Slammiversary: Taryn Terrell stands tall, plus video

Taryn Terrell ODB TNA SlammiversaryGail Kim and Taryn Terrell seek to settle their differences in a Last Knockout Standing Match as part of TNA Slammiversary XI.

The Background
• The pair have had hostilities for months. In January, Terrell – who had been recruited as an official – made a number of refereeing errors as part of the Gauntlet Match at Genesis. Most of the mistakes benefited Kim, though the decisive one worked against her, allowing Velvet Sky to pick up the win.
At Lockdown in March, the bad blood boiled over during Kim’s challenge to Sky’s Knockouts Championship. Gail slapped Taryn, daring her to issue the disqualification – however, Terrell fought back and gave Velvet the opening to score the victory.
• Following that incident, Terrell was fired as a referee, only to be immediately rehired as a wrestler, with she and Kim then clashing on a regular basis. Eventually, the decision was made for the two to square of under Last Knockout Standing rules at Slammiversary.

The Match
• There was no feeling out process with the pair, as they started to exchange forearms, though the more experienced Kim took the early advantage with the Flying Dragon for the first ten-count attempt by referee ODB. Breaking the count, Gail attempted to drag her opponent to the corner for the ringpost figure four which she has become partial to, but was blocked from doing so.
• Undeterred, the former Knockouts titleholder went for a chair, but had it kicked away by Taryn – who then went to the top rope and nailed a flying bodypress with the chair sandwiched between the pair of them.
• Rebounding, Kim finally applied the ringpost figure four for another long count as Terrell struggled to regain her feet, but got overzealous as she went for a corner charge and clattered headfirst into the chair which was wedged between the turnbuckles.
• Fighting fire with fire, Terrell used a ringpost figure four on Kim, but missed a tope suicida, landing herd on the elevated walkway for an 8 count, with a legsweep by Gail garnering a similar result.
• Looking to end things, Gail attempted a piledriver on the walkway, but Taryn fought away and nailed a running Ace Crusher off the platform to the floor, with Terrell struggling to her feet at 9, while Kim was counted down for 10.

Taryn Terrell TNA SlammiversaryThoughts
• I say this without the slightest hint of sarcasm – this is the best Knockouts contest seen in recent memory. Exciting, interesting and well-received by the crowd in Boston, MA, this was a total success.
• At 9 and a half minutes, this was given a chance to breathe and develop, which made a huge positive difference.
• You would imagine that Terrell was carried, considering the experience difference between she and Kim, but you’d be wrong. Taryn fought hard, sold well, showed fire and spirit, delivered good forearms and a great bodypress and ringpost figure four, and also showed incredible bravery for someone with such little ring time under her belt. The tope suicida and legsweep bumps were well done, and her Ace Crusher to the floor took some huge guts – as while Kim could break her fall in some ways, Terrell landed flat on her back on the concrete.
• The crowd chanted “this is awesome” at the end, and I can’t argue with that. These women delivered a great contest which I would happily watch again. Two thumbs way up.
• Ringside footage of the conclusion of the match has also emerged on YouTube. Check it out below.

– Lee Burton
– Photos by TNA


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