Bunch of Fives: Five possible payoffs to the Kaitlyn "Secret Admirer" angle

Kaitlyn & Natalya
On the April 29th edition of Monday Night Raw, WWE Divas Champion Kaitlyn received a studded hat as a gift in a backstage segment. The accompanying note was anonymous, and we embarked on a “secret admirer” angle – with the apparently flattered Kaitlyn receiving further gifts and exchanging text messages with the mystery admirer. Said suitor apparently seems to know the way to her heart. Heck, if I knew the way to Kaitlyn’s heart involved quoting Simpsons lines, I’d have been more active on twitter in the last couple of years. However, I digress. Having already established that it must be someone in the WWE locker room, and despite The Great Khali‘s best efforts as an undercover mole in the locker room, it was announced this week that WWE are preparing to unveil the Secret Admirer this week on Raw. There have been theories floating around, and indeed legitimate booking ideas have apparently changed more than once on the admirer’s identity – so on the eve of Kaitlyn’s big day, we thought we’d have a look at five possible ways this angle could pay off on Raw.

Big-EBig E Langston
This apparently was the booking plan at one point, at least when they were considering breaking up the Ziggler/Langston duo – and with AJ Lee (Kaitlyn’s #1 Contender for her Divas Title) accompanying Langston for the last few weeks (and cracks appearing in that relationship), you can see how a babyface Langston/Kaitlyn duo could have legs going against a heel Ziggler/Lee unit through the Summer. If you’ve only seen Langston as a heel on Raw, then you’ll be surprised at the charismatic babyface role he can play (and did play very successfully on NXT before his call up to the main roster). If it is Langston, it’ll be interesting to see what character tweaks he gets as he moves away from “generic bodyguard”. WWE’s past history suggests they’ll throw subtlety out the window (Mark Henry went from Olympian to poetry-quoting “Sexual Chocolate”, while Nelson Frazier went from the unsettling Viscera to the “World’s Largest Love Machine” Big Vis. In fact, Mark Henry had apparently been toyed with of late as a potential suitor for Kaitlyn as part of a babyface turn for him – prior to his current injury). It’s also worth noting that traditional booking suggests that if someone is turning, you can beat them before their turn (because the fans will forget it once they turn) – and Langston’s just coming off a 3-2 loss in a series of matches with Alberto Del Rio.

CodyCody Rhodes
The early money in the angle was on Rhodes, simply because they’ve openly teased a Rhodes/Kaitlyn romance before – back in March – before the idea was apparently dropped. WWE drop and revive storylines all the time, so it’s entirely feasible that someone remembered the Cody/Kaitlyn thing and decided to go back to it a couple of months later. If you remember, Rhodes & Kaitlyn had a few awkward meetings earlier in the year, usually verging on them agreeing to go on a date before Rhdodes would be cock-blocked by his Rhodes Scholars partner Damien Sandow (and the then-returning Bella Twins). In favour of a Rhodes/Kaitlyn pairing, it’s pretty clear that WWE have no other plans for Rhodes at the minute (and they both share a fascination with moustaches), but on the other hand, it’s so clear they have no other plans for Rhodes at the minute that I expect he’s far more likely to languish as the junior partner of the Rhodes Scholars than for the two to part ways again. Furthermore, he’s currently leading a WWE.com poll of possible admirers – and you’d put the farm on WWE swerving the fans with a poll like this.

BellasThe Bella Twins
Despite what Big E Langston might storyboard, Kaitlyn isn’t scheduled to be one of the featured stars of E!’s forthcoming Total Divas “reality” series – but Brie & Nikki most certainly are. They’re front and centre of all the preview publicity, so we can expect them to be featured performers across the Summer. They’ve already been peripherally involved in the angle, having been seen lurking and laughing during more than one backstage segment with Kaitlyn, whilst discussing the secret admirer. Foreshadowing? Perhaps. They’ve also suggested on commentary that Kaitlyn was “sending the gifts to herself to get attention”. So what’s the payoff? Therein lies the question. Does it set up a Kaitlyn vs Bella Twins program for the Summer? Is one of the twins getting the Divas title as part of the Total Divas push? I’m not convinced anybody is really desperate to see that, but don’t underestimate how important WWE will see Total Divas as a step into the celebrity mainstream.

Great KhaliThe Great Khali
This one also has a possible Total Divas tie-in, as we could see the “Punjabi Playboy” drop Natalya for Kaitlyn – and what could possibly be more apt for a “reality” show than a good old scripted love switch? On a somewhat serious storyline point, if The Great Khali has been going undercover for the last couple of weeks but has yet to turn up any concrete evidence on the identity of the secret admirer, is that because Khali *is* the admirer himself? Although he’s mostly immobile these days, every so often someone in creative gets an idea that a Great Khali push is a good idea – so it’s possible, and it could either be played serious (if Natalya has her heart broken by Khali, does that make Khali a heel – and if so, does Kaitlyn reciprocate his feelings or not?) – or simply played for comedy (in which case it’s just as likely that they could pair up Kaitlyn with Hornswoggle – in which case we can expect at least one set of Khali/Natalya & Hornswoggle/Kaitlyn double date skits). Let’s be honest, this one is a terrible idea. Which means it’s possible.

This one is very close to the same idea I put forward for the Bellas – one of Kaitlyn’s fellow Divas out to get in her head ahead of a big match. AJ is the actual #1 contender to the Divas title, after all. She’s beaten a couple of random Divas on TV recently, and although she lost a clean decision to Kaitlyn on NXT a few weeks ago, it’s still apparent that they’re doing at least one featured Kaitlyn vs AJ match on TV or PPV – and having AJ be revealed as the evil orchestrator would (in theory at least) add fuel to the fire. It’s been established that whoever the “admirer” is apparently “knows” Kaitlyn and her likes. And… after all, who knows Kaitlyn’s personality better than her old ChickBusters partner?

Or it could be Vince McMahon. Tune in on Raw tomorrow to get the answer.

— Stew Allen


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