Ringbelles Retro: Memories of Maryse

MaryseWe at Ringbelles miss Maryse.

It’s not important that she wasn’t the best wrestler in the world, made a lasting mark on the industry or inspired any women to follow in her footsteps – I personally liked her and looked forward to segments involving her. Her character was one of the best in WWE at the time – self-obsessed, cocky and secure in her belief that she was the greatest thing that has ever or will ever exist. Her character believed it so strongly that there was never a question in the viewer’s mind that she thought she was the greatest thing since an egg-white omelette. Plus – the dismissive hand she threw in people’s faces? Awesome.

Despite her lack of ability, Maryse still won two Divas Championships – the first of which, at 216 days, is still the longest Divas Title reign in history. Her original title victory is the match we have for you for today’s Retro.

Maryse had been chasing the inaugural Divas Champion Michelle McCool for four months by the time this title match took place on the December 22, 2008 taping of SmackDown (aired on December 26). She had tried – and failed – to wrest the belt from McCool, and had earned another crack by defeating Maria Kanellis the previous week. However, a curveball was thrown when Maria was made the special referee for the title challenge, which would make you think that Maryse had a disadvantage – but McCool also had some issues with Kanellis following a number of unsuccessful matches as a tag team.

Two days after this match aired, Maryse suffered a dislocated knee during a tag match in Raleigh, NC, against the Bella Twins when one of them fell on her leg. She was out for two months, but returned to the ring on February 20, 2009.


2 thoughts on “Ringbelles Retro: Memories of Maryse

  1. Speaking of Maryse, I just read that the WWE tried to get her back along with the Bella Twins, but she declined along with Kelly Kelly.


  2. I still remember seeing this match live pretty clearly. It wasn’t very good, a lot of editing went into this, including adding the sound effect of the kick that Maryse missed that won the match. To their credit they both improved a lot before they left. Later that night (they taped Smackdown before RAW)I got to see Trish return & team with Cena vs Santino & Beth so it was a pretty good night!


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