Girl Fight Wrestling results: Jazz taps out Crazy Mary Dobson – now updated with thoughts

Girl Fight WrestlingIt’s the first Girl Fight Wrestling show this evening in Charlestown, IN, and it’s jumping into the water with both feet, broadcasting live on iPPV (which you can order for $10 by clicking here). Headlining the show is arguably Crazy Mary Dobson‘s toughest contest to date – and when you consider she’s fought in deathmatches, that’s saying something. She’s taking on former WWE Women’s Champion Jazz in a match with pits youth and fearlessness against experience and wisdom.

Elsewhere on the card, Leva Bates squares off against Jessicka Havok; Lil’ Naughty tangles with Nevaeh; Thunderkitty takes on Miss Natural; and in a real coup, 33 year veteran Candi Devine makes a rare appearance against the debuting Miss Dark Shadow, who is the daughter of Lady Vendetta and Mad Man Pondo. In a strange coincidence, Vendetta also had her first match against Devine, so the legend gets to break in two generations of female grapplers.

You can order the show and watch live by clicking the link above (bell time 7.30pm EST), or by checking out the results after the jump.

1. Miss Natural pinned Thunderkitty with a Fisherman Suplex.
2. Miss Dark Shadow beat Lady Vendetta with a schoolgirl.
3. Nevaeh defeated Lil Naughty with a backpack stunner.
4. Jessicka Havok pinned Leva Bates with the Air Raid Crash.
5. Leva Bates won a battle royal also involving Jessicka Havok, Thunderkitty, Miss Natural, Luscious Lexxi, Miss Dark Shadow, Lady Vendetta & Nevaeh
6. Jazz made Crazy Mary Dobson tap out to an STF.

Jessicka Havok Leva Bates Girl Fight Wrestling• Oh, where to start…
• First off, the feed itself. The high quality picture was jerky and broken, which rendered it unwatchable – a problem which was fixed by switching it to low quality. However, frustrating as that was, it paled when you consider that there was no sound for the first 40 minutes of the show, meaning I watched the first three matches in complete silence. That means that everything before the first intermission is tough to comment on as it was difficult to get into because of the sound and/or visual problems.
• That was a big shame, because I was really looking forward to Natural v Thunderkitty, and I was left disappointed that I missed out. From what I could see, TK almost got the win with her sleeperhold, but a jawbreaker and fisherman suplex later, and it was Natural with her hand raised.
• As it turned out, Candi Devine was not at the show, so Miss Dark Shadow’s debut was against her mother, Lady Vendetta, and there is no way that this should have been on an iPPV. Even with the jerkiness, it was slow, rough and dull. It’s almost unfair to have put Dark Shadow in that position.
• When Nevaeh was on offence in her match with Lil Naughty, things were fine – but when the pace quickened for when Naughty was making her babyface comeback, things unravelled and some sequences looked really awkward. For example, a wheelbarrow attempt by Naughty saw her land chest-first onto the mat, meaning Nevaeh had to quickly improvise and hit her second curb stomp of the match. Nevaeh did her best here, but Naughty was a bit out of her depth. Again, maybe it was an error to put her on live iPPV.
• At this point, we had a 10 minute intermission where the sound issues were sorted out and the high quality option was removed, which seemed to solve the feed problem, though the contest was questionable. One of the commercials playing was for The Kevin Steen Show, which featured a clip of Michael Elgin telling a story about peeing on a ring rat for a bet. Considering this was playing in the middle of an all-women’s show, it was highly inappropriate.
Jessicka Havok Girl Fight Wrestling• When we came back, we got our first chance to hear the commentators. I’d rather have not. They added little, predicted counters at two separate points which actually happened, taking the surprise out of it, and at a number of times, chatted between themselves, ignoring telling the story of the match.
• Havok and Bates had the Match of the Night – though when you consider what it was up against, this was a no-brainer. Dressed as Kitana from Mortal Kombat, Leva had one of her fans snatched from her by Jessicka and saw it torn up, which kicked the contest off.
• As you would expect, the size differential came into play, with the larger Havok dominating her smaller opponent with Bates having flurries of retaliation using speed and guile to hit moves like her Mushroom Stomp from the top. A nice finishing sequence saw Jessicka going for the Air Raid Crash with Leva escaping with a sunset flip attempt, though was lifted up for a chokeslam, which she also dodged. As Bates went for a superkick, her foot was caught by Havok and she hit the Air Raid Crash for the three. Barring a moment when Leva overbalanced in the corner while doing her handstand into a double stomp, this was a neat outing.
• The battle royal wasn’t necessary. It felt like it was thrown together at the last minute and had little point to it. The end came when Bates was left with Nevaeh, Natural and Havok – she threw Nevaeh out quickly, and then pulled the rope down as Havok and Natural charged at her, seeing them both sail to the floor. Incidentally, that was one of the counters which the commentators predicted, meaning they spoiled the ending of the match.
• At this point, we had a second intermission, which was certainly unnecessary for a 6 match show, and meant we had to see the Elgin anecdote again and again on a loop. In total, the breaks lasted for a total of 40 minutes – which meant the actual show lasted less than 1 hour 45 minutes. When you factor in entrances and exits, there wasn’t much actual wrestling on the show.
Crazy Mary Dobson Jazz Girl Fight Wrestling• Jazz looked less like the chiselled specimen that we have gotten used to seeing her in SHINE – in fact, her cheese grater abs were gone and she looked a little off. Moreover, she didn’t take a single bump during her entire match against Dobson.
• The former WWE Women’s titleholder worked heel, grabbing hair, choking and ignoring the referee’s instructions, while Mary tried getting quick pinfalls with a sunset flip, crucifix and flying bodypress. In the end, Dobson’s enziguri attempt was ducked and Jazz locked in the STF for the tap out. Jazz shook hands with her fallen opponent after the match, though this was a disappointment considering what I was expecting. I’m not saying my expectations were hugely lofty, but that this was an off-day for Jazz and Dobson had to make do.
• Overall, Girl Fight Wrestling needs a lot of work. Other promotions have atmospheres or sets or decoration – this was a show in a sports hall with a set of wooden partitions for an entranceway and a thin rope acting as a barricade. If it wants to be taken seriously as a promotion, make it look more big-time. As it stands, this was a missable event.

– Lee Burton


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