Anarchy Championship Wrestling prom results, plus 4 American Joshi Queen of Queens participants named

ACW Prom posterAnarchy Championship Wrestling can tend to be a tough promotion to get results for. One of its biggest strengths is also something that runs the risk of hurting it – it is its own world, with a set of fiercely loyal fans who attend most shows. However, it also means that results tend not to emerge very quickly, as its biggest fans already know because they were there, watching live, meaning that there is a chance that the potential to expand the brand is slimmed. It’s the nature of the beast – but it means that on occasion, this website is unable to deliver results for ACW shows as rapidly as we would sometimes hope.

However, one fan who attended last night’s show with a prom gimmick – entitled Nothing is as Real as a Dream – sent us results and notes from the show, so thanks very much to Brandon Bray. It’s much appreciated.

The prom is something that ACW’s fans get into, with many dressing up in suits and dresses to get into the occasion, and the roster also dress up appropriately too, which also leads to some matches centred around the fancy clothes. Click the jump to read results from the show, as well as details about next month’s American Joshi Queen of Queens tournament…

The top female of the night was Athena, who was named the Prom Queen (alongside 3-time Prom King ACH) and also successfully defended the Anarchy Televised Championship in a 4-way match, beating Jason Silver, Barrett Brown & Carson to hold onto the belt. Machiko suffered double disappointment on the show in Austin, TX, falling to Jeff Gant early on in the card, and also lost out in a 7-team Tag Team Championship Gauntlet Match with she and Jordynne Grace being eliminated by Jack Jameson & Ricky Romida – the match was won by champions Jojo Bravo & Thomas Shirre. Elsewhere though, Miss Maulie defeated Scotty Sontiago in what was an encouraging win for the Kentucky Wildcat.

The prom aspect of the show came into play with the other two matches involving women on the show. Angel Blue and Barbi Hayden fought in an Evening Gown Match, though Blue employed a tactic which we saw Shelly Martinez employed at Bombshell Ladies Of Wrestling #3 in February in a Bra and Panties Match: layers. Blue wore five gowns, meaning Hayden was at a serious disadvantage which cost her in the end, as Angel managed to disrobe her opponent and gain the duke.

Barbi HaydenIn the main event, American Joshi Champion Jessica James challenged Evan Gelistico for the ACW Heavyweight Championship in a Tuxedo v Evening Gown Match, which didn’t pay dividends for James, who was unsuccessful in her challenge to become the third woman to claim the promotion’s top title. However, it isn’t all doom and gloom for James, who will be travelling to Japan for a three month tour, meaning that she will not be a part of June 23rd’s Queen Of Queens.

Now into its fifth year, the tournament is a regular fixture in the ACW calendar and has seen names like Daizee Haze, Portia Perez, Rachel Summerlyn and Athena take the trophy in the past. Four names have been revealed for this year’s tourney, with Hayden and Blue taking part, Su Yung returning – after losing to Athena in the first round last year while playing the mild heel role against the hometown favourite – and Leva Bates making her ACW debut.

– Lee Burton
– Photo by Barbi Hayden


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