Ringbelles Roundup (30 April 2013) – Io Shirai's comeback, Knockouts website and more

Io ShiraiIf the original Triple Tails members of Kana, Mio & Io Shirai were to hold a party and bring along their biggest accomplishment, Io would be last to arrive, but would be sporting the shiniest trinket. That’s because the 22-year old claimed the World Of Stardom Championship from Alpha Female at the promotion’s Ryogoku Cinderella show at Sumo Hall in Tokyo, Japan in front of a reported crowd of 5,500 paid fans (though some reports say that may have been inflated). Using a rolling cradle, Shirai put down the massive German for the pin, claiming her first singles championship, and a prestigious one at that.

While Kana held the SMASH Divas Championship on two occasions, the belt is now defunct and she never managed a successful defence in either reign, and Mio Shirai’s run with Ice Ribbon’s ICEx60 belt was more successful than Kana’s SMASH stints, it isn’t as prominent a championship as her sister’s current hardware – which is a big sign that the nightmare of last year is well behind her…

It was a big move for the younger Shirai to elect to leave the Triple Tails stable in September 2011 after four years wrestling to try and forge her own path in Stardom. For the previous year, the trio had made their mark in WAVE and SMASH, as well as going undefeated as a threesome on an Osaka Pro Wrestling tour and holding their own events, making a sole appearance for OZ Academy before the group splintered.

On her own, Io made an immediate splash in Stardom, unsuccessfully challenging Yuzuki Aikawa for the Wonder Of Stardom title, and six months later in March, aligned herself with the promotion and ending her period as a freelancer, marking it later in the month by taking on Nasuki*Taiyo for the High Speed Championship, but again came up short. Two months later, her problems with the Japanese legal system begun after receiving a gift on another continent…

Shirai had been competing in Mexico since 2010, debuting there under the International Wrestling Revolution Group under the name of Biba Kasai, before she and Mio jumped to AAA, with Io being repackaged as Oyuki and Mio becoming Kaguya. There, the pair were part of the Foreign Legion stable, stealing the title belts of the Apache sisters – however, the storyline finished without reaching its conclusion.

After returning to her real name, Shirai started teaming with boyfriend Nosawa, winning the Americas Mixed Tag Team Championship in May 2011, and won an Lucha de Apuestas match in November, forcing La Maléfica to unmask in the process. On her subsequent trip in May last year, she and Nosawa were given a gift of paintings of themselves, though inside the frames were 75 grams of cannabis, which was spotted when the pair returned to Alpha Female Io ShiraiJapan via Narita International Airport. Both denied the charges but were held until June 12, after which she publicly apologised for the situation she found herself in, sporting a head of conservative black hair to show her remorse. At the end of June, the charges were dropped, with Takuya Sugi later admitting that he had set the pair up.

Her name cleared, Shirai returned to Stardom on July 22, winning a Rumble to qualify for the 5*Star GP2012 tournament, but failed to advance to the finals. However, on March 24 of this year, Io’s luck turned around with her beating Kaori Yoneyama and Dark Angel to win the Red Belt Challenger tournament and become the top contender for Alpha’s World Of Stardom Championship – and as mentioned at the start of this write-up, we all know how that turned out.

11 months after the ultimate low point of her career, Io Shirai now finds herself at a zenith, having won one of joshi’s top titles in the promotion’s highest profile show in front of the biggest crowd in its history, beating the woman who took down Nanae Takahashi to end her 18 month reign as the inaugural World Of Stardom titleholder. It’s a pretty big rocket that she is sitting on, and is a massive shot in the arm for a woman who is certainly in the right place at the right time. With Yuzuki Aikawa retiring on the same show, she’s at the top of the heap of a promotion which is seeing the dust settle. Could she become the new face of Stardom? We’ll see.


Dare To BeThe new website dedicated to TNA’s Knockouts launched last Thursday to a decent amount of fanfare.

Using the slogan Dare To Be, wrestlingknockouts.com features short biographies of each wrestler, a few fun facts and a bunch of photos of each woman in their wrestling gear and some swimsuit shots as well. On top of that, there is a Knockout of the Month section with video included (the first one being Taryn Terrell), and a blog from pregnant Madison Rayne, where she promises to offer her thoughts on her colleagues’ work each week on Impact Wrestling.

Now, despite the fact that it’s leaning more towards having the women as figures to drool over rather than to aspire to follow in their wrestling footsteps, I’ve got no complaints about the site in general. It looks very clean and easy to negotiate, and Christy Hemme – who has reportedly had a big hand in its creation – should be very happy with it. It wish it would feature some more emphasis on these wrestlers actually showing off their wrestling – such as highlights of their most memorable in-ring achievements and the like – but as a starting point, it’s fair enough. Madison’s blog should also offer a bit more of a focus on what’s happening with the women on TV each week, so I’m willing to give it a pass for now and see how it develops. However, I must applaud it for doing something that WWE is really poor at doing these days – and used to be really good at.

It is highlighting its women’s division with its own dedicated section. WWE used to have its Divas page, but that went by the wayside when the company elected to streamline its web content. These days, there is still features of the women, but it’s buried away and never mentioned on TV. On top of that, you can see a marked difference in how their female roster members are viewed when you look at their merchandise.

Divas shopFor WWE, it’s horrendous. On the WWE Shop section, there are three items – a replica of the Divas title belt, a Kaitlyn poster and a Kaitlyn unsigned 8×10, and the Kaitlyn items only landed last week. No other woman has any merchandise dedicated to them. Back in the day, Lita, Trish Stratus, Chyna, Sable, Sunny and the like would have t-shirts, hats, posters, DVDs and a whole slew of things with their likeness attached to offer them some extra revenue. These days, there’s the calendar, and that’s about it. For a company which does offer its wrestlers a cu of anything sold with their name attached to it, there are precious few options for women to make any money from shilling merchandise.

Over at the new Knockouts site, there is a link at the bottom of every page pointing you to the ShopTNA site, where every single roster member has merchandise. Fair enough, some like So Cal Val may only have photos, but others have t-shirts, DVDs, banners and so on. ODB has a replica flask that you can buy, Mickie James has hats and her theme music to download, Gail Kim has an action figure (and Miss Tessmacher’s getting one too), and Velvet Sky has a stack of things. I’ve no idea if TNA offers its roster a cut of merchandise sales, but even if it doesn’t, there are opportunities for fans to support their favourite Knockouts – and as a knock on, help to sway which women TNA chooses to have on TV.

Obviously, the most popular ones will get a larger consideration, as having them on TV helps to shill merchandise, so fans buy the goods and TNA makes more money. It’s the free market working – and is something Pro Wrestling: EVE is also doing with its On Demand service, where the wrestlers involved in the biggest selling matches will be booked more regularly, leading to more dates for wrestlers and more popular videos for EVE to sell – and gives fans a chance to tell TNA who their favourites are. If anything, the Knockouts site may help to shape who gets pushed in the future.

So, it’s a work in progress, but we’re being given a vote by selecting our choice Knockouts via what we choose to throw down money for. If you want more ODB, go and buy her t-shirt, photo and flask. It may make a difference to what you see on TV, and how much residual money they may rake in.


Elsewhere on the site this week, we have a new My Name Is with Violet O’Hara, a Retro featuring Yuzuki Aikawa’s debut match, as well as a contest from last month from Norway between Penelope & Miss Mina.


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The best of the rest

WWE’s Divas wrestled matches on every show of the European tour. Kaitlyn won all the matches on the Raw brand shows, while Layla took the duke on all the Smackown shows… Rosa Mendes is still off TV after her “personal issues” came to light on the European tour… Naomi beat Brie Bella via reverse decision on Raw. It looked like the Twin Magic gimmick had worked when Nikki made the switch and got the win with an inside cradle, but Cameron protested to the ref, who eventually disqualified the Bellas. It’s touch for the switching thing to work since the Bellas returned, as Nikki has had a boob job, so there is a noticeable difference between the pair. Elsewhere on Raw, Divas Champ Kaitlyn and top contender AJ Lee had a face-off, and afterwards, Kaitlyn received a card, intimating that she has a secret admirer.

Velvet Sky and her dodgy leg defeated Mickie James to retain the Knockouts Championship last week, then cut straight to another segment. If the plan is to turn Mickie heel, it’s not being presented very well.

Heidi Lovelace SaturyneNorth America
Jessicka Havok has challenged Sami Callihan to a match for the main event of Women Superstars Uncensored’s Queen & King of the Ring iPPV on May 11. Incidentally, Havok will also take on Nevaeh in a return match on Combat Zone Wrestling’s evening event. Nevaeh and Havok have history – the pair went to a double count out at the CZW show on March 9… Just on the subject of WSU, Annie Social has had to withdraw for family reasons, and is being replaced by Mickie Knuckles. The opening round matches have also been announced, which you can see in the Upcoming section… Ivelisse Velez & Cheerleader Melissa meet again on May 10 with Velez’s PWR Women’s Championship on the line… Amber O’Neal will make her SHINE debut on the SHINE 10 iPPV on May 24. She’s been on the promotion’s website for some time… Squared Circle Wrestling’s announced a second Girls Grand Prix tournament, taking place on June 1 in Binghamton, NY. Nevaeh, Allysin Kay, Leah Von Dutch, Cherry Bomb, Courtney Rush and Serena Deeb have been announced as participants so far. Rachel Summerlyn won the first tournament last February… Seleziya Sparx got creative to save her charge Ethan Page at the AIW show on Friday. Because she didn’t have a towel to stop Page being beaten down by Josh Alexander, she took off her white panties and threw those into the ring instead. Page was less than grateful – he attacked Sparx and dumped her after the match. On the same show, Veda Scott and Gregory Iron retained the AIW Tag Team Championshipby beating the Batiri… D’Arcy Dixon is the next contender for Amazing Kong’s RESISTANCE Pro Women’s Championship. She and Nikki St John defeated Thunderkitty & Crazy Mary Dobson on Sunday’s show, then the winners squared off in a singles match to determine the top contender… Kalamity broke her left foot during training. Best wishes to her… Stacey O’Brien regained the World League Wrestling Women’s Championship on Saturday from Miss Natural… Kimber Lee had to kiss Saturyne’s foot following her loss at Wrestling Is Fun on Sunday… Speaking of Saturyne, she and Heidi Lovelace will team up for CHIKARA’s Tag World Grand Prix on May 18… Marti Belle is the top contender for Rick Cataldo’s New York Wrestling Connection Starlets Championship after winning a battle royal.

Hikaru Shida and Aja Kong dethroned Tomoka Nakagawa & Hiroyo Matsumoto to win the OZ Academy Tag Team Championship. On the same card, AKINO won the Openweight Title by beating Chikayo Nagashima, and Ayumi Kurihara defeated Mayumi Ozaki in a brutal no-DQ Match… Another unsuccessful title defence in Wrestling New Classic. Makoto lost the Women’s Championship on Thursday in a seven-way match to Lin Byron. This belt’s going the same way as the SMASH Divas Championship, with not one successful defence so far… Best wishes to Nana Kawase, who suffered a seizure on Sunday.

Carmel Jacob and Sara-Marie Taylor advanced to the final of the Pro Wrestling: EVE Tag Team Championship tournament on Saturday’s Special Edition III show by beating the Owens Twins. Speaking of the twins, Leah and Kasey will face each other in the opening round of May 25’s EVE Queen of the Ring tournament… April Davids told us that she is out of Insane Championship Wrestling’s Luke… Who’s Yer Da? event on Saturday after having an injection in her injured shoulder… Speaking of Davids, she will take on CJ Banks in Preston City Wrestling on June 1, with Lita working as the special referee.

AAA has split its roster between two groups Evolucion & Fusion. As far as the women are concerned, the bulk of them (Faby & Mary Apache, La Jarochita, Jennifer Blake, Sexy Lady & Taya Valkyrie) are in the Evolucion group, while the rest (Lolita, Cynthia Moreno, La Magnifica & La Hechicera) are with Fusion.

Australia & New Zealand
Evie IPWMichelle K Hasluck takes part in Explosive Pro Wrestling’s first intergender match in Perth on May 11. She takes on Gorgeous Garry is what is also Hasluck’s first singles contest in her home promotion… Evie defeated Olivia Shaw to retain the Impact Pro Wrestling Women’s Championship on Saturday, closing out the promotion as its first and only Women’s Champion… Kellie Skater wrestled part of her time in Japan and all of her matches in North America with a broken toe. It’s been splinted since her return to Australia.



April 23: WWE (Nottingham, England) – Kaitlyn b Tamina Snuka

April 23: CMLL (Guadalajara, Mexico) – Amapola, Princesa Blanca & Princesa Sugheit b Dalis la Caribeña, Luna Mágica & Marcela

April 23: CMLL (Mexico City, Mexico) – Estrellita, Goya Kong & Lady Afrodita b La Comandante, La Vaquerita & Zeuxis

April 23: Ohio Valley Wrestling (Louisville, KY) – Jessie Belle b Sosay; Hannah & Holly Blossom b Nikki St John & Taeler Hendrix; Trina Thompson b Lylah Lodge

April 24: OZ Academy (Tokyo, Japan) – Dynamite Kansai & Manami Toyota b Yumi Ohka & Ayako Hamada; Carlos Amano b Meiko Satomura; Sonoko Kato b Mio Shirai; Ayumi Kurihara b Mayumi Ozaki; Aja Kong & Hikaru Shida b Hiroyo Matsumoto & Tomoka Nakagawa to win the OZ Academy Tag Team Championship; AKINO b Chikayo Nagashima to win the OZ Academy Openweight Championship

April 24: WWE (Amneville, France) – Layla b Aksana

April 24: WWE (Liege, Belgium) – Kaitlyn b Tamina Snuka

April 24: WWE NXT (Winter Park, FL) – Kaitlyn b AJ Lee

April 25: WWE (Bologna, Italy) – Layla b Aksana

Lin Byron Yuichi KojimaApril 25: WWE (St Petersburg, Russia) – Kaitlyn b Tamina Snuka & AJ Lee in a 3-way

April 25: WWE Superstars (London, England) – Layla & Kaitlyn b Aksana & Tamina Snuka

April 25: Wrestling New Classic (Tokyo, Japan) – Lin Byron b Makoto, Syuri, Command Bolshoi, Kayako Haruyama, Risa Nakajima & Nikki Storm to win the WNC Women’s Championship

April 25: TNA Impact Wrestling (Indiana, PA) – Velvet Sky b Mickie James

April 26: WWE SmackDown (London, England) – Layla b Aksana

April 26: WWE (Moscow, Russia) – Kaitlyn b Tamina Snuka & AJ Lee in a 3-way

April 26: TNA (Erie, PA) – Velvet Sky b Gail Kim

April 26: Full Impact Pro (Ybor City, FL) – Mia Yim b Larry Dallas

April 26: Florida Underground Wrestling (Tampa, FL) – Solo Darling won a battle royal

April 26: Wrestling New Classic (Oyama, Japan) – El Hijo Del Pantera, Gran Hamada & Lin Byron b Akira Shinose, Jiro Kuroshio & YO-HEY; AKIRA & Syuri b Makoto & Yusuke Kodama

April 26: Absolute Intense Wrestling (Cleveland, OH) – Addy Starr b Jody D’Milo; Gregory Iron & Veda Scott b Obariyon & Kodama

April 26: World League Wrestling (Cameron, MO) – Miss Natural b Stacey O’Brien

April 26: Premier Wrestling Xperience (Charlotte, NC) – Angelina Love b Amber O’Neal via DQ

April 26: WAVE (Tokyo, Japan) – Kana & Mio Shirai b Arisa Nakajima & Moeka Haruhi; Tomoka Nakagawa b Yuu Yamagata, Misaki Ohata, Ryo Mizunami & Hikaru Shida in a 5-way; Ayumi Kurihara b Kyusei Sakura Hirota; Ayako Hamada b Tsukasa Fujimoto; Yappe Man No.1, Yappe Man No.2 & Yappe Man No.3 b GAMI, Yumi Ohka & Shuu Shibutani

April 27: Impact Pro Wrestling New Zealand (Auckland, New Zealand) – Evie b Olivia Shaw

April 27: AAW (Arlington Heights, IL) – MsChif b Nevaeh & Angelus Layne in a 3-way

April 27: New York Wrestling Connection (Deer Park, NY) – Marti Belle won a battle royal

April 27: Capital City Championship Combat (Ottawa, ON, Canada) – Angie Skye & Jody D’Milo b Giant Tiger & Twiggy

April 27: Southern Championship Wrestling (Sanford, FL) – Luscious Latasha & Santana Garrett b Justine Silver & Leva Bates

April 27: WWE (Mannheim, Germany) – Layla b Aksana

April 27: WWE (Lodz, Poland) – Kaitlyn b AJ Lee & Tamina Snuka in a 3-way

April 27: Ice Ribbon (Saitama, Japan) – Meari Naito b 235; Miyako Matsumoto b Hailey Hatred & Kurumi in a 3-way; Hikaru Shida & Tsukushi b Aoi Kizuki & Hamuko Hoshi; Tsukasa Fujimoto b Risa Sera; Tsukasa Fujimoto b Risa Sera (again)

April 27: Pro Wrestling: EVE (Sudbury, England) – Kay Lee Ray & Erin Angel b Shanna & Leah Von Dutch; Rhia O’Reilly b Bete Noire; Amazon Ayesha Ray b Viper; Sara-Marie Taylor & Carmel Jacob b Kasey & Leah Owens; Viper 4 Amazon Ayesha Ray Viperb Shanna; Sara-Marie Taylor b Bete Noire, Leah Owens & Amazon Ayesha Ray in a 4-way; Rhia O’Reilly b Erin Angel; Kasey Owens b Leah Von Dutch; Carmel Jacob b Kay Lee Ray; Kay Lee Ray won a battle royal

April 27: Pro Wrestling Evo Unplugged (Concord, NC) – Angelina Love b Amber O’Neal

April 27: Southern Heritage Championship Wrestling (Gastonia, NC) – Niki Nitro b Lei’D Tapa

April 27: Remix Pro Wrestling (Marietta, OH) – Sassy Stephie b Christina Von Eerie

April 27: World League Wrestling (Camdenton, MO) – Stacey O’Brien b Miss Natural to win the WLW Women’s Championship

April 27: Maryland Championship Wrestling (Dundalk, MD) – Veda Scott b Amber Rodriguez

April 27: Combat Sports Federation (Weston-Super-Mare, England) – Pollyanna b Raquel Arijon

April 27: AAA Evolucion (Chilpancingo, Mexico) – Faby Apache, Jennifer Blake& Octagoncito b La Hechicera, Mini Abismo Negro & Taya Valkyrie

April 28: Extreme American Wrestling (Corby, England) – Shanna b Leah Von Dutch

April 28: JWP (Tokyo, Japan) – Manami Katsu b Rydeen Hagane; Maury b Rabbit Miu; Dump Matsumoto & Hanako Nakamori v Takako Inoue & Yumiko Hotta went to a double count out; Arisa Nakajima & Mima Shimoda b Leon & Sachie Abe; Kayoko Haruyama, KAZUKI & Nikki Storm b Command Bolshoi, Manami Katsu & Tsubasa Kuragaki

April 28: CMLL (Mexico City, Mexico) – Amapola b Estrellita

April 28: RESISTANCE Pro (Willowbrook, IL) – Mickie Knuckles v Ashton Vuitton; D’Arcy Dixon & Nikki St John b Thunderkitty & Crazy Mary Dobson; D’Arcy Dixon b Nikki St John

April 28: WWE (Cologne, Germany) – Layla b Aksana

April 28: New Breed Wrestling Association (Banbury, England) – Bacardi b Kay Lee Ray, Carmel Jacob & Viper in a 4-way

April 28: Wrestling Is Fun (Allentown, PA) – Saturyne b Princess Kimber Lee

April 28: I Believe In Wrestling (Orlando, FL) – Maxwell Chicago b Santana Garrett

April 29: Stardom (Ryogoku, Japan) – Yui Yokoo & Sumire Yoshino b Risa Sera & Rutsuko Yamaguchi; Miho Wakizawa b Manami Toyota; Kota Ibushi, Gota Ihashi, Lin Byron & Mayu Iwatani b Michael Nakazawa, Hikaru Sato, Makoto & Eri Susa; Meiko Satomura b Takumi Iroha; Dark Angel b Act Yasukawa to win the Wonder Of Stardom Championship; Natsuki☆Taiyo b Yuhi; Kairi Hojo & Natsumi Showzuki b Kyoko Kimura & Hailey Hatred to win the Goddesses Of Stardom Championship; Nanae Takahashi, Tsukasa Fujimoto & Mika Nagano b Kaori Yoneyama, Hiroyo Matsumoto & Syuri; Io Shirai b Alpha Female to win the World Of Stardom Championship; Yoshiko b Yuzuki Aikawa

April 29: WWE Raw (Columbus, OH) – Naomi b Brie Bella


May 3: Union (Tokyo, Japan) – Kaori Yoneyama v Cherry v Nako Fukumen B

May 3: CHIKARA (Gibsonville, NC) – Saturyne v Missile Assault Ant

May 4: CHIKARA (Porterdale, GA) – Saturyne v Tim Donst

May 4: Pro Wrestling Alliance (Parramatta, Australia) – Jessie McKay v Shazza McKenzie

Fierce FemalesMay 4: ICW: Fierce Females Luke, Who’s Yer Da? (Glasgow, Scotland) – Erin Angel v Blue Nikita; Kay Lee Ray v Rhia O’Reilly; Viper v April Davids; Crazy Mary Dobson v Bete Noire; Leah Von Dutch v Carmel Jacob; Sara Marie Taylor, Lisa Fury & Kirsty Loveign v Sakura Lily, Kasey & Leah Owens

May 5: JWP (Itabashi, Japan) – Nikki Storm v Hanako Nakamori

May 5: Plymouth Wrestling Alliance (Plymouth, England) – Pollyanna v Erin Angel

May 10: Pro Wrestling Revolution (Sacramento, CA) – Ivelisse Velez v Cheerleader Melissa

May 11: Maniacs United (Kelston, New Zealand) – Angel v JPE

May 11: Women Superstars Uncensored Queen and King of the Ring (Voorhees, NJ) – Jessicka Havok v TBA; Athena & AR Fox v Ezavel Suena & Latin Dragon;
Nevaeh & Jake Crist v Cherry Bomb & Pepper Parks; Christina Von Eerie & MASADA v Addy Starr & Matt Tremont;
Kimber Lee & Drew Gulak v Mickie Knuckles & Devon Moore

May 11: Bombshell Ladies Of Wrestling (Metuchen, NJ) – Missy Sampson v Alexa Thatcher; Amy Lee v Amazing Kong; Santana Garrett v La Rosa Negra; Shelly Martinez v Serena Deeb; Sumie Sakai v Amber O’Neal; Amber Rodriguez v Alicia v Annie Social; Angel Orsini v Silvie Silver

May 11: Explosive Pro Wrestling (Perth, Australia) – Michelle K Hasluck v Gorgeous Garry

May 17: Maximum Pro Wrestling (Sunderland, England) – Pollyanna v Sakura Lily

May 17: AAW (Berwyn, IL) – Heidi Lovelace v Miss Natural

May 19: Smash Wrestling (Toronto, ON, Canada) – Seleziya Sparx v Vanessa Kraven

May 19: Anarchy Championship Wrestling: Jessica James v Evan Gelistico; Barbi Hayden, v Angel Blue

May 24: SHINE 10 (Ybor City, FL)

May 25: Pro Wrestling: EVE Queen of the Ring (Nottingham, England) – Leah Owens v Kasey Owens

May 25: OMEGA (Wendell, NC) – Kacee Carlisle v Reby Sky

May 25: New Focus Wrestling (Evansville, IN) – Crazy Mary Dobson v MsChif

May 31: Girl Fight Wrestling (Charlestown, IN) – Candi Devine v Miss Dark Shadow; Miss Natural v Thunderkitty; Jessicka Havok v Leva Bates; Lil Naughty v Nevaeh; Crazy Mary Dobson v Jazz

June 1: Remix Pro Wrestling (Marietta, OH) – Katarina Leigh v Jessie Belle

June 1: UK Main Event Wrestling (Maidstone, England) – Pollyanna v Sakura Lily v Amazon Ayesha Ray; Rhia O’Reilly v Bacardi

April Davids CJ Banks Lita PCWJune 1: Preston City Wrestling (Preston, England) – April Davids v CJ Banks

June 1: East Coast Wrestling Association (Newark, DE) – Jessie Kaye v Veda Scott

June 1: Squared Circle Wrestling – Girls Grand Prix 2 (Binghamton, NY)

June 2: Vicious Outcast Wrestling (Grindstone, PA) – Sera Feeny v Nevaeh

June 23: Bellatrix 6 (Norwich, England)

June 23: Anarchy Championship Wrestling American Joshi Queen of Queens (Austin, TX)

July 6: nCw Femmes Fatales XII (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

October 6: Bellatrix 7 (Norwich, England)

– Lee Burton
– Photos by Stardom, Impact Pro Wrestling, Yuichi Kojima
– Data collated from (but not limited to) Cagematch, joshifans.com, PuroLove, Dramatic DDT, Luchablog, Lords Of Pain, Wrestling Observer, Open The Puroresu Gate, PWInsider

© Ringbelles


2 thoughts on “Ringbelles Roundup (30 April 2013) – Io Shirai's comeback, Knockouts website and more

  1. I was somewhat disappointed with the Knockouts website. When they stated “new” I was expecting 100% new material. 99% of the pix are recycled. I know its just launched so it can only to get better, but I’m hoping it’ll be like the old days of KO gallery where they where posting new pix of the KOs weekly.


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