SHINE 10 results – title tournament qualifiers, and is Valkyrie's grip on SHINE starting to weaken?

SHINE 10 posterWe know four of the competitors who will be part of the tournament to determine the first SHINE Champion. Saraya Knight, Jazz, Rain and Jessicka Havok all booked their slot by winning their qualifiers at SHINE 9 last month. However, one of those women is putting her position on the line this evening – Havok will face Portia Perez after the two engaged in a Twitter spat.

Elsewhere on the card, the remaining four title tournament slots will be determined, with Nikki Roxx, Allysin Kay, Leva Bates, Taylor Made, Mia Yim, Mercedes Martinez, Santana Garrett and Kimberly all vying to get into the tournament for the title. Rain will also wrestle Angelina Love again in a match where her Valkyrie cohorts will be banned from ringside, and Daffney – who quit as a ring announcer to become a manager again – will start to size up potential clients.

You can watch the event live on iPPV by clicking here – alternatively, click the jump and follow as we provide live results.

– Daffney came out to explain her frustration with the disrespect shown by members of the roster, including Jessie Belle, Mercedes Martinez and the Valkyrie stable. She also introduced new ring announcer Chasity Taylor.
1. SHINE Title Tournament Qualifier: Allysin Kay pinned Nikki Roxx with a discus lariat.
2. Ivelisse Velez defeated Amber O’Neal with the DDT to Distain. Made In Sin went after O’Neal after the match but Santana Garrett made the save.
3. SHINE Title Tournament Qualifier: Santana Garrett beat Kimberly with the Shining Star Press.
4. Sojo Bolt, Sassy Stephie & Jessie Belle beat Heidi Lovelace, Solo Darling & Luscious Latasha. Lovelace was pinned by Stephie with the Kiss My Sass.
5. SHINE Title Tournament Qualifier: Leva Bates defeated Taylor Made with a superkick into a chair.
6. SHINE Title Tournament Qualifier: Mia Yim pinned Mercedes Martinez with an inside cradle.
Allysin Kay SHINE 107. Jessicka Havok beat Portia Perez with an Air Raid Crash.
8. Angelina Love defeated Rain with the Botox Injection.

• I can’t say that I was a fan of Nikki Roxx asking Daffney to announce her. It cut the legs out from new announcer Chasity Taylor and also made Daff’s resignation from the position look less serious. On paper, I’m sure it looked like a good idea, but the consequence was that it undermined Chasity’s debut after just one announcement.
• Roxx used some small joint manipulation to get the early lead over Kay, attacking Allysin’s pinky for the advantage, but the numbers game was employed by Made In Sin, as Kay used Taylor Made’s spiked bra to get the heat. Nikki rebounded and used said bra to get back in the game, but a big discus lariat was enough to put the veteran down for a three count.
• Amber O’Neal and Ivelisse Velez went for slaps to their respective rear ends to get an early psychological edge, but it was the Valkyrie member who pulled ahead by executing a guillotine choke through the ropes, which allowed April Hunter to get in a legdrop over the middle strand. O’Neal responded with an STO’Neal, but Velez retook the advantage with her DDT to Distain (Guillotine DDT) for the victory, which was another feather in Velez’s cap, and was a good way to rebound from last month’s title tournament qualifier loss against Jazz.
• Santana Garrett and Kimberly put together a the Match of the Night with some fantastic sequences, with the counters by Kimberly from a rana attempt into a powerbomb and a cross-armbreaker to the Texas Cloverleaf being particular highlights. In the end, Kimberly managed to avoid a Shining Star Press, but was hurt by a neckbreaker over the top rope, then fell to the SSP for the pinfall. Two thumbs up.
Solo Darling Sassy Stephie SHINE 10• The six-woman tag was fun stuff. Lots of babyface armdrags to start ended with a pretty dangerous tug of war with Sojo Bolt as the rope, which saw her sail headfirst to the floor. Solo Darling did well as the babyface in peril, and Bolt was the standout of her team. An enjoyable bubblegum contest.
• Taylor Made came unstuck as part of her desperation in trying to win the match against Leva Bates. After eating a Pedigree and kicking out, Hunter distracted the ref and Kay passed Taylor a chair, only to have it kicked into her face. A decent enough match – it wasn’t spectacular, but the crowd liked it and Leva’s Mad Max getup looked great.
• Mia Yim’s win over Mercedes Martinez was a big upset which gives her the biggest win of her career in SHINE to date. In a hard-hitting contest, both hit each other with the big artillery, with Martinez making jibes at Daffney, who was scouting at ringside. In the end, Yim missed the SkyYim, allowing Mercedes to nail a Saito Suplex. However, as the Latina Sensation went for the Fisherman Buster, Mia shifted her weight and got the pinfall with an inside cradle. Good contest.
• Jessicka Havok v Portia Perez was a weird one, as it was a pair of heels squaring off. However, the fans favoured Havok, as she is the SHINE regular, as Portia was doing her level best to not be cheered in any way. In fact, Perez tried to outsmart Havok early on by lying down to be pinned, only to roll up her larger opponent for a two. A lot of the match was spent brawling on the outside – will a lot of stalling from the Portia Perez Jessicka Havok SHINE 10Canadian Ninja – and sneakiness from the cheeky interloper inside the ring. In the end, it was Havok’s power which was the difference maker, as she caught Portia’s crossbody attempt, muscled her up into the Air Raid Crash and got the win to hold onto her spot in the SHINE title tournament. The win solidifies Havok’s reputation in the promotion too.
• The stipulation that Valkyrie was banned from ringside during Rain’s match against Angelina Love was always going to come into play, and it certainly did, in what was a fun – if slightly muted – main event. Allysin Kay snuck into the ringside area and knocked out the second referee on the outside while the competitors were brawling on the other side of the ring. She then knocked out Love with a shot to the head with a mini-baseball bat, which allowed Rain to get the pin. However, the fallen ref – who Daffney was helping back up – saw what had happened.
• At this point, SHINE boss lady Lexie Fyfe came out to punish Kay for her disobedience, suspending her for 90 days, meaning she is now out of the SHINE title tournament – though no announcement’s been made yet as to who will take the vacant spot – and restarted the match. A sneaky shot from Rain’s wrist support only got a two, but Love rebounded with the Botox Injection (bicycle kick) for the win.
• SHINE 10 showed that cracks are starting to appear in Valkyrie. Despite winning, Allysin Kay paid the ultimate price for not following the rules. Taylor Made was beaten by Leva Bates in the title tournament qualifier and Rain was defeated by Angelina Love. Only Ivelisse Velez came out of the event unscathed. Angelina Love SHINE 10Daffney also made good on her promise to take care of Valkyrie’s antics by essentially costing Rain a screwy victory, and she also made sure that Mercedes Martinez had her eye off her game to allow Mia Yim to get a win too. At this point, it looks like the Scream Queen is working to be a rules enforcer.
• As it stands, we have Saraya Knight, Rain, Jazz, Jessicka Havok, Mia Yim, Santana Garrett and Leva Bates vying to become the first SHINE Champion, with the eighth spot seemingly to be determined. That’s some lineup, and has the potential to be a great SHINE 11 event in July.
• As for elsewhere, Kimberly and Santana Garrett should be hugely proud of their match. Exciting, innovative and dynamic, it could have easily been a main event – and possibly will be in some promotion in the future. We’re big fans of both here at Ringbelles, and this contest demonstrated why.
• All in, the show was a shade over two hours and 15 minutes, which is about an hour less than SHINE 9, and it felt better for it. Long enough to feel like you got your money’s worth – and you did, if you bought this show – but not long enough to outstay its welcome.

– Lee Burton


One thought on “SHINE 10 results – title tournament qualifiers, and is Valkyrie's grip on SHINE starting to weaken?

  1. Am i the only who feels the main event match is tad bit under whelming i mean i love Angelina and Rain but i felt the Havoc/Perez match had more at stake then this one, and can i say no matter match or not i could never condone spitting in someones face good thing JHav is a professional cause if that was me no more “Wrestling Match” im fucking you up til someone gets me off you that is so foul so grody so disgusting i rather see Portia go for another unborn baby then spit in someone’s face match or not written in or not


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