SHINE 8 results: Valkyrie remain unbeaten, Havok forced to respect Sky, Bates/Kimberly in insane brawl

Shine8posterSince the formation of Rain‘s Valkyrie stable at SHINE 6, the group has been on a tear – going 3-0 against SHINE talent at SHINE 7 – but with the roster banding together against the renegades at the conclusion of the last show, and the addition of the debuting Angelina Love – it just might be the start of the turning of the tide – with the team of Angelina Love, Amazing Kong, Mia Yim & Christina Von Eerie combining to take on Rain (making her return from injury), Ivelisse and Made In Sin in the main event.

Also on the show, Kimberly and Leva Bates have each picked a “poison” for the other in their potentially feud-ending double stipulation match. Leva chose “Fans bring the weapons”, and Kimberly selected “I Quit”. High stakes also in the match between Reby Sky and Jessicka Havok, which is being billed as a “Career vs Respect” match. Simply put, if Havok beats Sky, Sky’s time in SHINE is over, but if Sky can overcome the larger, stronger and more vicious Havok, Havok will have to stand in the middle of the ring and admit on the mic that she respects Sky.

Follow results as they come in with us after the jump.

Leva Bates Kimberly Bane1. Nikki St John pinned Luscious Latasha with a bulldog
2. Su Yung made Brittney Savage submit to the Yellow Fever
3. Jayme Jameson pinned Brandi Wine (who was accompanied by Malia Hosaka) via inside cradle
4. Santana Garrett pinned Sojo Bolt with the Shining Star Press
5. SHINE 7 Rematch: Mercedes Martinez pinned Nikki Roxx with a Fisherman Buster Suplex
6. Fans Bring The Weapons/I Quit: Kimberly beat Leva Bates via TKO/referee stoppage. Leva did not say the words “I quit” but was deemed unable to continue by the official.
7. Career vs Respect: Reby Sky pinned Jessicka Havok following a Twist of Fate on a chair
8. VALKYRIE (Rain, Allysin Kay, Taylor Made & Ivelisse Velez) beat Amazing Kong, Angelina Love, Mia Yim & Christina Von Eerie when Kay pinned Von Eerie after the Eighth Deadly. Post match, Kong’s team took turns hitting signature moves on Velez, who was left laying. She was carried unconscious to the back by the other members of Valkyrie.

• Nikki St John’s look is superb, and it’s certainly accentuated by her glasses – but to wrestle an entire match without taking them off? I’ve never seen that. It’s quite an achievement not to have them knocked off at any point, but then the match was really, really short. I didn’t have a clock on this, but it seemed no more than a couple of minutes long. For what they did, it was fine – just shocked that it finished as quickly as it did. Also, while I’m slightly in awe of the glasses gimmick, it does seem potentially quite dangerous.
• Brittney Savage vs Su Yung was OK but unremarkable. I actually thought Savage worked quite well here – yes, it was a bit “generic heel”, but it was effective enough, especially as Su Yung is so easy to support. I don’t think I ever need to see it again, but for its place on the card, it wasn’t bad. Lots of hair pulling in this one too.
• Brandi Wine tried to come to the ring with the old SHIMMER ‘Malia Hosaka on a stick’ joke, only to be stopped by Lexie Fyfe, who brought out *real* Malia Hosaka. In their matching gear, Hosaka & Wine put me in mind of a new iteration of Fyfe/Hosaka’s old “The Experience” team. Hosaka offered more than just moral support to Brandi Wine throughout, adding leverage to submissions and distracting the referee. Jayme Jameson looked good, albeit being overshadowed by the Hosaka/Wine tandem. A bit surprised that she won, but as I imagine Malia isn’t going to be a regular part of the show, there was no real need to put that duo over. As a match, it was old school for the most part.
Nikki Roxx Shocked• Santana Garrett screams “STAR”. More than anybody else on the undercard, she stands out with her athleticism, look and personality – she had her name chanted, and elicited claps of encouragement throughout her match with Sojo Bolt. The two also delivered the best match of the first half of the show by some distance. Towards the end, Bolt hit a (slightly uncomfortable looking) somersault senton for a good near fall, but Santana came back, took off Sojo’s head with a kick and hit the Shining Star Press for the pin.
• Although Santana/Sojo was good, the show was clearly a show of two halves – even before the show, it was clear that the main four matches all had history and back stories and the first four were clear “prelim” style bouts, and so it was in practice. Mercedes vs Roxx kicked up the gears significantly compared to what had come before in their SHINE 7 rematch. You’d say it was almost impossible for two vets like these to have a bad match, and they certainly came nowhere close to that. Good finishing stretch, as Roxx got a near-fall from a Rydeen Bomb and was about to finish Martinez with the Barbie Crusher until Mercedes raked her eyes and finished her with a Fisherman Buster. That sets up an obvious rubber match, and I’m absolutely fine with that.
• Kimberly vs Leva has been – for my money – the best rivalry in SHINE history to date, but I don’t think they’ve ever had an in-ring performance to match the intensity of their promos – until now. This was a vicious hardcore brawl of a match which was kickstarted in the crowd and spent a lot of time going around the building. Your mileage may vary with regards to the amount of headshots in this match, both from chairs, cookie sheets and whatever else they happened to lay their hands on, and yes, I’ll admit that I probably didn’t need to see as many of those as I did, but this was a phenomenal piece of drama. Kimberly had hell trying to utilize the handcuffs, not to mention Jessicka Havok respects Reby Skytying the rope – but the finish, which saw Kimberly repeatedly bash a tied-up Bates in the head until the referee was forced to stop the match, was tremendously well executed. Oh, and on a side note, Leva’s “Bane” outfit was tremendous, and the visual of her giving Kimberly a backbreaker wasn’t lost on this comic book nerd. These two are now locked at 2-2 in SHINE competition (although it’s 2-1 since Kimberly’s heel turn), so I imagine this is also not over.
• Jessicka Havok vs Reby Sky was booked and executed to perfection. Havok was the maniacal beast in there, physically dominating Sky throughout – described at one point on commentary by Lenny Leonard as being “like a cat playing with a mouse”. There’s a thing I’ve heard Ricky Steamboat talk about, and I’ve even heard it described as “The Steamboat Rule”, where he says that as a babyface, you shouldn’t ever take too many moves without firing back with something, to let the crowd know you’re still in it… even if it’s just an ineffective jab to the gut or something. It gives the fans something to hold onto. Well, let’s just say that Ricky Steamboat would’ve appreciated Reby Sky’s work in this. She had to take a lot, sell a lot and bump a lot – but she kept “in the fight” with little shots here and there, and getting a few desperation moves in from time to time. She never managed to put together a series of moves, because the stronger Havok would always cut her off, but she always showed fire. Sky even managed to escape the submission that beat her last time out, and the finish, which saw the heel Havok introduce a chair, only to have Sky foil her and end up using the chair against Havok on a Twist of Fate, was also perfect. Havok was hoisted by her own petard, and was forced to show respect to Sky afterwards as per the stips, but she lost nothing from this defeat. Reby Sky seems to be in a constant battle to earn the respect of the fans too – and I’d like to think that she gained a bit of that with this performance.
• The main event eight woman match was for a lot of the time, a chaotic brawl around the hall. Very difficult to say anything other than everybody worked hard and took their lumps and bumps – and as far as taking notes of what was going on, I found that nigh on impossible – but these women seemed to find the right balance for the match following the previous two matches. I thought Ivelisse looked good, so did Mia Yim – and Angelina Love adds some star power to the main event – but really everybody did well. The finish saw Made In Sin *spike* Christina Von Eerie with the Eighth Deadly, protecting Valkyrie’s unbeaten streak in the promotion. Ivelisse took signature moves from the babyface team afterwards and was left laying, and I’ve seen some people on twitter after the show surmise that this was Ivelisse getting “written out” to go to TNA. It could be, but I just thought it was a way to finish the show with the SHINE team standing strong rather than ending with another heel victory (this would be the Kimberly Leva Batesthird main event win by Valkyrie in a row otherwise). The other members of Valkyrie did manage to retrieve their fallen comrade and carried her to the back, so I have a hunch we’ve not seen the back of Ivelisse yet in SHINE.
• So, in conclusion, this was a really good show. Probably the best SHINE event yet as far as I’m concerned. The undercard was mostly forgettable, but the top half of the show delivered – and in the case of Leva/Kimberly and Reby/Jessicka, delivered in spades. Worth a replay.

– Stew Allen


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