In Video: Gaijin collide – Hailey Hatred v Jenny Rose

Jenny-rose-vs.-Hailey-HatredDid you watch Absolute Intense Wrestling’s Girls Night Out 8? If not, you can still buy it at Smart Mark Video, and it’s worth it, as there are three matches well worth your $10. However during the interval, AIW screened a match from GNO6 between Hailey Hatred and Jenny Rose – though due to a technical issue, the conclusion of the match wasn’t shown. AIW put that right this weekend by uploading the match to YouTube… and what a match it was.

Both Hatred and Rose have spent the last few years of their respective careers in Japan – Hatred primarily with JWP, while Rose’s character was born in Diana, casting her Jamilia Craft gimmick to one side to start afresh. Both returned to the US for brief periods of time last year, and their paths crossed in Cleveland, OH on April 15 last year. Click the jump to watch.


One thought on “In Video: Gaijin collide – Hailey Hatred v Jenny Rose

  1. Oh that match. I recall thinking it was really average when I saw it over half a year ago and unless I was imagining things, Jenny Rose whiffed like 90% or so of her strikes that took up most of her offense.


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