Maria Kanellis on ROH, WWE, Kelly Kelly & Playboy

iX2UPELYz8noFLooks like our most recent Women Of Wrestling Podcast interview with Maria Kanellis has been a big hit. With thousands of downloads in the last 24 hours, the First Lady of Ring Of Honor‘s feelings and memories on a number of subjects has generated a lot of interest.

She’s also clarified her position with ROH, after reports saying that she was looking to bid farewell to the company:

I never said that I was done with Ring Of Honor. I just said that WWE had contacted me… Ring Of Honor is still my home.

As part of the interview, Maria discusses how far down the road she got with negotiations for a return to WWE, and her thoughts on rumours that her proposed return was nixed:

I don’t think that the Bella Twins could be so immature – I always found them to be very mature and business minded so I can’t imagine them doing that. Unfortunately we may never know the truth unless we get it from the horse’s mouth. I try not to play too much into rumours because that can get you into a lot of trouble.

Maria explains why she publicly apologised to Barbie “Kelly Kelly” Blank on Twitter earlier this week:

As you get older you start looking at things… you kinda leave all the stupidity of past angers behind. It’s about making peace with everything that I’ve ever had a problem with in the past and I think that Barbie’s extremely talented; I think that she’s a fan favourite and I just don’t want any negativity in my life anymore. I want to apologise for any time there was an argument.

Maria Kanellis on Afterbuzz last weekAnother topic she talked about was an awkward moment with Sabu last week where he stood next to her and thumbed through her Playboy – however, in an interview with the magazine’s website, she revealed that she would be keen to return for another shoot:

I wanna do it again! I loved it. It was a great experience. I always said when I did it the first time that it was like coming out as a woman and really saying I’m not a little girl anymore. Now I’m a full-grown woman. It was just such a creative experience, too, because I made the hoodie that I wore in the photo shoot and picked a lot of the fashion out as well as the design, so I would love to do it again. If there was ever a chance, now would be the perfect time!

If you haven’t checked out our podcast with Maria, do so – she’s a warm and intelligent conversation. Also, be sure to subscribe to our iTunes feed to get the latest podcasts as they become available. Also, feel free to leave us a review – your recommendations will help to spread the message to other wrestling fans.


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