Could Kharma be on her way back to WWE?

KharmaIt could be something, or it could be nothing – but PWInsider is reporting that WWE is doing something with the Kharma name, to which it owns the rights.

The report claims that the company revived the trademark application to the moniker, which was abandoned this year. The news has caused a rumble or two that the former TNA Knockouts single and Tag Team Champion could be on her way back to WWE after her original run was cut short due to her release in July last year following more than a year of inactivity, barring a cameo appearance at the 2012 Royal Rumble. Indeed, you would think that WWE would not be that interested in renewing the rights to the name unless that they are planning to do something with it – a name which Kharma still uses for her Twitter despite going by her original name of Amazing Kong since her return to the indies at SHINE 5 back in November.

However, WWE has a lot of fingers in a lot of pies as far as where it makes money, so it may not be as straightforward as a return for the 10-year pro. It could be that it wants to use the Kharma name for licensing for DVDs or video games, or it may have just decided to retain the trademark so others would not be able to get the name and use it themselves for whatever reason, meaning it would be unavailable if Kong actually did come back.

The door is ajar for her to return though – when we discussed the subject in episode 48 of the Women Of Wrestling Podcast last year, she did not deny our suggestion that WWE would be open to rehiring her once she sorted out any other issues which she wanted to sort out – so there is always the possibility that steps are being taken to her stepping into a WWE ring again.

Perhaps it means that she can finally get her hands on the Bella Twins

– Lee Burton
– Photo by WWE


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