In Video: A few words for Allison Danger…

758235963A week ago, Allison Danger announced her retirement from in-ring competition during the taping of SHIMMER Vol 57 in an emotional moment that didn’t leave a dry eye in the house.

Of course she’s not leaving wrestling for good – she’ll continue in a backstage role at SHIMMER – and while everybody there that weekend was fortunate enough to be able to say their own personal thanks to the woman herself, we kinda figured that Danger deserved something more. So, without her knowledge, we started recording video messages across the weekend with the idea of putting them together as a lasting tribute to someone who has meant so much to so many.

Now that the woman herself has had a chance to see the video, we happily share our video with the Ringbelles readers. Some messages are heartfelt, some are funny… some are, well, you’ll see…

We can’t even possibly give enough thanks to the wonderful Courtney Rush, who took it upon herself to offer to shoot most of this footage. This project would never have been anywhere near as good as it turned out without you, Rusher.


One thought on “In Video: A few words for Allison Danger…

  1. Really great and touching video. It fun to see how much Allison meant everybody in Shimmer. One thing i found funny in that video was the fact that both Courtney Rush and Pat LAprade said that Allison only came once to Montreal when in reality she wrestled twice in Montreal and the fact that both Pat and Courtney were working with the company at the time make me thing that the emotions took over and they completly forgot about the first time Allison wrestled in montreal on the femme fatale 5 card, which by the way was the first time i went to a femme fatale show and the fact that Allison was on the card was a big reason why i went to that show.


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