Ringbelles Retro: A Mighty Molly dark match

Mighty Molly HollyA few weeks ago, we posted a WWF dark match from late 2001 featuring Jazz wrestling Lita before the former’s official debut at that year’s Survivor Series. A quick nose around the same YouTube account brought up another untelevised contest from around the same time, so we bring it to you for this week’s Retro.

This one sees Molly Holly in action under her Mighty Molly gimmick. Her persona from the female Holly cousin happened after she turned on her boyfriend Spike Dudley to align herself with The Hurricane who was part of the WCW and ECW conglomerate known as The Alliance. To match in with his superhero persona, she became his ever-faithful sidekick – though the gimmick was so over that it eventually started to be cheered – and once the Invasion angle was over with, the pair turned babyface.

This match from December of that year sees Molly take on Dee Dee Venturi – a woman who at the time was doing jobs on WCW and WWF TV. Starting her wrestling career relatively late – at the age of 33 – she had been wrestling for three years when this match rolled around. Earlier in 2001, she had fallen to Lexie Fyfe in a WWF dark match, and had also wrestled Molly herself in WCW on a few occasions when Holly was competing under the name of Mona.


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