Ringbelles Retro: A look back at Lacey

LaceyFor some reason, I thought of Lacey today, so that’s why we have her in this week’s Retro.

It’s been some five years since the mouthy heel from Minnesota bowed out of wrestling (barring a brief comeback for a solitary match in 2010) to continue with her studies – a vocation which would see her resettle in China – but she was instrumental in forwarding the women’s wrestling scene in the US. She was part of the women’s divisions in both Ring Of Honor and IWA: Mid South – the latter of which would see her win the IWA: Mid South/NWA Midwest Women’s Championship in the Volcano Girls tournament – and was in the main event of the first volume of SHIMMER: Women Athletes. No doubt, Lacey is a pioneer, and should be celebrated as such.

The match we have after the jump is from just before the start of SHIMMER on June 23, 2005 where Lacey took on future TNA Knockout – and current singles champion – Velvet Sky under her former guise of Talia Madison.


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