Mickie James wins third Knockouts Title

Mickie JamesShe may not have fully turned over to the dark side yet, but Mickie James was pretty ruthless en route to winning the TNA Knockouts Championship on last night’s episode of Impact Wrestling. She defeated Velvet Sky by clipping the defending titleholder’s injured left leg, hitting a low DDT and getting the fall to begin her third run with the Knockouts strap.

As for the match itself, it was pretty poor, with huge pregnant pauses in places where nothing was happening during sequences. Sky’s selling of her leg was sporadic at best, holding it and limping then running ropes and putting weight on it moments later without a problem.

As mentioned, James’ heel turn isn’t complete, though tendencies were shown by clipping Velvet’s leg, when she had said after losing a title match last month that if she had been “more heartless“, she would have taken the belt at the time. On this occasion, glimpses of that heartlessness was shown, and it paid dividends.

Gail Kim Taryn Terrell TNAElsewhere on the show, Taryn Terrell furthered her feud with Gail Kim by attacking her during a backstage promo by Kim where she was protesting that she should have been given the title shot after putting Sky in a ringpost figure four last week. Given their history and how things have escalated between the pair, a Last Knockout Standing match has been booked for them to face each other at Slammiversary on June 2 in Boston, MA.

– Lee Burton


4 thoughts on “Mickie James wins third Knockouts Title

  1. HELL YEAH!!!! Mickie is the greatest ever and always will be no matter what. I am sooooo proud of her and happy for her winning the knockouts title. ❤ JG4L


  2. I’m happy for Mickie but at this point, does it really matter who is the TNA knockout champion. That championship is as worthless as the WWE divas Championship. Plus she won the championship in one of the worst match of the year. So i’m happy for mickie because she is one of the best wrestlers in the world but if the only we have to look forward to is more matches between her and Velvet, i’m not to eager to watch the TNA knockout division anytime soon.


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