WSU iPPV results – Athena & AR Fox crowned Queen & King of the Ring; Havok/Callihan have wild brawl

18 Athena WSUIt’s an intergender kind of day at Women Superstars Uncensored today, who run their annual intergender tag team tournament (renamed this year to Queen and King of the Ring rather than the other way around) alongside Combat Zone Wrestling as part of a double header – and after eschewing iPPV for the first couple of shows under the new management, this is the first new era WSU show available live worldwide, through RFVideo.

On top of the eight team tournament, we have non tourney action featuring members of the Midwest Militia – both in non-title action – with Tag Champs Allysin Kay & Sassy Stephie facing Spirit Champion Marti Belle and Lexxus, and reigning WSU World Champion Jessicka Havok taking on “The Callihan Death Machine” Sami Callihan. Havok was apparently given carte blanche to pick her opponent for the match, following the withdrawal of LuFisto – who is currently out with injury. If you haven’t had a chance to listen, LuFisto addresses her current situation exclusively with us on the Women of Wrestling Podcast, and issued a promo directed at Jessicka Havok this week, which you can view on YouTube. You can still order the show at, but we’ll have live results after the cut.

1. Quarter Final: Nevaeh & Jake Crist beat Cherry Bomb & Pepper Parks when Nevaeh pinned Cherry after a Backpack Stunner.
2. Quarter Final: Kimber Lee & Drew Gulak beat Mickie Knuckles & Devon Moore when Lee pinned Knuckles after a release German Suplex.
3. Quarter Final: Athena & AR Fox beat Ezavel Suena & Latin Dragon when Athena pinned Suena after a flying double knee press.
4. Quarter Final: Addy Starr & Matt Tremont beat Christina Von Eerie & MASADA via countout.
5. Allysin Kay & Sassy Stephie beat Marti Belle & Lexxus when Stephie pinned Belle after a double team wheelbarrow lungblower/faceplant.
6. Semi Final: Kimber Lee & Drew Gulak beat Nevaeh & Jake Crist when Gulak tapped out Nevaeh to a GuLock.
7. Semi Final: Athena & AR Fox beat Addy Starr & Matt Tremont when Fox pinned Tremont after a 450 Splash.
8. Jessicka Havok pinned Sami Callihan with a third Air Raid Crash.
9. Final: Athena & AR Fox beat Kimber Lee & Drew Gulak when Athena pinned Gulak following an O-Face


• As noted, this was the first WSU show under the new regime that has been made available via iPPV, and the good news is that the production was great. The building is bright, and both the video and audio quality was good for what you expect for a wrestling iPPV – i.e. nothing like HD, but perfectly fine.
• Speaking of audio, the commentary team for the first half wasn’t bad (I’ve heard much worse) but they did blow a call on a finish (misidentifying a completely different move as an O-Face), and there was a bit of a buzz on twitter that people weren’t happy with some of the comments they were making. WSU owner Drew Cordeiro (in his guise as Denver Colorado) jumped in the booth for the second half. That was assuredly better, but they did loose the commentary feed on the final match, which certainly hurt a bit. Still, a minor inconvenience on 1 Cherry Bomb Nevaeh WSUwhat was otherwise a highly enjoyable show.
• I’m always highly amused by Cherry Bomb’s heel mannerisms – talk about someone who’s far better used as a heel than a babyface. She has a wonderfully expressive face. I’m not massively well acquainted with most of the guys on the card, but Crist and Parks were both good here too. Some “Tom & Jerry” esque comedy at times too. Good finish by Nevaeh.
• Kimber Lee & Drew Gulak were arguably my favourite team in the entire tournament – and their first round match with Devon Moore & Mickie Knuckles was good. Nothing outstanding, but definitely enjoyable. Kinda what you’d expect from a first round match in a tournament, I guess. Kimber Lee pulled out a splits chinbreaker, which was swank, and a release German Suplex for the win.
• OK, ‘fess up time – I’ve never liked Ezavel Suena, but on this match she was really rather good. In fact, all four competitors were. Both AR Fox and Athena came out with title belts, identifying them as champions and probable tournament favourites. AR Fox is a bit crazy, pulling off some wacky high flying and some nice facial expressions. Best match of the opening round, and Suena held up her end. Well done.
• On the last show, Addy Starr had an uncomfortable match with Chris Dickinson, where Dickinson beat the hell out of her, as she valiantly tried to fight back. Strangely enough, short of one moment where Pepper Parks elbowed Neveah in the face, none of the first three matches of the afternoon really played up the physical difference between men and women – but they certainly did here, as Addy Starr got beaten up by Masada and the commentary team really played up how much heart and how scrappy Starr is by hanging in there. I dunno, it seemed kinda weird to tell that story on a show packed full of intergender matches where the women were basically wrestling on an even footing with the guys. Still, as a match it was another entertaining one. I was slightly soured by the countout finish, just because I’d have liked a conclusive finish, but it was what it was.
5 Allison Kay Marti Belle WSU• Midwest Militia vs Lexxus & Marti Belle was a solid match. I feel like Lexxus has been treading water for what seems like years though. Allysin Kay was on form here, and I really get the impression that she’s the glue that keeps the match together. As it was non title, and Belle & Lexxus aren’t a regular team, it never really had any real edge to it – and the MWM did what they do en route to victory. Lexxus again makes the title belt sign after the match, wanting Jessicka Havok’s belt.
• Kimber Lee & Drew Gulak (or “The Campaign”, if you prefer) vs Jake Crist & Nevaeh was very fun. Nice matwork, some good high flying (big Swanton by Kimber, as well as a running senton flip off the apron) and some good near falls. Very solid match.
• Addy Starr & Matt Tremont vs Athena & AR Fox was a cracking brawl, starting with a big dive from Tremont from the off. Didn’t seem to last long before there was an awkward referee bump and a run-in by Chris Dickinson, who appeared to be going after his previous opponent Addy Starr initially, but ended up brawling with Tremont before AR Fox wipes them both out. Fox won with a 450 splash, but Dickinson took out Athena afterwards with a pump handle powerbomb, setting up the story for the finals with Athena being injured.
• Jessicka Havok vs Sami Callihan was fantastic. An absolute spectacle of a match. Stiff and uncompromising, they laid it in to each other and told an engrossing story. Havok’s often the bigger and more 10 Jessicka Havok WSUphysical person in the match at any given time, but Callihan was her equal (or better) as far as physicality. They chopped each other. They spat in each other’s face. Sami tries the Stretch Muffler, but Havok escapes and eventually hits the Air Raid Crash… for two. A second… also gets two. A third, with the added assist of a low blow… gets the climactic three. Just great. Everything it was sold as. Truly enjoyed it.
• The finals of the tournament couldn’t really follow Havok/Callihan, but they tried. Commentary was lost during the match, so that didn’t help, but it was another good effort from all involved. Easy story to tell, with Athena in particularly selling an injury. Great last few minutes, with Lee again looking good, before Athena hit the O-Face for the win.
• If most of my comments involved the terms “good” “fun” or similar, that’s because that’s what I felt about the show as a hole. There wasn’t a match that I’d say was a bad match – and in Havok/Callihan, you had a match that was worth the iPPV money. My only criticism of the show as a whole is that it was very much a placeholder show. Part of that was due to LuFisto’s injury, sure – but in general the Queen and King tournament doesn’t “matter” in the grand scheme of things. New WSU is still trying to find its feet under the stewardship of Drew Cordeiro, and I’m pleased with the general direction of the product – but nothing here will have any long term implications other than returning to Havok/Athena for the title in August, and possibly Havok adopting Callihan’s nickname (seemed like they were trying to get the idea of “The Havok Death Machine” over). Is the replay worth a look? Yeah, it is. It’s a very fun show.

— Stew Allen


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