In Video: Paige's Progress

PaigeIt’s been a little while since we checked in on Paige‘s progress in NXT, and for our ‘In Video’ segment this weekend we present a couple of her recent TV matches from NXT. While NXT remains on the air throughout much of the rest of the world, it is still not broadcast on TV in the USA, so there’s a chance that you haven’t seen much of Saraya Knight‘s baby girl lately – so let’s get you caught up.

Paige is without doubt the most popular Diva amongst the developmental set at the minute, and she’s in the middle of a bitter feud with Summer Rae – yes, who you’ve seen of late on Raw, Fandango-ing with errr… Fandango. Blond-haired Summer Rae is the quintessential example of everything Paige’s “Anti Diva” character is opposed to, so it makes for a really good dynamic – and while Summer certainly has nowhere near the experience or talent of Paige in the ring, she’s good enough and has the charisma to carry herself as a star. Check out the quick feud recap at the start of the video for how Summer recently put Paige out of action for a time.

We follow that up with a look at Paige going against one of her fellow former SHIMMER roster members in Bayley – formerly known as Davina Rose. This one is certainly worth a look as it’s two of the best female wrestlers on the NXT roster going one on one. But look out for that dastardly Summer Rae…


3 thoughts on “In Video: Paige's Progress

  1. It’s so weird having to call these girls as Paige and Bayley. Since I’ve been a SHIMMER fan, it just seems wrong. They’ll always be Britani and Davina to me. In any case; it’s nice to see some SHIMMER starlets lighting up the WWE world they way no “diva” has been able to do in ages. I wish nothing but the best for them; even if part of me really just wants to see this match happen in the Eagles club.


  2. The WWE should have called up Paige when Beth retired. She already has more experience in the ring than any of the other Divas outside of Natatya.


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