Courtney Rush takes on Kalamity at Femmes Fatales XII; One more try for Perez and Pink Flash

NCW:Femmes Fatales today announced the latest two additions to their July 6th Femmes Fatales XII card – one is a battle of two of the promotion’s top stars, while the other is a second attempt at doing a match that was originally meant to take place at Femmes Fatales XI this past March.

In the first of the announced matches today, “The Oncoming Storm” Kalamity will battle Courtney Rush – both coming off high profile main events at FFXI, but both with very different results. Whereas Kalamity lost her grip on the NCW:FF International Title to challenger Mercedes Martinez in a hard-hitting affair, Courtney Rush pulled off a potentially career defining win over Allison Danger to secure the Bellatrix World Title. The Bellatrix Title will not be on the line in the match, but pride, momentum and rankings certainly will be. Kalamity needs a victory to return her to winning ways and prepare herself for another run at Martinez (and a chance at retribution), while Rush needs a victory to confirm her status as an emerging Femmes Fatales headliner in her own right (she is on a three fight win streak) and perhaps continue a run towards an eventual match with the winner of the Mercedes Martinez/Sweet Cherrie main event.

After the match between Portia Perez and Pink Flash Kira at FFX last October (now available on DVD) ended with a disappointing countout finish when Perez simply walked away from the match, there was an attempt to book a rematch at March’s FFXI – portia-kirait was even announced – before a bizarre YouTube video message from Portia Perez where she simply refused to take the match resulted in a hasty change of plans. Jewells Malone stepped up and took Portia’s spot against Kira on that day, but Kira still wants to get her hands on Perez. It seems management have agreed, and have again signed a Pink Flash vs Portia Perez match for FFXII. Will Portia turn up this time? Will we finally be able to answer the age old question of whether a Super Hero or a Ninja would win in a fight? We will (hopefully) find out on July 6th, as NCW management have decreed that there will be consequences if Perez no-shows again.

The current Femmes Fatales XII stands as follows
– NCW:FF International Title: Mercedes Martinez (c) vs Sweet Cherrie
– Courtney Rush vs Kalamity
– Portia Perez vs Pink Flash Kira
– Christina Von Eerie vs Angie Skye (w/ Kath Von Goth)
– Leah Von Dutch & Angie Skye vs Midianne & Deziree (w/ Bettie Rage)
– NCW:FF debut of Kimber Lee
– … and more to come!!

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— Stew Allen


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