Ringbelles Roundup (18 June 2013) – Mickie James, Brittney Savage, Divas, Bellatrix & Queen of Queens

Mickie James TNAMickie James turned full heel on last Thursday’s Impact Wrestling by attacking Velvet Sky. Velvet had produced a letter from her doctor saying she was cleared to wrestle and wanted a rematch for the Knockouts Championship, but Mickie argued that she could have just downloaded it from the Internet before going after her previously injured knee before being peeled off her rival by the referees.

Fair play to TNA, James and Sky – this angle has been booked and executed beautifully. Everyone involved has done a great job to get the new Knockouts Champ over, and it looks like she is having a great time finally having something she can really sink her teeth into… and it’s long overdue.

To be brutally honest, both WWE’s and TNA’s writers have been coasting with Mickie James for the past six years. Following the epic angle between she and Trish Stratus which hit its zenith at WrestleMania 22, nothing of real note has been given to the 33-year old. Once she turned babyface in the summer of 2006, there were a few feuds with Lita, Melina, Beth Phoenix and Maryse, but she was portraying the typical white meat babyface with no real reason as to why you should cheer for her apart from that she was smiley and was wrestling heels. The only other big storyline she was part of was the “Piggie James” deal with Lay-Cool which felt like it was an unfair public rib on her – and she lost that feud, which meant that she never even got her redemption. Considering how well she had played a character in her first 8 months in WWE, it’s still staggering that she was not given the opportunity to do anything like that again during her run, except for being the punching bag to get Michelle McCool and Layla over in a nasty, bullying fashion which seemed to make people hate WWE’s writers than Lay-Cool.

The thing is, TNA’s writers were no better. Giving her the star treatment as a former WWE employee, she was promoted on the strength of her name rather than the contributions she could make as a character. While her wrestling has never needed to be questioned, there seemed to be a disconnect – why was I cheering for her? Mickie James Taeler Hendrix TNASure, she had a great cage match with Tara in December 2010 which was deserving of the main event of Impact Wrestling – and the feud surrounding it wasn’t bad – but it wasn’t going to stand the test of time. Taking three months out last year to have surgery to remove a benign tumour halted her momentum, but it may have done her the world of good because when she came back, the seeds for a heel turn were starting to be sown…

There had been a few signs of frustration from Mickie, including going public in a series of interview to promote her new album where she bashed TNA for not being regularly booked. Some at the time thought she was doing it to make a point or to get released, while others argued that it was a work and there was no way she would say these things without TNA’s permission, and it seems that the latter group were more accurate. She also discussed if she was turning heel, but claimed that she was just being honest, which is in hindsight, her setting up the turn. She discussed being more ruthless and heartless after losing a title challenge to Velvet Sky, and eventually did so, winning the belt on May 23 after clipping Sky’s injured knee from behind. While not a full heel at that point, she then started to be more disingenuous towards the former titleholder, doing nothing when Sky was attacked by Gail Kim, and subtly mocking Taeler Hendrix during the June 8 episode.

It’s clear that when you give Mickie something for her to get her teeth into, she goes for it – and as a result, her character is the most interesting that it has been in seven years. Sure, it’s possible that James herself was happy to travel down the road without wanting to upset the gravy train too much, but it can’t have been as fulfilling as being able to have something to work with. It just shows how great the Trish angle was when you see that writers have been coasting with her ever since.


Brittney SavageBrittney Savage has revealed her reasons for her decision to quit wrestling at the end of the year. Speaking to Jon Harder, she admitted there were professional, financial and physical reasons which all factor into the big picture of her life.

I’ve been doing a lot of contemplating for the last several months and there comes a point in time where you say that you just can’t do it anymore.

I can’t have a normal job – you can’t have a normal job when you need to do wrestling because every single weekend is occupied by that. For you to have a good, successful job, you need your weekends left free. I just weighed up pros and cons as ‘should I keep wrestling?’

I moved to Florida, I’m on my own, I’m paying rent, I’m paying everything on my own – I’ve been doing that since I was 18 years old. Back home, I had a really good job as a manager and I demoted myself as a manager so I could start with wrestling because I loved it.

Some people could criticise me and say ‘oh, she doesn’t love the business enough’ – no, it just comes to a point in time where you just have to think knowledgeably and just say ‘I’m going to be 30 years old in 4 years and – as all of us know in female wrestling – there’s going to be a time limit’.

2-time J-Cup winner Brittney Savage. Photo: snapmare.comDo I want to wait another four years to see where this could possibly go? At first, yeah – at first, 30 was my time limit – but I just want to have a job, have a good career, be able to have a family one day and not walk around like a little crippled old lady.

Right now, my body feels like it’s 90 years old. It feels worn and torn already and I don’t want it to get any worse.

She also discussed her frustration at non-wrestlers being hired to WWE and being overlooked, admitting that she feels bitter about others getting a shot when she feels that they give it up because of the pain and the lifestyle – which is a little ironic, considering she also cited the lack of career structure and injuries taking their toll on her.

As she points out, nobody should criticise her for the decision she has made – she is looking beyond the ring and has come to an acceptance that if she isn’t going to get paid big money for it, there’s no real point in continuing. More than anything, I commend her for treating the wrestling business as a business and not as a pastime, as the physical toll on your body for something where the chances of being financially rewarded for it are dwindling seems to be an internal battle that many wrestlers must go through.

If anything, you could commend Brittney Savage for her decision, arguing that loves wrestling enough to walk away from it to give others a chance to better the business and in turn, themselves.


Stephanie McMahon AJ Lee WWEOn Sunday at Payback, AJ Lee won the Divas Championship from Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn tapped out from a Black Widow, which made her look weak. In fact, the whole evening did no favours for her as she also didn’t go straight for a pin after delivering the spear, so she looked stupid and weak. The following day, she was humbled – and she wasn’t the only one.

On last night’s Raw, AJ came out to gloat about her victory and bask in her own awesomeness, which she did very well, as she has recovered from being a nonentity a few months ago. However, on challenging any woman in the back to face her, out came Stephanie McMahon to say there were plenty of Divas wanting to come out but she requested that she did so first. In her promo, she warned AJ about getting too cocky, and the pair exchanged back and forth, with the cocky titleholder throwing personal barbs about Stephanie marrying a wrestling and her having “daddy issues”. However, Stephanie then threatened AJ, ostensibly saying that she could be fired at any time.

Kaitlyn’s music hit and out came the babyface Divas – though as she started her promo, Stephanie said that she would let it go this time, but the former champ should never interrupt her again. Afterwards, Kaitlyn and AJ had a brawl in the ring before the Divas Champion was carried away by Big E Langston.

The gloating and the brawl were fine and did their job. However, I hated Stephanie’s involvement, which can be boiled down to her flexing her muscles as being the top woman in the promotion – which makes General Manager Vickie Guerrero look like a Stephanie McMahon Kaitlyn WWEmassive puppet, by the way. She stepped on AJ’s heel heat, stepped on Kaitlyn as she tries to regain some babyface fire, and for what? Is this to lead to a Stephanie v AJ feud? Fine – but that negates the ongoing AJ v Kaitlyn programme, and telegraphs the ending. It was an unnecessary piece of ego stroking that benefited nobody apart from Stephanie herself.

Had Stephanie come out and warned AJ that she was supporting Kaitlyn in her quest to get her pride, dignity and title back, that would be fine. Had she said that in the past, she had been the baddest of bad girls and warned her that it was a dangerous road to go down with very few true friends who will look out for her, I would have been OK with that too. But Stephanie put over nobody but herself, and buried the women who are trying their best to revitalise a Divas division which is a pale imitation of its former self. No matter who holds the title, it’s clear that they will not be the number one woman.

The thing is, the fans were into the fight between Kaitlyn and AJ. It didn’t need Stephanie sticking herself in the middle of it. Hopefully it’s the last we see of her, and the regular Diva roster is being given the chance to shine without someone lording over the top of them, reminding them that there is a pecking order and they are way down it.


Bellatrix 6 rosterAfter a successful show in March – which was watched online across Europe and North America, and as far afield as Brazil, Australia and New Zealand – Bellatrix: Female Warriors returns to iPPV with Bellatrix 6 on Sunday in Norwich, England. Hyped as having most of the best female talent in Europe and featuring a lot of first-time matches, the show is promising to offer fans new experiences, with one of the title matches being an example of that.

Liberty puts her RQW European Women’s Championship on the line against the debuting Shanna, while the other title match sees rivals Rhia O’Reilly and Erin Angel (the latter of whom returned from a tour of Canada mere days ago) battle over O’Reilly’s Bellatrix British Championship. “Erin and I have had a fair few encounters both inside and outside of Bellatrix,” points out O’Reilly. “But guess what? Last time we wrestled at Bellatrix, I beat her. In the two times we have locked up this year already, I’ve pinned her for a 3 count. I’m confident that it will be a challenge, it will be a fight, but I’m also confident I’m going to win.”

Saraya Knight takes on Carmel Jacob in another of the featured outings, though the devious Scot is looking to shock the former SHIMMER Champion’s hometown fans, saying “Everyone is expecting this match to go one way, and I am expecting to prove everyone wrong.”

In all, there are 20 wrestlers on the card, many – like Bete Noire, Alpha Female, Kay Lee Ray and Nikki Storm – making their first appearances, while others like Aurora Flame and Viper are returning after being away for a while.

A sceptic may say that the show’s biggest draw may also be a potential weakness, as because many of the matches are originals, it could be that some may not gel. However, it seems as if most of the first-time contests are between experienced wrestlers, or will have had a lot of time to learn about what they’re dealing with, considering the matches were announced a month ago.

The promotion is currently going in the right direction – especially after the success of Bellatrix 5 in March where Saraya and Destiny had a hard-hitting and bloody main event while Liberty & Queen Maya had a great outing and Erin Angel & Penelope arguably stole the show – so it will be interesting to see how things turn out. There is a lot of star power from the continent on the show and it has received good local and international promotion from the roster plugging it, so a large audience – both at the venue and watching online – is expected. We will be in attendance in Norwich to see how it all goes down.


ACW AthenaAnarchy Championship Wrestling’s American Joshi Queen of Queens tournament also returns on Sunday, and last year’s winner Athena is throwing down a gauntlet to herself. The Wrestling Goddess is putting her Anarchy Televised Championship on the line every time she steps into the ring for the proceedings, and is also looking to become the first ever two-time winner of the event.

This isn’t the first time that a title is being defended throughout the tournament. In 2010, the American Joshi title was given the same stipulations, and changed hands in every round of the event. Incoming titleholder Rachel Summerlyn was defeated by Daffney, who then fell to Jessica James in the semi-finals. However, because of an attack by her opponent in the finals, James came out for the deciding contest as Lady Poison, but was beaten by Portia Perez, who walked out with the trophy and the belt.

In the past, the American Joshi Queen of Queens tournament was a who’s who of the top female stars in North America. Boasting names like MsChif, Daizee Haze, Sara Del Rey, Serena Deeb, Daffney, Jazz and Jessicka Havok took on ACW regulars like Summerlyn, Athena, James, Perez, Amanda Fox and more. Barring the first year where Haze won, it has been a showcase to push wrestlers or storylines to do with ACW. That’s why subsequent tournaments were won by Perez, Summerlyn and Athena. This year, the ACW regulars are there, but the ones being brought in from elsewhere are your up and comers for the most part, rather than stars who are as widely recognised.

Joining the likes of Barbi Hayden, Angel Blue and Athena are a returning Su Yung (who made her first ACW appearance at last year’s Queen of Queens, losing to Athena), as well as debutantes Claudia Del Solis, Angelus Layne (who spoke about the show in our most recent Fight Like A Girl interview), Addy Starr and Leva Bates. Instead of it being a stamp of someone who has already established themselves as a draw, this year’s winner is more likely to be able to use the victory to skyrocket themselves.

As there has been a pattern in recent years, I expect an ACW roster member to win the whole deal. If it isn’t Athena retaining the trophy, look towards Blue or Hayden to win. Either one would benefit a great deal from being added to its lineage. If I had to choose, I’d say Hayden due to her expanding profile – she recently made her Ring Of Honor debut – and it would be a happy ending for the show.


Elsewhere on the site, we have video of Sara Del Rey in a match from 2005, an enjoyable interview with Ireland’s Katey Harvey, and the most shared article on the site this month – a piece shouting about the greatness that is Madison Eagles.


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The best of the rest

Following her humiliation on last week’s Raw, Kaitlyn attacked Aksana before the opening bell rang for their match on SmackDown on Friday, and was “fined” for striking a referee. She apologised on Twitter afterwards… WWE filmed some more footage for Total Divas in Las Vegas – a bachelorette party for Natalya, who’s engaged to Tyson Kidd… Alicia Fox advanced in the NXT Women’s Title tournament on last Wednesday’s episode by defeating Bayley… Tamina Snuka suffered a concussion during her match with Natalya on the June 3 Superstars taping from a clothesline… When interviewed by Sports Town Chicago, Nikki Bella said “you are getting the real deal with Total Divas”. Yeah, OK… The featured Hall Of Famer for WWE Classics On Demand in July is going to be Sunny. That’s a turnaround from them pulling sponsoring rehab for her earlier this year after she publicly slated them. Speaking of Tammy Sytch, is is going to be inducted into the New England Wrestling Hall Of Fame this weekend… Looks like July 8 is going to be a big day for WWE developmental. Freelance reporter Brittany Fetkin, actress/dancer CJ Perry and Erika Hammond (who took part in a month’s training earlier this year) have publicly confirmed – on their way to Florida.

Shanna came second in the TNA Gut Check Challenge behind Germany’s “Bad Bones” John Klinger, though the result was not without controversy. It was alleged that some of Klinger’s supporters had spotted another technical loophole with the voting that meant that you could only vote once per email account, but it didn’t log your IP. Consequently, if you had multiple email accounts, you could vote for all of them from the same internet address. While it’s a valid argument, there’s nothing to say that people didn’t do that for Shanna too, despite her asking them not to. Whoever is coding TNA’s website needs a serious conversation… Brooke Hogan is to deliver a “State of the Knockouts” address on this Thursday’s Impact Wrestling.

North America
Jordynne Grace LLFTaeler Hendrix got a win over Ohio Valley Wrestling Women’s Champion Trina Thompson on last week’s episode. She used her (faux) partner Heidi Lovelace as a human shield to launch an attack outside of the ring, ramming Trina into the ringpost before pinning her in the ring with her feet on the ropes… Jenny Rose returns to Women Superstars Uncensored for August 10’s Uncensored Rumble 6 show… Miss Natural defeated MsChif in a Falls Count Anywhere Match at Dynamo Pro Wrestling on Friday… Serena Deeb made her debut in CWF Mid-Atlantic on Saturday, pinning Amber O’Neal with her feet on the ropes… More matches have been announced for July 26th’s Bombshell Ladies Of Wrestling show, which you can see in the Upcoming section. In addition, veteran wrestler Heidi Lee Morgan will be in attendance… Jordynne Grace debuted in Mexico last week, losing to Polly Star in the main event of Lucha Libre Feminil’s show… Alexxis Nevaeh retained the World Women’s Wrestling Championship on Friday, beating Mistress Belmont… Congratulations to Addy Starr, who won the ISW Undisputed King Of Crazy Championship from Pinkie Sanchez at the weekend.

Yumiko Hotta & Keiko Aono made their first successful defence of the Diana Tag Team Championship on Sunday, beating singles champion Kyoko Inoue & Sareee… Maki Narumiya has returned to training with Ice Ribbon after injuring her neck in January, mere weeks into her first ICEx60 title reign.

A four-woman tournament will take place on July 7 to determine the first European Catch Tour Association Women’s Champion. Queen Maya, Lady Lory, Morgane Leigh and Skarlett are vying for the belt… Penelope was rushed to hospital after suffering a stinger in her neck during a World Association of Wrestling show on PenelopeSunday. It happened during a Tombstone piledriver from Destiny – Penelope’s head slipped below Destiny’s knees as she jumped to execute the move, meaning her body weight was compressed into her head and neck. She is still intent on wrestling at Bellatrix 6 on Sunday against Alpha Female.

Dinastía, El Elegido, Faby Apache & Pimpinela Escarlata defeated Mamba, Mini Abismo Negro, Silver King & Taya Valkyrie at AAA’s TripleMania XXI on Sunday. At the same time, CMLL ran a show to clash, with Dalis la Caribeña winning a 10-woman cibernetico.

Australia & New Zealand
Evie will defend the PWWA Interim Championship against Kellie Skater and Jessie McKay in a 3-way at the PWA show on July 5. It will be Skater’s first match in Australia in 2013.



June 12: Sendai Girls (Sendai, Japan) – Miyako Morino b Sareee; Sakura Hirota b Mio Shirai; Carlos Amano & Hiroyo Matsumoto b Meiko Satomura & Syuri; DASH Chisako & Sendai Sachiko b Manami Katsu & Reideen Hagane; Ayumi Kurihara b Kagetsu

June 12: Ice Ribbon “Hikaru Shida Produce” (Saitama, Japan) – Sai v Kyuri went to a time limit draw; Neko Nitta & Hamuko Hoshi b Tsukasa Fujimoto & Kurumi; Ryuichi Sekine v Meari Naito went to a no contest; Ryuichi Sekine b Meari Naito; Miyako Matsumoto b Risa Sera; Hikaru Shida & Aoi Kizuki v Hanako Nakamori & Sawako Shimono went to a time limit draw

June 12: WWE NXT (Winter Park, FL) – Alicia Fox b Bayley

June 12: Ohio Valley Wrestling (Lousiville, KY) – Hannah & Holly Blossom b Lylah Lodge & Epiphany; Lei’D Tapa b Jessie Belle; Taeler Hendrix b Trina Thompson

June 14: WWE (Terre Haute, IN) – Kaitlyn b AJ Lee

June 14: Big West Wrestling (Kelowna, BC, Canada) – Cremator Von Slasher & Riea Von Slasher b Toni Baroni & Kc Spinelli

June 14: TNA (Charleston, WV) – Mickie James b Velvet Sky

June 14: New England Championship Wrestling (Randolph, MA) – Alexxis Nevaeh b Mistress Belmont

June 14: Lucha Libre Feminil (Monterrey, Mexico) – Zaga b Reyna de Corazones; Lady Flamer & Lady Jaguar b Gacela & Shekina Elijah; Angelica b La Chacala; Polly Star b Jordynne Grace

Kaitlyn WWEJune 14: AAA (Guanajuato, Mexico) – Gran Apache, Mari Apache & Mini Abismo Negro b Atomic Boy, La Jarochita & Octagoncito

June 14: WWE SmackDown (Greensboro, NC) – Kaitlyn v Aksana went to a no-contest

June 14: Dynamo Pro Wrestling (Glen Carbon, IL) – Miss Natural b MsChif

June 15: Ice Ribbon (Saitama, Japan) – Hailey Hatred b Kurumi; Tsukushi & Rabbit Miu b Hikaru Shida & 235; Risa Sera b Miyako Matsumoto; Tsukasa Fujimoto & Aoi Kizuki b Hamuko Hoshi & Cherry

June 15: WWE (Bloomington, IL) – Kaitlyn b AJ Lee

June 15: TNA (Lexington, KY) – Mickie James b Velvet Sky

June 15: Capital City Championship Combat (Ottawa, ON, Canada) – Vanessa Kraven b Twiggy

June 15: Pro Wrestling Experience (Chicago, IL) – SoSay & Tony Atlas b Melanie Cruise & Robo De Luna

June 15: Wrestling On Fire (Parsippany, NJ) – Aida Marie b Jessie Brooks

June 15: CWF Mid-Atlantic (Gibsonville, NC) – Serena Deeb b Amber O’Neal

June 15: Florida Underground Wrestling (Kissimmee, FL) – La Rosa Negra b Solo Darling & Cherry in a 3-way

June 15: WrestleForce (Calhoun Falls, SC) – Jessie Kaye b D’Arcy Dixon

Addy Starr Valerie BishopJune 15: Inter Species Wrestling (Ottawa, ON, Canada) – Addy Starr b Pinkie Sanchez to win the ISW Undisputed King Of Crazy Championship

June 15: Shockwave Wrestling Entertainment (Havelock, NC) – Mia Svensson b Fantasia via DQ

June 15: New York Wrestling Connection (Deer Park, NY) – Marti Belle b Rick Cataldo

June 16: Stardom (Fukuoka, Japan) – Kyoko Kimura b Miho Wakizawa & Mayu Iwatani in a 3-way; Natsuki*Taiyo & Yoshiko b Kaori Yoneyama & Eri Susa; Hiroyo Matsumoto & Kairi Hojo b Hailey Hatred & Christina Von Eerie; Io Shirai & Takumi Iroha b Nanae Takahashi & Yui Yokoo

June 16: Diana (Kawasaki, Japan) – Hamuko Hoshi b JJ; Tomoko Watanabe b Raideen Hagane; Jaguar Yokota b Rabbit Miu; Kaoru Ito b Yuiga; Yumiko Hotta & Keiko Aono b Kyoko Inoue & Sareee

June 16: Wrestling New Classic (Gifu, Japan) – Yusuke Kodama & Makoto b Takuya Kito & Sawako Shimono; Osamu Nishimura, Syuri & Gran Hamada b TAJIRI, Lin Byron & El Hijo del Pantera

June 16: JWP (Tokyo, Japan) – Tsubasa Kuragaki b Raideen Hagane; Leon & Moeka Haruhi b Sachie Abe & KAZUKI; Hanako Nakamori & Morii b Kayoko Haruyama & Fairy Nipponbashi; Command Bolshoi b Rabbit Miu; Arisa Nakajima b Manami Katsu

June 16: New Breed Wrestling Association (Banbury, England) – Alpha Female & Nikki Storm b Pollyanna & Kay Lee Ray

June 16: WWE Payback (Chicago, IL) – AJ Lee b Kaitlyn to win the WWE Divas Championship

June 16: Quintessential Pro Wrestling (Monrovia, CA) – Cheerleader Melissa b Candace LeRae

June 16: AAA TripleMania (Mexico City, Mexico) – Dinastía, El Elegido, Faby Apache & Pimpinela Escarlata b Mamba, Mini Abismo Negro, Silver King & Taya Valkyrie

June 16: CMLL (Guadalajara, Mexico) – Princesa Blanca b Luna Mágica

June 16: CMLL (Mexico City, Mexico) – Dalis la Caribeña b Dark Angel, Lluvia, Estrellita, Goya Kong, Tiffany, Princesa Sugheit, La Comandante, Zeuxis & La Seductora in a cibernetico

June 16: Smash Wrestling (Toronto, ON, Canada) – Jewells Malone b Seleziya Sparx


June 21: Family Wrestling Entertainment (New York, NY) – Maria Kanellis & Ivelisse Velez v Angelina Love & Katarina Leigh

June 22: RAD:PRO Wrestling (South Shields, England) – Freya Frenzy v Kirsty Love

June 22: British Championship Wrestling (East Kilbride, Scotland) – Nikki Storm v Carmel Jacob

June 22: World Xtreme Wrestling (Minneola, FL) – Kimberly v Brittney Savage

June 22: Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling (Chilliwack, BC, Canada) – Nicole Matthews v Cat Power

June 23: Bellatrix 6 (Norwich, England) – Liberty v Shanna; Penelope v Alpha Female; Rhia O’Reilly v Erin Angel; Nikki Storm v Miss Mina; X-cute Sweet v Skarlett; Kay Lee Ray v Queen Maya; Destiny v Aurora Flame; Bete Noire & Viper v Violet O’Hara & Chanel; Saraya Knight v Carmel Jacob

June 23: I Believe In Wrestling (Orlando, FL) – Chasyn Rance v Santana Garrett v Jayson Falcone

June 23: Anarchy Championship Wrestling American Joshi Queen of Queens (Austin, TX)

June 23: Ring Of Honor (Baltimore, MD) – Veda Scott v MsChif

June 29: REINA x World (Tokyo, Japan) – Dump Matsumoto v Goya Kong; Makoto v Estrellita; Leon, Ray & Rabbit Miu v Mima Shimoda, Tiffany & Marcela; Hanako Nakamori & Syuri v Storm & Mighty Mel

June 29: Herts and Essex Wrestling (Takeley, England) – Saraya Knight v Violet O’Hara

June 30: Absolute Intense Wrestling (Cleveland, OH) – Veda Scott & Gregory Iron v Obariyon & Kobald

July 4: GOUGE (Raleigh, NC) – Mia Svensson v Tori Lynn

July 4: Ring Wars Carolina (Fayetteville, NC) – Mia Svensson v Devyn Nicole

July 5: Pro Wrestling Alliance (Campbelltown, Australia) – Evie v Kellie Skater v Jessie McKay

July 6: Ring Wars Carolina (Fayetteville, NC) – Mia Svensson v Aida Marie

July 6: nCw Femmes Fatales XII (Montreal, Quebec, Canada) – Mercedes Martinez v Sweet Cherrie; Angie Skye v Christina Von Eerie; Midianne & Deziree v Leah Von Dutch & Xandra Bale; Courtney Rish v Cheerleader Melissa; LuFisto v Kimber Lee; Missy v Sassy Stephie; She Nay Nay v Veda Scott

July 11: Ring Of Honor (Chicago, IL) – Michael Elgin, BJ Whitmer & MsChif v ACH, Tadarius Thomas & Athena

July 12: SHINE 11 (Ybor City, FL) – Mercedes Martinez v Nikki Roxx v Su Yung v Taylor Made; Angelina Love v Amazing Kong v Ivelisse Velez v Kimberly; Jessicka Havok v Saraya Knight; Leva Bates v Mia Yim

Mickie James Nikki StormJuly 13: Melbourne City Wrestling (Tullamarine, Australia) – KC Cassidy v Siren Munroe

July 13: Extreme American Wrestling (Corby, England) – Shanna v Alpha Female

July 20: Pro Wrestling Elite (Ayr, Scotland) – Mickie James v Nikki Storm

July 20: Battling Bombshells: Stars, Stripes & Bombshells (Hollywood, FL) – Chelsea Diamond v Cherry Layne; Mercedes Justine v Silvie Silver; La Renne v Brittney Savage; Luscious Latasha v Solo Darling; Jewells Malone v La Morena Aleishka; Santana Garrett v Melissa Coates; La Rosa Negra v La Amazona

July 26: New Horizons Pro Wrestling (Perth, Australia) – Eliza Sway v Portia Perez; Kellie Skater v Nikita Naridian; Storm v Saraya Knight; Tomoka Nakagawa v Miami

July 26: Bombshells Ladies Of Wrestling (Iselin, NJ) – Cheerleader Melissa v La Rosa Negra; Angelina Love v Shelly Martinez; Annie Social & Missy Sampson v Amber Rodriguez & Jennifer Cruz; Sumie Sakai v Jessie Kaye; Alicia v Alexxis Nevaeh; Craig Steele & Amber O’Neal v Johnny Silver & Silvie Silver

PWA Evie Kellie Skater Jesie McKayAugust 3: Pro Women’s Wrestling Alliance (Parramatta, Australia) – Evie v Madison Eagles

August 10: Women Superstars Uncensored (Voorhees, NJ) – Jessicka Havok v Athena

August 25: Insane Championship Wrestling (Edinburgh, Scotland) – Kay Lee Ray v Carmel Jacob

September 22: Insane Championship Wrestling: Fierce Females (Glasgow, Scotland)

October 6: Bellatrix 7 (Norwich, England)

October 6: Absolute Intense Wrestling Girls Night Out 9/10 (Cleveland, OH)

October 19-20: SHIMMER: Women Athletes (Berwyn, IL)

– Lee Burton
– Photos by TNA, Gerweck.net, Snapmare.com, WWE, Jordynne Grace, Saraya Knight, Valerie Bishop
– Data collated from (but not limited to) Cagematch, joshifans.com, PuroLove, Dramatic DDT, Luchablog, Lords Of Pain, Wrestling Observer, Open The Puroresu Gate, PWInsider, NHB Girls

© Ringbelles


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