In Video: The latest in "Teidi" news

Taeler Hendrix Heidi LovelaceSince we first discussed the storyline involving Heidi Lovelace‘s crush on Taeler Hendrix in Ohio Valley Wrestling, interest in their antics has gone straight up. From the secret gifts to the admission to Taeler’s confusion, leading to Hendrix seemingly accepting Lovelace’s offer, the storyline has progressed in ways which have been interesting – and unexpected.

For example, at the start of this month, Taeler revealed to Nikki St John that things may not be as lovey-dovey as we may have been led to believe. More recently, Hendrix made out that Women’s Champion Trina Thompson was trying to drive a wedge into the “Teidi” relationship, which sent Lovelace off the handle and saw her unsuccessfully challenge for the title at the most recent Saturday Night Special, and was used as a patsy the following week so Hendrix and St John could attack the titleholder.

On this week’s episode of OVW TV, Hendrix faced Thompson in a non-title match. As you’ll see, Lovelace was trying to calm down her other half because Taeler was flapping about Trina’s unbeaten record since her return to the promotion and about Nikki St John’s absence. You can watch the match after the jump.


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