sure they’ll be happy – as will the people who lay down their cash. Bring on #GNO9

– Stew Allen


One thought on “AIW Girls Night Out 8 results – Allysin Kay retains over Mickie Knuckles, Veda Scott earns a title shot

  1. Shame the Bates/Scott match wasn’t as spectacular as I hoped. Really like them both too. And it’s great to see Allysin Kay get this kind of attention.


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