Cherry Bomb wins Girls Grand Prix 2 – now updated with thoughts

Cherry Bomb Girls Grand Prix 2cw FancastAfter a successful first outing last year, it seemed inevitable that Squared Circle Wrestling would hold another Girls Grand Prix. Last night in Binghamton, NY, 2CW held Girls Grand Prix 2, with the lineup being a who’s who of established and promising stars from the women’s wrestling world.

Rachel Summerlyn won the first tournament last year – last night, Cherry Bomb, who was beaten in the first round last year by Portia Perez, won the whole thing by taking out Courtney Rush, Nikki Roxx and Allysin Kay & Jessicka Havok in the final match which became a triple threat affair with no DQ and no count out stipulations after the Havok Death Machine inserted herself into the contest.

We have the results, but Dave Muscarella – who attended the show – described it as “great” and insists the there was not a single bad match on the card, which is certainly encouraging. Click after the jump to see how Cherry Bomb earned the trophy…

1. Quarter final: Nikki Roxx defeated Addy Starr with the Barbie Crusher.
2. Quarter final: Cherry Bomb pinned Courtney Rush with the BSE.
3. Quarter final: Allysin Kay beat Leah Von Dutch with a Roaring Elbow.
4. Quarter final: Serena Deeb bested Nevaeh with a spear.
5. Semi final: Cherry Bomb made Nikki Roxx tap out to Anger As Beauty (Cattle Mutilation).
6. Semi final: Allysin Kay defeated Serena Deeb by hitting her with a chain while the referee was knocked out.
7. Non tournament: Lil Naughty pinned Jodi D’Milo with a Gory Bomb.
8. Final: Cherry Bomb beat Allysin Kay & Jessicka Havok in a 3-way, no DQ, no count out match with two BSEs.

Dave Muscarella got in touch with us after the show to offer us his thoughts on the card:

Cherry Bomb Girls Grand Prix• Girls Grand Prix 2 was from top to bottom, a solid show, and a better show than last year’s.
• The Match of the Night honours belonged to Cherry Bomb & Courtney Rush. Although not much was made beforehand, this was a much anticipated match due to the long history between the two. They haven’t had a match against each other for a year or so, but the intensity was there from the opening bell. It was also a different dynamic to the match since Cherry Bomb was the babyface to Rush’s heel.
• Speaking of Cherry Bomb, the whole night was basically a showcase for her – not only by winning the tournament, but using a BSE in almost every match and utilizing her Anger as Beauty submission. In fact, during the main event, which Jessicka Havok inserted herself into at the beginning, she was able to apply Anger as Beauty to both Havok and Allysin Kay at the same time which was a cool visual.
• Leah Von Dutch opened some eyes. Everything about her was solid – from her theme song, to her awesome gear, so her losing effort to AK47, she came off like a star. She is certainly one to look out for in the future as she gets more bookings across the US/Canada.
• If there was any down moments, I guess you could point to the Jody D’Milo v Lil Naughty match. Nothing was bad, but the crowd seemed more interested in Lil Naughty’s untied boot laces than the actual match. Both have potential, but need more seasoning to fine tune their efforts. I think part of the problem was neither really stood out as the babyface or heel. If D’Milo was supposed to be the heel, it was subtle at best.
• Speaking of confusing heels, Nevaeh and Serena seemed to be neither. Neither of them pandered to the crowd much, but the crowd gravitated toward Serena mainly due to being the bigger name. However, in the 2nd round, things got easier with Kay as Serena’s opponent. AK47 is one of the most natural heels out there. She absolutely can get a crowd to hate her pretty quickly.
• One thing I would like to see from future GGP’s is longer matches, as none of the women’s contests seemed to go longer than 10 minutes. While they were all fine – and a few were great – nothing got as much time as I would have liked. Cherry Bomb v Nikki Roxx was the longest of the night but even that wasn’t too long, maybe 12-13 minutes. The matches with the guys seem to go much longer, which also was an issue with last year’s show. Hopefully, at some point these shows can be popular enough to be an all-women’s show.
• Overall, a definite thumbs up and worth a look when the show comes out on DVD.

– Photos by the 2CW Fancast and Dave Muscarella.


One thought on “Cherry Bomb wins Girls Grand Prix 2 – now updated with thoughts

  1. The following night, on April 14, she won the W.I.L.D. Championship by defeating the reigning champion, April Hunter , Hailey Rogers, and Miss Danyah in a fatal four-way match at the Anarchy in Angus show.


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