Ringbelles Retro: Reggie Bennett in Arsion

Reggie BennettReggie Bennett is someone we haven’t mentioned at Ringbelles before. That changes today.

The Californian started wrestling after being approached by Mando Guerrero in the mid-1980s, roughly around the same time that he was training the original cast of the Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling. A bodybuilder at the time, Bennett started wrestling for the Independent Wrestling Federation before moving to Ladies Professional Wrestling Association until the promotion shut up shop in 1992.

Two years later, the then-33-year old moved to Japan to compete for All Japan Women’s Pro-Wrestling, winning the IWA World Women’s Championship in 1995 and the All Pacific Championship the following year. Following an appearance at Extreme Championship Wrestling‘s Barely Legal PPV in April 1997 as part of Raven‘s Flock, she joined the brand new Hyper Visual Fighting Arsion promotion, which is where we join her for this week’s Retro as part of the promotion’s first show entitled Virgin, held in Tokyo on February 18, 1998.

By this point, Bennett’s bodybuilder look had been replaced with a fuller, yet equally devastating appearance, still punctuated with sheer power and intimidation while her opponent Rie Tamada employed tactics using speed and submission holds to get the duke. Keep an eye out for the first move in the second video – it’ll knock you silly.

Bennett retired in 2001, while Arsion closed two years later, being repackaged as AtoZ.


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