ICW: Fierce Females – Luke… Who's Yer Da? results (now updated with photos and thoughts)

20 Kay Lee RayAfter a successful debut show last September, Insane Championship Wrestling‘s all-female off-shoot Fierce Females returns with its second event. Entitled Luke… Who’s Yer Da? (marking the fact that today is Star Wars Day), the card will see the first Fierce Females Champion crowned in the culmination of a tournament which has been running over the last few months on ICW shows across Scotland, though a spanner was thrown into the works a few days ago…

April Davids, who had made it to the semi-finals has been forced to pull out of her match after having an injection into her injured shoulder which means she needs to take some time off to recover. That leaves Viper without an opponent for the evening, and leaves the question hanging about whether a replacement opponent will be found, or if she will advance to the final to face the winner of the other semi between Kay Lee Ray and Rhia O’Reilly.

Elsewhere on the card, Leah Von Dutch – who made her English debut last Saturday at Pro Wrestling: EVE’s Special Edition III show – makes her first appearance in Scotland today, taking on Carmel Jacob. Another woman making her Scottish debut is Crazy Mary Dobson, who is making a flying visit to face Bete Noire.

The Ringbelles team is on hand in Glasgow to bring you results as they happen – click after the jump and find out who’s going to walk away as the first Fierce Females Champion…

– Fierce Females Title Tournament Semi-Final
1. Viper pinned Amazon Ayesha Ray with a Michinoku Driver.
– Fierce Females Title Tournament Semi-Final
2. Kay Lee Ray beat Rhia O’Reilly with a Swanton Bomb. Viper attacked KLR afterwards.
3. Carmel Jacob defeated Leah Von Dutch with a low DDT.
4. Crazy Mary Dobson pinned Bete Noire with a chair assisted split legged moonsault.
5. Erin Angel pinned Blue Nikita with a Code Red.
6. Sakura Lily, Kasey & Leah Owens beat Sara-Marie Taylor, Lisa Fury & Kirsty Loveign. Leah pinned Kirsty after Loveign missed a Fameasser.
– Fierce Females Title Tournament Final
7. Kay Lee Ray pinned Viper with an inside cradle to win the Fierce Females Scottish Championship.

6 Rhia O'Reilly Kay Lee RayThoughts
• Right, no messing about – Luke… Who’s Yer Da? is the best women’s wrestling card we’ve seen this year, beating the likes of SHIMMER, SHINE, Bellatrix, Pro Wrestling: EVE and Women Superstars Uncensored. Considering this is only their second show, that’s quite a feat and shows the drive and desire of the promoters and roster, couple with 150-ish enthusiastic and loud Insane Championship Wrestling fans.
• The question over what would happen with a replacement for April Davids was answered right away. Promoter Mikey Whiplash was set to make the announcement when Fiona Fraser came out and verbally ran down Davids, claiming that the Lancashire Terrier wasn’t really hurt and was running scared. At this point, Viper came out and planted Fraser with a Michinoku Driver, sending her packing. At this point, Amazon Ayesha Ray bullied her way through the crowd, over the railing and into the ring to attack Viper, causing the pair to be separated. The decision was made to put Amazon into the tournament in a return match of sorts from last weekend’s EVE show.
• The match was a short yet clubbering affair with the result from last week reversed. Viper once again used her Michinoku Driver – after having problems lifting her opponent up – to get the pin and advance to the finals. It was a dramatic Fierce Females debut for Ayesha Ray, and got her over right away. The defeat won’t hurt her standings should she return in the future.
• Rhia O’Reilly’s match with Kay Lee Ray was O’Reilly’s best of the year so far. Given time to let their contest breathe, the pair engaged in a simple story with the larger and more powerful Rhia overwhelming her opponent, with the flame-haired Scot firing back with her speed and risk-taking arsenal, as well as having to fend off an interfering Carmel Jacob, who was taken out surprisingly quickly and had no impact on the result of the match. In the end, it was Ray getting the fall with a Swanton Bomb, only for Viper – who was cheered in the opening match – coming out to attack her fellow finalist with a Viper Bomb, putting KLR at a severe disadvantage for their title decider later on in the night.
• Unlike her Pro Wrestling: EVE debut last weekend where she was the antagonist, Leah Von Dutch worked babyface for her match against Carmel, and it made for a much easier story to tell. With thecrowd instantly getting behind the newcomer, Von Dutch and Carmel put together a solid outing which was better than either of 8 Carmel Jacob Leah Von Dutchthe Canadian’s matches last week, with the pair gelling immediately. Although the finish featured a small misstep with Jacob’s low rana looking a bit weak, she made up for it straight away with a thunderous low DDT for the pinfall. Von Dutch received a strong ovation afterwards.
• As a match, Crazy Mary Dobson v Bete Noire featured little actual wrestling, but provided plenty of drama and reaction. As you may have expected for a woman who promotes herself as a deathmatch wrestler and is making her debut in a new country, Dobson went to what she knows best, and put together a hard-hitting, weapons-filled brawl with Noire which was very entertaining to watch from ringside. Using weapons like a staple gun – which made its first attack by Dobson putting a staple in Noire’s lady garden – it also saw Mary having a note attached to her tongue, and Bete having the ICW programme pinned to her back. Chairs, bins and a kendo stick – which Dobson took straight to the head – were all busted out, but there were three main highspots.
• The first saw Noire go through a makeshift table following a sweet top rope rana from Dobson, but things swung in the other direction when Bete delivered a Death Valley Driver from the elevated entrance aisle to the floor through a chair. The finish came with a split legged moonsault by Mary while she was holding a chair to her chest to so it was driven into her opponent. Dobson got the “please come back” chant, which showed she had made a great first impression.
• However, I must point out a reservation. While most of the weapon shots were as safe as could be, I wouldn’t want to see this type of match all the time, as they must take their toll over time, as Mickie Knuckles and LuFisto would probably attest. Putting your body at risk like this isn’t something that someone like Dobson should be going as a first port of call, as it will mean a short (but 10 Crazy Mary Dobsonadmittedly highlight-filled) career. In short, I’d like to see Mary wrestle more, and do less deathmatch stuff, bringing it out on the really special occasions. That’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy the match between she and Bete, but I’d feel uncomfortable seeing them do stuff like this on a regular basis.
• Erin Angel and Blue Nikita had to deal with a crowd which had just enjoyed an interval and needed to be brought up to fever pitch again, and they managed to find a way. Following some technical stuff which was all very tidy but wan’t exciting the fans, Nikita decided to be like Stardom‘s Yoshiko when she wrestled Yuzuki Aikawa, and attack the boobs of her opponent. There were countless slaps to the chest both inside and outside of the ring, with Angel responding in similar fashion.
• Back in the ring, Nikita almost got the win with a great spot where Angel jumped from the middle rope, only to be caught on her opponent shoulders, leading to a huge Blu-Ray (Death Valley Driver, but better, obviously) for a massive near fall. Soon afterwards, Nikita went for an Air Raid Crash which was reversed into a Code Red for the win in a match which could have bombed after the hardcore match, but turned out really well. Angel poured a beer over her red raw chest after the decision.
• Speaking of boobs, Lisa Fury made sure hers were a big distraction for everyone. In order to get the attention of the referee in the six woman match, she lifted up her top to show off her cleavage being shoved chinwards in her bra while Kirsty Loveign – who is still being put upon by manager James R Kennedy – and Sara-Marie Taylor attacked Sakura Lily.
• It was a brave move to have the most inexperienced member of the match be the one taking the prolonged beatdown, but Lily held up her side of the bargain well, and has noticeably improved since the first show last September. Meanwhile, the Owens were more in their element here in front of a more adult-oriented crowd, and got in some nice spots like Kasey’s running knee to Sara or the double team Sidewinder to Fury, and made sure to put over Lily after the result. Loveign was yelled at once again by Kennedy with the fans begging for her to fight back, but she towed the line and trudged away. It was probably the weakest match of the show but was still totally fine, with no real complaints. It did its job ahead of the climactic main event.
• Kay Lee Ray heavily sold the earlier attack as she made her entrance for the title match against Viper, with the larger aggressor taking the immediate advantage, making one believe it would be a short affair. However, KLR bravely fought back with every fibre of her being to try and get ahead, only to be cut off by Jacob again. The pair fought on the floor as security tried to split them, but Viper sorted that out with a dive from the top rope to the floor.
• After Carmel was ejected, Viper and Kay Lee went over the railings, with KLR delivering a rana on the floor and also diving off the bar to get an advantage, though things took a turn as they started brawling up the stairs of the Garage nightclub. As they battled, Fraser – still upset at being attacked by Viper at the start of the show – came out to get some revenge, with the pair fighting back down the stairs, only for Ray to put an end to their set-to with a jaw-dropping dive from the balcony to the floor.
• Back in the ring, Ray delivered a Swanton Bomb for a big near-fall, and a Viper Michinoku Driver garnered a similar result. Frustrated, Viper went for a chair only for KLR to dropkick it back into her face, seeing Viper fall back into the referee. With the official down, Viper hit a face-first electric chair drop 22 Kay Lee Rayonto the steel but with no referee to count, it was somewhat of a moot point. As she went to pick up Kay Lee, the redhead used whatever she had left to tie Viper up with an inside cradle for the pinfall and to become the first Fierce Females Scottish Champion.
• Afterwards, the pair shook hands and embraced – and quite right too, as it was an amazing match, fitting of a title tournament decider. Huge credit should obviously go to Kay Lee Ray for her daredevil antics, but Viper’s contributions should not be overlooked. She has grown over the past couple of years to be a dependable, hard-hitting and exciting performer whose profile is at a high point right now.
• So that was Fierce Females: Luke… Who’s Yer Da?, proof that last September’s strong event was not a one-off, and established the promotion as one of the most exciting in the world for women’s wrestling. With no bad matches, two great ones and the rest being solid to good, the event proved that the promotion has fit into its own niche with a more adult theme. Indeed, the promotion knows exactly what it is, has a direction and a roster who feels the same way. It’s that sort of focus which should start grabbing more fans’ attention.
• While I can’t say that I would be keen on seeing stuff like the hardcore match and KLR’s 15 foot dive on a regular basis, it fit into the promotion’s ethos, but for the safety of the wrestlers, I hope that those sort of moments are used sparingly. Should the fans get used to it, the roster would have to get more risky to garner the same reaction, and that’s when the trouble starts.
• However, this is a minor quibble which I’m sure will be addressed along the way, and shouldn’t take away from the standalone success of the card. As mentioned at the start, this is the best show we’ve seen this year, and may take some beating. When it’s released on DVD, be sure to buy it – you won’t be sorry.

– Lee Burton


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