In Video: Scuffles in Scandinavia – Mina v Penelope

Miss Mina PenelopeThe European women’s wrestling scene is growing all the time, with grapplers from all over the continent improving their skills and characters at a startling pace – so much so that more and more wrestlers like Australia’s Storm, and Canada native Leah Von Dutch are making extended trips to the continent to face new opponents and acquire new skills.

Two Europeans who are also expanding their portfolios are Penelope and Miss Mina, whose careers seem to be intertwining. The pair had a good match at Bellatrix 4 last November, and on the strength of that match, the British flier was booked to wrestle in the Norwegian Wrestling Federation last month, again against Mina, but with a slight difference – that being that the normally happy and smiley babyface Penelope was a moody, greasy heel. How did she fare against her opponent, who was on home turf this time and enjoying the full fan support from the audience in Oslo? Click the jump to find out…


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