Kalamity stepping away from pro-wrestling

Kalamity LuFistoIn a breaking news story today, it has been announced that former NCW:Femmes Fatales champion Kalamity is stepping away from the wrestling business. No reason was given, and we have been asked to respect her privacy at this time. The official announcement came from Kalamity’s trainer LuFisto on facebook this afternoon. She writes:

Dear fans and wrestling colleagues,

It’s with infinite sadness that I do have the duty to announce to everybody that Kalamity won’t be wrestling anymore, at least for an undetermined period.

No comments will be made besides this one and no questions will be answered. Please know that Kalamity is not sick. This decision is really personal to her and we please ask you to respect her privacy and personal life.

I am so proud of everything she accomplished in the past years under my tutelage. She worked very hard as she always took on challenges with determination. She was a wonderful student but mostly, she is a wonderful human being and I love as if she were my own daughter.

Thank you for all the support you showed her in the past years. Thank you to Dave Prazak and all the Shimmer crew for welcoming her with open arms. Thanx to Drew (Cordeiro) and WSU for letting her fight in your ring. Thank you to her great opponents such as Hailey Hatred and Cheerleader Melissa who gave her the opportunity to fully develop as a fierce competitor. Mostly, I need to say a special thank you to the amazing Mercedes Martinez who shared the ring with her many times. Thank you for sharing your experience and being so patient. Kalamity will always be thankful.

It’s really tough for me to write all this but it is my pleasure to do so on her behalf. Again, please respect this decision and her privacy.

To Kalamity, I love you and I’m proud of everything you achieved. You made this old heart beat again and filled with pride every time I watched you in the squared circle. Life goes on and I’ll always be there for you.


Although Kalamity was announced just a few days ago as facing Courtney Rush at Femmes Fatales XII in July, we understand a new opponent for Courtney will be announced within the next few days.

— Stew Allen


2 thoughts on “Kalamity stepping away from pro-wrestling

  1. Just have to say that i was shock to learn about this and hope that it’S not something to serious that made her have to retire for now. She was one of the best wrestler coming out of Quebec and had a bright future ahead of her in wrestling.


  2. Wow… I always enjoyed reading about her in the columns and seeing videos of her from time to time on here. She truly is a wonderful wrestler and I do hope she comes back to the grappling game soon.

    Hopefully after some time passes she’ll reveal why she had to leave. I don’t think this was taking a toll on her, but who knows?


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