Bombshell Ladies Of Wrestling #4 results – La Rosa Negra wins BLOW Title, Serena Deeb is awesome

BLOW posterBombshell Ladies Of Wrestling are back for another iPPV as part of a weekend of action presented by parent company Pro Wrestling Syndicate. Headlining the show is Missy Sampson defending the BLOW Championship which she won at February’s show, though it’s not against originally announced opponent Alexa Thatcher, who was due to make her return at the event after a prolonged absence.

PWS revealed that she had pulled out of the card a couple of weeks ago, and was replaced with Mickie Knuckles, who lost in the first round of Women Superstars Uncensored‘s Queen and King of the Ring earlier today.

Also take place on the card, Amy Lee and Amazing Kong face off again – this time in a First Blood Match – as well as Serena Deeb taking on Shelly Martinez, and Santana Garrett against La Rosa Negra.

You can order the event from – which is $10, or free if you have a subscription to the service – so there’s still time to throw down some money and watch. Alternatively, we’re updating you with results as they happen, so click after the jump and keep hitting refresh…

1. La Rosa Negra made Santana Garrett tap out with a Boston Crab.
2. Alicia pinned Sumie Sakai with an inside cradle.
3. Silvie Silver beat Angel Orsini with a powerbomb and by putting her feet on the ropes.
4. Amazing Kong beat Amy Lee in a First Blood Match by running Lee into a steel chair and then with a backfist.
5. Amber Rodriguez pinned Cherry Layne with a Samoan Drop.
6. Shelly Martinez defeated Serena Deeb with an STO.
La Rosa Negra Santana Garrett BLOW7. Missy Sampson beat Mickie Knuckles via referee stoppage with a Kazahajime to retain the BLOW Championship.
8. La Rosa Negra defeated Missy Sampson via referee stoppage to win the BLOW Championship.

• As with most iPPVs, the show started late. In fact, to this date the only iPPV which we have seen start on time is Bellatrix 5.
• The first match didn’t start until 8:20pm, as the commentators started off going over the card, which may work for the Ultimate Fighting Championship, but didn’t work here – considering the late start, we could have just gone straight into the matches and build up the rest of the card during the contest.
• As it turned out, the opening match was runner-up for Match of the Night, with Santana Garrett and La Rosa Negra putting together a tidy contest. With some nice chain wrestling to start, the pair slipped into a groove pretty easily, though I was scratching my head as to why La Rosa Negra was a heel, when she was a face on the last show against Mia Yim. The finish came when Negra blocked a handstand rana in the corner into a Boston Crab, dragged Santana off the ropes and then reared back with all her might for the tap out. A nice start.
• Alicia’s comedy match with Sumie Sakai was tiresome. Roping the referee into a series of legsweeps was how the match started out, and the ref was also instrumental in the finish, as Alicia pulled him into the way for a Sakai kiss who then went for the inside cradle while Alicia counted, and then tied Sumie up in an inside cradle for the pinfall. Not good.
Silvie Silver Angel Orsini BLOW• Angel Orsini v Silvie Silver was better than the previous contest, but it still wasn’t anything to write home about. It was just.. there. The finish was an upset though, with Silver getting the win with a neat powerbomb and then getting the fall with her feet on the ropes. I wasn’t expecting that.
• Amazing Kong looks better than she has in a long time. She has been doing the DDP Yoga plan since April 9 and has lost 20 pounds so far. Full credit to her.
• The match between she and Amy Lee was better than in February, but the First Blood gimmick didn’t take with the audience, and it lacked real drama. It was just a lot of slow motion hitting, and the finish came out of nowhere. You couldn’t really tell how Lee was lacerated, and then the ref stopped it following a Kong backfist. Kong has had better matches, and we really don’t need a third Kong v Lee match – Kong’s better than this.
• Amber Rodriguez and Cherry Layne are two wrestlers who I have never seen before, and this match was too short for me to really establish a real opinion on them. They didn’t do anything terrible, so that’s certainly a plus. Hopefully we’ll see more of them in the future.
• Serena Deeb showed how amazing a wrestler she was during her match with Shelly Martinez. Showing a couple of heel flashes early on, the match ground to an immediate halt when Martinez hit a flying bodypress from the second rope for a two count. Deeb took a long time to get up and was clutching the back of her head, with Martinez giving her a lot of room while the referee checked on Serena. Eventually, Deeb – who was struggling to support herself – was moved out of the ring and helped to the back while everyone in the building sat in a concerned hush while the commentators speculated if she had suffered another concussion. The producers – who did a great job with rapid editing for post-match recaps all night – then cut to a PWS commercial…
Serena Deeb Shelly Martinez BLOW• But then cut back as Serena stormed back down the aisle to attack Shelly and reveal that her “injury” was an elaborate ruse, surpassing the back injury that Portia Perez feigned at SHIMMER Volume 34. It garnered massive heat, toyed with fans’ emotions and established herself as a full-on heel. From the bodypress – which genuinely looked like Martinez overshot it and landed on Deeb’s head – to the selling by Serena, Shelly and the ref, to the production and going to a commercial to signify the end of the match, it was great, great stuff that even had this writer fooled. Some may claim that it’s a bit tasteless to exploit a legitimate serious injury and ostensibly cry wolf, but it worked so well, and I don’t doubt that the spot was Serena’s idea.
• As for the match, Deeb spent most of it in control with Martinez doing the odd flurried comeback, eventually securing a win with an STO when she avoided Serena’s spear. Not exactly a Match of the Year candidate, but it was a great example of pro wrestling in the broad sense, and was certainly the Match of the Night.
• Mickie Knuckles came out to the Golden Girls theme. Strange.
• Her title challenge against Missy Sampson was – like much of the show – forgettable, with Sampson getting the win the Kazahajime (Tazmission) to choke Knuckles out. Had the show ended there, I would have said “fair enough”, but then Sampson had to open her mouth… and it cost her.
• Missy got on the microphone and said that she would defend the title against anyone, at any time, under any circumstances. That brought out La Rosa Negra who went after Sampson, only to eat a spinebuster. However, Negra rolled Missy over and started raining down punches on her, and the referee called for the bell. Negra then grabbed the belt, posed with it and then walked off with it in her possession. A few confused moments later and it was announced the La Rosa Negra had just won the title via referee stoppage when Sampson was unable to defend herself, similar to a stoppage in a Mixed Martia Arts fight.
• This was beyond confusing. Sampson had got the upper hand on her impromptu challenger, then seconds later, was no longer the champion in a spot which flummoxed the fans, the announcers and myself. Nobody really understood what had happened. While it is a legitimate way for a match to end – much like when Knuckles’ arm dropped three times while she was being choked out, she was given time to fight back. Here, Missy was given no time, which is a huge inconsistency in officiating. If you want an MMA mantra, that’s fine, but have that mantra all the way through each match instead of employing it whenever you feel like booking it that way.
• With that win, La Rosa Negra will now defend the title against Angelina Love at a PWS show on June 8.
• With promotions like SHIMMER, Bellatrix, Pro Wrestling: EVE, NCW Femmes Fatales, SHINE, and Insane Championship Wrestling: Fierce Females producing great women’s wrestling cards and putting a lot of effort into presentation, storylines and match quality, Bombshell Ladies Of Wrestling isn’t cutting it. The venue looked like a cheap local hall, there was no real branding of the Mickie Knuckles Missy Sampson BLOWpromotion and it all felt like an afterthought – which is even more surprising when you consider that Pro Wrestling Syndicate spends plenty booking big names and can draw hundreds – and sometimes thousands – of fans, knowing that their name is attached to BLOW makes things even sadder. Instead of feeling like a serious attempt to present, push and support women’s wrestling, it feels more like a cash-in for PWS to pull in women’s wrestling fans without making any real effort with it. It’s a shame, but I almost feel like PWS has given up on BLOW.
• As for the show, it was another missable event, but two thumbs up for all involved in the Serena Deeb/Shelly Martinez match, as they brought the emotion, and proved that Deeb is still one of the best pro wrestlers out there. You can only really do that fake injury spot once – and here’s probably the only place it could happen as she’s a babyface everywhere else – but it seems such a waste to do it on a show that few people know about and even fewer will see.

– Lee Burton


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