DVD Review: WSU An Ultraviolent Affair (9 February 2013)

WSU An Ultraviolent AffairWomen Superstars Uncensored kicks off its double header shows with Combat Zone Wrestling with a title defence by Champion Jessicka Havok against Athena, while Mercedes Martinez and LuFisto look to put their issues to rest in a Falls Count Anywhere Match.

1. Nevaeh pinned Jessie Brooks (w/ Sammy Geodollno) with a bridging German Suplex.
2. Christina Von Eerie pinned Kimber Lee (w/ Annie Social) with a straight-jacket lungblower.
3. Uncensored Opportunity: Veda Scott pinned Niya with the Mind Trip, although Niya’s foot was on the ropes. Special referee Jana did not spot this.
4. Kalamity pinned Cherry Bomb with a Kalamity Driver.
5. Beyond Wrestling Showcase: Chris Dickinson pinned Addy Starr by reversing a Sliding D into a rollup. As part of the pre-match stipulation, Dickinson made Addy Starr “Kiss His Ass”.
6. WSU Championship: Jessicka Havok pinned Athena following a top-rope Air Raid Crash.
7. Falls Count Anywhere: LuFisto pinned Mercedes Martinez following a Burning Hammer through a table to the floor.

Christina Von Eerie Kimber Lee WSU• In the “interpromotional matches” between WSU and CZW, the latter group came out on top 2-1, with Nevaeh and Von Eerie picking up victories, while Cherry Bomb fell to Kalamity.
• Veda Scott earned her way onto the WSU roster by beating Niya through questionable circumstances.
• Chris Dickinson used a cheap pin while holding the tights to beat Addy Starr.
• Jessicka Havok retains the WSU Championship by pinning Athena, meaning that the pair are now 1-1 in singles matches.
• LuFisto’s victory over Mercedes Martinez means she is the number one contender to the title.
• After the match, LuFisto offers her hand to Martinez – who accepts it, but then attacks the Super Hardcore Anime, leading to a double-turn. LuFisto’s protege Kalamity made the save.

• Jessie Brooks looked soft all the way through the match with Nevaeh, both when it came to strikes and aggression. She looked tentative, and meant that her contest was clumsy and not worth a second viewing.
• Kimber Lee replicated Chicks Using Nasty Tactics partner Annie Social‘s entrance with the splits to enter the ring then again on the ropes.
• Some unsanitary stuff in this match. Christina Von Eerie spit in Kimber’s face, and Annie Social returned the favour on Christina soon afterwards. I could probably do without that.
• That aside, there was enough to like about this match. This is the first time I’ve seen Von Eerie as a heel, and I’m keen to see more of it. Likewise, Kimber Lee sells really well and has some short but spirited comebacks. For its place on the card, it did its job.
• Neither Niya or Veda Scott will claim this was their best match. Scott had some good heel stuff going on and Niya showed fire at times, but this was nothing to write home about.
John Harder made a point that he’s now pronouncing “Femmes Fatales” correctly. The problem is that for most of the first half of the show, it’s hard to hear he and Cindy Rogers on commentary – which is a shame, as when you can hear them, they’re saying some good stuff. Rogers in particular offers some good insight as to how painful some of the moves are, puts over the talent by saying she’s glad she retired, and pokes some fun at Harder.
Kalamity Cherry Bomb WSU• Kalamity and Cherry Bomb got things back on track with a fun match which showed off their strengths. Cherry mouthed off a lot as the antagonist and hit some big moves, while The Oncoming Storm let her strength and power speak for itself. I’m growing to really like heel Cherry Bomb and her incessant talking.
• Addy Starr v Chris Dickinson was a great example of an intergender match where both played their roles to perfection. Dickinson beat the crap out of Starr with gorilla press powerslams, powerbombs, suplexes, stiff kicks and hard chops, which Addy retaliated with leverage moves. In the end, Dickinson got a cheap pin just to be a bastard – rolling her up and grabbing the tights. Then – as part of the Kiss My Ass stip – he pulled down his trunks and sat on her face. Effective yet unsettling in its nature, Starr got a deserved round of applause as she left.
• The last time Jessicka Havok and Athena competed, both had already wrestled two matches that evening as part as the ACW American Joshi Queen Of Queens tournament. As a result, it was worked into the match that both were tired, and consequently the match had a desperate struggle feel to it as both competed against their own fatigue as well as each other. In this bout, both were fresh and it meant that we had a different style of contest.
• As before, Athena used her speed, stamina and agility to counteract the power and aggression of the WSU Champion, with Havok beating down on the challenger while Athena fought back with faster-paced flurries which threw the titleholder off guard. In fact, the speed picked up so rapidly at some points that the flow of the match was briefly lost, but Jessicka’s smash-mouth style – coupled with some submission moves to stretch her opponent out – got things back on track.
• The finish came when Athena went for the O-Face, but it was countered into the biggest Air Raid Crash that I’ve seen – executed with brutality yet safety. A thumbs-up match, better than the original – however, the ACW crowd was better and more receptive, while it took this audience more time to get into it, and they never really got that loud, despite the drama.

Match of the Night
LuFisto v Mercedes Martinez
LuFisto Mercedes Martinez WSUWhile it may seem a bit strange for this to go on after the title match, it was the right booking decision to make – it was a feud-ender, had a big stipulation in the Falls Count Anywhere rules and had a carrot on the end of the stick in the form of a title shot. While the title match was good, it couldn’t have followed this.

LuFisto (still technically a heel here but playing to the crowd) attacked Martinez as she came through the curtain, a role-reversal from their match at Full Steam Ahead last October. The pair brawled around the building for the first few minutes of the contest before making their way into the ring for more of a straight (yet heated) wrestling match. However, tempers flared again and the pair fought out of the ring, against the glass barriers and into the bleachers while launching chairs at each other.

They regained the ring but busted out the tables – with LuFisto going through the first one courtesy of a Martinez spinebuster – but with neither finding the right combination to keep the other down. Feeling desperate after a Saito Suplex and the Fisherman Buster failed, Mercedes pulled the SUper Hardcore Anime to the apron for a Fisherman Buster through a table to the floor, but LuFisto fought out and delivered the match winning burning hammer for the three.

Quick stat: Between this match and the half-hour draw at Full Steam Ahead, LuFisto and Mercedes Martinez racked up 57 minutes of action over just two contests.

Overall Impressions
The undercard may have been a little shaky to start with (and was juggled on the day because of the harsh weather meaning Tag Team Champions Allysin Kay & Sassy Stephie, Spirit Champion Marti Belle, Tina San Antonio, Lexxus & Nikki Addams all missed the show), but like with Full Steam Ahead, the event came through. While this LuFisto/Martinez match didn’t hit the spot in the same way as their October bout did, it’s still a great Jessicka Havok Athena WSUcontest and worth going out of your way to see. Plus, with the only big angle of the show being the double turn at the end of the main event, it resonates hard.

Elsewhere, Havok and Athena had a better match than their one last June, and took a dramatic finish like the one in Texas to get the win. Considering both now hold a win, it seems inevitable that the pair will clash again sometime, somewhere.

On the undercard, Addy Starr proved that she’s double tough and game for anything – no matter how uncomfortable – Kalamity got another big win, Cherry Bomb put on a great showing for herself, while Kimber Lee and Von Eerie can be happy with their efforts too.

Presumably, Niya will be back for a third crack at returning to the roster – not that it seems to make much difference considering she’s on each show anyway – and Uncensored Opportunity winners Scott and Saturyne should be in the fold in the future. Nevaeh and Brooks had a match to forget – though the former tired to make the best of the situation – but that was the only real thumbs down on the show. So, one bad, some OK, some good and one great match on a hastily re-arranged card. WSU should be happy with that, though it would probably want for more fans. Too many vacant seats…

It is also worth another mention about the step-up in production quality since the Beyond Wrestling takeover. Everything is cleaner, more professional and much easier to watch. You can order the DVD, VOD or both by clicking here.

– Lee Burton
– Photos by WSU


One thought on “DVD Review: WSU An Ultraviolent Affair (9 February 2013)

  1. bad biz man but that my IMO because he up sale his dvd’s and not let fans here fans feed back but that ok there is millions of indy fed it just a shame that this man is shitted on something that is loved by a lot of fans WSU don’t need CZW at all!

    shimmer yes
    shine yes
    chickfight yes
    NCW yes

    but CZW hell NO this is IMO and maybe you should ask fans before letting key wrestlers go!!!


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