Trish Stratus announces pregnancy during WWE Hall Of Fame induction, plus videos

Trish Stratus Hall of Fame WWEAs revelations go, it was a pretty big one – at the conclusion of her speech as part of her induction into WWE‘s Hall Of Fame last night, Trish Stratus revealed that she was four months pregnant, and is due in September.

Addressing the crowd at Madison Square Garden in New York City, the seven-time Women’s Champions said: “I just wanted to let you all know that in September, I’ll be delivering a little Stratusfaction.” Afterwards, she told, “It was awesome. As a public personality, you wonder what’s the right time to tell everybody. Of course, when I got the news I would be inducted this year, I definitely found out I was pregnant, and so I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, I’ll be four months, I should tell them!'”

She also revealed that it was her inductee Stephanie McMahon who was the one who helped her make the decision to go public with the news at the Hall Of Fame. Indeed, it generated a big positive reaction – which vastly differed from the reaction that the father of baby Stratus received…

After reading off a list of names of people who she wanted to thank – including former Divas like Gail Kim, Beth Phoenix, Jazz, Lita (who got a special mention), Mickie James and Tara and her trainer Finlay – she produced the pen given to her by Jim Ross which she used to sign her WWF contract, which was a nice touch, and also gave a special mention to Vince McMahon for the opportunity.

WWE Trish Stratus Hall Of FameStratus also revealed the reason why she retired back in September 2006 was because her mother had been diagnosed with cancer, but has been given the all-clear and was in the audience for the ceremony. She then pointed out her husband Ron, who received swathes of boos from the audience – probably because he’s the guy who is married to Trish Stratus, and it’s the equivalent of any girl who receives lashings of hate because they get a retweet from Justin Bieber. However, Trish turned the crowd around by joking that they were mean and they should cheer for him – and just like that, they responded in a more positive fashion.

Afterwards, Stratus was interviewed as part of WWE Active where she compared her Hall Of Fame ring with her wedding ring – in honesty, the HOF ring is a bit unattractive – and announced herself as a Hall Of Famer for the first time. Underneath, there’s also an interview of hers on Wrestling With Rosenberg.


2 thoughts on “Trish Stratus announces pregnancy during WWE Hall Of Fame induction, plus videos

  1. Trish pregnant, so happy for her. Huge wwe fan and she’s always been my favorite, still have her autograph pic from her to me. Inducted 2013 Hall of Fame she deserves it she’s beautiful and the best womens wrestler ever. Congrats on your little one… I love Trish!!!! Connie Troia!!!


  2. Love Trish Stratus got autograph pic from her in 2008 shes beautiful and 2013 hall of famer. Love wwe been watching for 31 years will take it to my grave. Also love SUPERNATURAL have every season on dvd, love u Jensen. U to Jared. Connie Troia


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