Kimber Lee to make SHIMMER debut next month

kl4As somewhat foreshadowed in our special Christmas Edition of the Women of Wrestling Podcast last December, SHIMMER today announced the addition of CZW trained Kimber Lee to the roster for their April events. She will be part of the Vol 53 taping on April 6th at the WrestleCon convention (which will be offered on iPPV through WWN) and the traditional Vols 54-57 tapings at Berwyn, IL the following weekend (April 13-14).

On Episode 49 of the WOW Podcast, SHIMMER promoter Dave Prazak commented on Kimber Lee’s potential:

“…On the subject of Kimber Lee, that’s the wrestler I was referring to who competes for WSU that I would like to incorporate into SHIMMER next year. […] Based on watching some of the [AIW] Girls Night Out shows, she was the one wrestler out of the talent on those shows that isn’t already in SHIMMER that would be a good fit, so I’d like to see how she does in Berwyn coming up next year. It goes to show you, like I was saying earlier, if you have the talent, you’re going to get booked by multiple promotions – and I see that’s probably in the future of Kimber Lee.”

Kimber Lee has come off a superb 2012, which saw her named as our pick for Discovery of the Year for 2012, with a debut for SHINE in Florida in January and continue her streak of show-stealing appearances for AIW as part of AIW Girls Night Out 8 on iPPV earlier this month.


One thought on “Kimber Lee to make SHIMMER debut next month

  1. good luck to Shine tonight I hope they do big numbers so both can keep building there rosters up and maybe soon we will see them on daytime tv channel you never know. I’m wishing!!!


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