Bellatrix v SHIMMER announced for October 6

Bellatrix v SHIMMERWe haven’t even had Bellatrix 6 – coming this Sunday on iPPV, and you can click here to order the show – but the hype for the next Bellatrix show later this year has begun. Speaking on today’s Figure Four Daily show, Bellatrix promoter Saraya Knight finished off a great interview by making this announcement:

We will have a SHIMMER roster coming over to fight Bellatrix girls. I’m not going to release who’s coming over but they’ve all okayed it; they’re all ready to come over, we’re sorting out work visas right now.

I’ll be letting you know exactly who is coming over – but there is five SHIMMER girls coming over for Bellatrix on October 6.

Speaking later on the BritWresChat show, she also informed us that one of the names will be the SHIMMER Champion, whomever that may be – which, if things don’t change by then, means Cheerleader Melissa will return to the UK for the first time since ChickFight in 2008. In addition, you would imagine that Bellatrix World Champion Courtney Rush must be in the frame.

As part of the interview with Bryan Alvarez, Saraya talked about being the mother of WWE Diva in waiting Paige, her relationship with husband Ricky, the current feeling between she and Melissa, and a couple of other stories which you would have heard in previous Women Of Wrestling Podcasts with her – namely, going blind from a kick to the eye, and fighting with a fan earlier this year. If you have a F4W subscription, have a listen to her latest chat – but if you don’t, click the links and listen to Saraya being her open and honest self.

In addition, leave us a comment below with which SHIMMER roster members you would like to see, and any potential matches you would be interested in. You may want to come back to this after Sunday’s show, when you can assess which names impressed you the most.

– Lee Burton


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