Lockdown: Velvet Sky retains, Taryn Terrell snaps

Velvet Sky TNA LockdownVelvet Sky defends the TNA Knockouts Championship at Lockdown against Gail Kim, with a simmering friction between Kim and referee Taryn Terrell all set to boil over.

The Background
• The pair have history, which was pointed out by the commentators during the match. Back at Turning Point 2011, Kim defeated Sky to regain the Knockouts Title in what was Sky’s first defence since winning the belt for the first time a month earlier at Bound For Glory.
• The following April, the pair met inside the cage at Lockdown 2012 with Kim successfully retaining the championship.
Sky regained the Knockouts Title during TNA’s tour of the UK in January, though the title change wasn’t aired until almost a month later. She defeated Tara in her first defence, and was booked to put the belt on the line against Kim in San Antonio, TX at Lockdown.
• Meanwhile, Kim has had a problem with Terrell since Genesis, where Gail benefited in a Gauntlet Match due to Taryn’s errors, but it came back to bite her when another mistake allowed Sky to win the contest.

The Match
• The champion set upon ending the match early, going for three quick pin attempts, which all came to nothing, but also saw her outsmart her opponent with headscissors and a neckbreaker.
• With the fight going to the outside, Sky went for the In Yo Face, but Kim countered by ramming Velvet’s back into the ringpost to get the advantage.
• Using whatever tactic necessary, Gail held onto the rope during one pin attempt, but was spotted by Terrell, with the pair exchanging words as a result – and allowed the titleholder to mount a comeback.
• Sky was successful with a faceplant, clotheslines, a running bulldog and an inverted DDT, but the challenger stopped the flow by grabbing onto Taryn.
• Following a near-fall, Gail turns her attention to the ref, shoving her and slapping her face, daring her to call for the disqualification. Terrell had other plans though, spearing Kim and beating down on her. Kim was then open for Sky to nail the In Yo Face for the winning pinfall.

• No complaints. I mean it. The wrestling was well done, it had a flow, a story and developed the situation between Kim and Terrell, while also allowing Sky to enjoy her first successful title defence on pay-per-view.
• Terrell deserves a lot of praise for how she played the internal conflict of having to be an impartial official with wanting to defend herself against the bullying heel. After she attacked Kim, she had a look on her face where she immediately felt guilty for what she had done, as it was abuse of her position as a referee, no matter how justified the retaliation was.
• Sky sometimes looks lost in matches or overreaches – but here, she was used in exactly the right way, and looked great for it.
• As usual, Kim was the glue that held everything together, but that shouldn’t take away from Terrell and Sky, who both played their parts very well.
• Kudos also to the commentators, who filled the audience in as it pertained to the backstory between the two, stemming back to Turning Point 2011.
• As a final point, Terrell did an interview with Jeremy Borash explaining how she had been pushed to the limit, only to be attacked by Gail – so it looks like Taryn may be going from being a referee to a wrestler…
• Overall, a thumbs-up match, with prospects for the future.

– Lee Burton


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