WWE releases Audrey Marie & Anya from deals as part of developmental reshuffle

AudreyIn a quick shuffle of developmental talent, presumably to make room for incoming talents, WWE have released a handful of NXT competitors today. Of note to this website, the only developmental Divas being released are Ashley Miller, who competed under the name Audrey Marie and Anna Bogomazova, who competed as Anya.

Ashley Miller, of Houston, TX finishes up after approximately two years in the developmental system. She is a former holder of the (now deactivated) FCW Divas Championship, a title she won in September 2011, which was a mere three months after her debut. Of late, Audrey has been very much kept in the background as far as the WWE developmental Divas have been concerned. Her last taped match came on the NXT tapings held on May 5th, when she lost to Emma in a match which is due to air on May 30th.

AnyaAnna Bogomazova of Voronezh, Russia is a much more recent addition to the NXT Divas roster, debuting as recently as October. Bogomazova is a taekwondo black belt and has a history both in that sport and in kickboxing. Also a qualified lawyer and translator, Bogomazova’s signing was hailed last year as showing a move towards signing more accomplished athletes to the developmental system. Neither will obviously take any part in the upcoming NXT Divas Title tournament due to kick off on the next set of tapings.

There was a mini storm on twitter concerned that the recently signed Bayley was also among today’s releases today, but it is our understanding at Ringbelles that this is not the case.

It’s worth noting that there appears to be a new influx of talent both on the male and female sides due in the coming months – notably amongst the Divas will be the addition of the two newly signed women who will co-star with The Bella Twins on E!’s upcoming “Total Divas” reality show – Eva Marie & Jo-Jo Offerman.

– Stew Allen


2 thoughts on “WWE releases Audrey Marie & Anya from deals as part of developmental reshuffle

  1. As a NXT fan, I wish they could have waited till the next set of tapings, at least have had Audrey participate, just in the first round so they can have a good sized tournament. But, I get why they couldn’t. That would mean them having to people who aren’t employed to them taking up screen time. I wonder if they will have the Total Divas girls participate now.


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