Bellatrix 6 results – Erin Angel wins the British Championship (updated with photos & thoughts)

Bellatrix logoTwenty of Europe’s top female wrestlers compete on this evening’s Bellatrix 6 card, with two title matches and a slew of original matchups. Bellatrix British Champion Rhia O’Reilly and RQW European Women’s Champion Liberty put their belts on the line against Erin Angel and Shanna respectively. Angel’s challenge to O’Reilly was one of the topics we covered with her as part of the most recent Women Of Wrestling Podcast, as well as discussions on her recent trip to Canada, beibg one of the continent’s most experienced female talents and her future goals.

Elsewhere on the nine match card, Saraya Knight faces Carmel Jacob, Penelope tackles Alpha Female, and Miss Mina wrestles Nikki Storm. You can read more about the card here and also read a further preview by clicking this link.

In addition, the promotion has received a great deal of external coverage in the local print and broadcast media, as well as on podcasts and elsewhere online, including the announcement that Bellatrix 7 will see Bellatrix stars taking on visiting stars from SHIMMER. The early indications suggest that this will be among the healthiest audience numbers for a Bellatrix show, so expect a lively crowd if you are watching on iPPV, and you can order the show (which starts at 6.30pm BST) by clicking here.

You can see the full card after the jump, where we will also be offering live results if you are unable to watch the show. Keep hitting refresh to get updates as they happen.

1. Skarlett made X-Cute Sweet tap out to the Skarlett’s Web.
2. Nikki Storm pinned Miss Mina with a schoolgirl after feigning a knee injury.
3. Destiny defeated Aurora Flame with a 747 splash.
4. Queen Maya beat Kay Lee Ray with the Royal Forearm of Steel.
5. Erin Angel defeated Rhia O’Reilly to win the Bellatrix British Championship.
– Angel took the first fall in round 2 with a missile dropkick.
– O’Reilly took the second fall in round 3 with the Celtic Tiger Suplex.
– Angel took the third fall in round 6 with a moonsault.
6. Bete Noire & Viper defeated Violet O’Hara & Chanel. Viper pinned O’Hara with an Electric Chair Drop while Noire hit a faceplant.
7. Penelope beat Alpha Female following a spear by Destiny
8. Saraya Knight defeated Carmel Jacob with a sit out powerbomb.
9. Liberty beat Shanna to retain the RQW European Women’s Championship.
– Shanna took the first fall in round 3 with a schoolgirl while holding the ropes.
– Liberty took the second fall in round 4 with a Muta Lock tapout.
– Liberty took the third fall in round 5 with a tornado DDT.

1 Skarlett Bellatrix 6Thoughts
• So, the question asked to me yesterday was if this show was better than Bellatrix 5? The question made me stop and think for a while, so let’s break it down and see…
• Skarlett’s win streak in Bellatrix continued by beating X-Cute Sweet in a nice opener which reintroduced X-Cute to the fans, as she had been absent since Bellatrix 2 and was in a more natural position as a babyface. It allowed her to show off her goofiness a little more and allowed (most of) the fans to get behind her. Some of them wouldn’t get past the fact that she was a Frenchwoman going against an Englishwoman, but we’ll get to that later on.
• The pair bounced off each other nicely for a neat comedy opener, though it was Sweet’s ultimate humiliation by delivering a stinkface which was her undoing, as an enraged Skarlett came out, hit that big axe kick and locked on the Skarlett’s Web (Cattle Mutilation) for the tap out.
• Miss Mina and Nikki Storm felt like a fight with both looking to batter each other. Storm (who was identified as the Pro Wrestling: EVE Champion on the commentary) slotted into the roster perfectly – as did all the debutantes – and was hated from the start. Nikki worked heel while Mina worked tweener, and that was evident when Mina levelled Storm with a kick to the face which sent her opponent to the floor. Instead of going out to throw her back into the ring, she stood back to accept the count-out, but Storm got back into the ring in time.
• Nikki’s faked knee injury came from a jump off the rope where she made her own knee buckle. While a number of fans weren’t buying it, others were looking truly concerned, and everyone involved in the spot did their job well. She got great heat for yanking Mina into the turnbuckle, rolling her up and then scooting up the aisle before mockingly hopping. Great stuff.
• Destiny’s new gear is a heat magnet. The gold foil tights garnered derision and hate – which might be cheap heat, but it worked on this Norwich audience. The chants of ‘KFC’ to her weren’t very friendly, though I’m sure an ICW: Fierce Females audience would have been more cutting.
• Her opponent Aurora Flame looked great. Trimmed down since her last appearance at Bellatrix 2, she looked more trim, but still had enough size to take it to Destiny.
• Aurora chose to use submissions to try and get the duke, but it was Destiny’s size which was a deciding factor, as she used big legdrops, running avalanches, shoulder tackles and a 747 to get the win. It helped to get her momentum back on track after losing at Bellatrix 5, so mission accomplished.
16 Kay Lee Ray Queen Maya Bellatrix 6• Kay Lee Ray and Queen Maya’s match wasn’t as good as Maya’s match against Liberty in March, but was still a good outing. The Scot’s speed and aeriel tactics were a great foil for Maya’s height, and made it easy for fans to get into the contest. In the end, Maya swung her surgically repaired forearm but connected on the second attempt to KO her opponent and score the pin. Maya has really found herself as a character, and Kay Lee made a good first impression.
• After four heel wins, it was time to cheer the fans up, and they got what they wanted with Erin Angel winning the British Championship. As you would expect in a match featuring two wrestlers who have shared a lot of ring time, this was pretty slick, but had new elements on top. For example, Angel tends to cartwheel out of a wristlock to reverse it, but this time, she did a number of them in one go to escape the hold completely. Nice stuff, especially if you were predicting a reversal.
• Angel got the first fall with a big missile dropkick which caught the defending champion in the mouth, but O’Reilly responded in the following round with a devastating Celtic Tiger Suplex to equalise. At the end of round 5, Rhia was actively looking to avoid Erin by grabbing onto the ropes to stall the clock and let it run down, but was caught with the moonsault in the following round for the decisive fall. My pick for Match of the Night – well done to both.
• Bagpipes = hatred in Norwich. When Viper and Bete Noire came out, playing Scotland The Brave and wearing kilts, you knew that they weren’t going to make any friends. Compounding this was the fact that they were taking on the popular Chanel and Violet O’Hara – however, while short, the match was hurt by the errors at the start, which lost the fans’ enthusiasm.
• I feel for O’Hara. She’s had some great reports of matches which haven’t been made available to watch, but after the Bellatrix 5 match and a couple of missteps in this one, it doesn’t slot into place on iPPV. A low headscissors on Noire looked a bit awkward, but she did nail a sweet missile dropkick to both of her opponents during the hot tag. Violet is good, and it’s a massive shame that it’s not clicked on these shows yet.
• As for the match, it was pretty much a domination by the Scottish brawlers – who weren’t in their She-X gear – who got over big as a force to fear in the future. I would like to see more clubbering in the future, so if a babyface team steps up for a series of matches, I’d be all for it.
• The first Alpha Female v Penelope match last December was reportedly a bit of a dud. They made up for that in this match.
• Keen to not have the same style of match as Maya v Ray, Penelope sought to outwrestle her larger opponent, which included the mightiest Mexican Surfboard I’ve ever seen live. It looked amazing and it surprised a lot of fans sitting around me. In addition, the Brit used the slam attempt spot seen in matches like Hulk Hogan v Andre The Giant at WrestleMania III, as well as Hogan v Yokozuna and Hacksaw Jim Duggan v Bam Bam Bigelow, both at King of the Ring 1993. Go for the first slam, fail to lift; go for the second, collapse with your opponent on top of you; and then hit it on the third attempt. In the meantime, Alpha took her time in battering Penelope, including slapping her midsection so hard that there was a giant red handprint left.
29 Penelope Alpha Female Bellatrix 6• The finish came when Penelope – who had earlier scored with a nice Swanton – missed Alpha and hit referee Jimmy Ocean, giving Destiny the opportunity to come out. However, instead of going after Penelope, she attacked Alpha, eventually taking her down with a big spear and laying Penelope on top for the pin. Afterwards, Destiny threw the winner out of the ring – proving that she wasn’t turning babyface – and squared up to Alpha, before powdering out of the ring.
• I get the booking of the match – Alpha loses but stays strong, Penelope gets to claim the win and it potentially sets up a Destiny v Alpha match in the future. Part of me wishes there was a clean finish to the match, but considering all of the other matches had no outside interference, I’m alright with it. Altogether though, a really fun contest.
• Carmel Jacob v Saraya Knight was a proper scrap which was more even than most would have expected. In fact, you could argue that it was 50/50, which really helped to establish Jacob as a proper threat in the eyes of a very pro-Saraya crowd. In fact, Knight made sure that the fans knew it was a struggle as she quickly resorted to abandoning playing by the rules and fighting fire with fire, pulling hair, poking eyes and hitting below the belt.
• Saraya got the win with a powerbomb but Jacob lost nothing from the defeat. She got over as a fighter, gave as good as she got, and her tantrum after losing the match didn’t feel like she was being a crybaby, but was so frustrated at losing. Thumbs up.
• Liberty v Shanna was a worthy main event. Having the challenger sing along to the Portuguese national anthem before the match ramped up the heat, and that came after her on her knees basking in the moment in the middle of the ring for about half a minute. It was great.
• As for the match, all of the wrestling was very good, but the refereeing flaws took the shine off it a bit. Shanna’s first fall had her with her feet on the ropes and held Liberty’s tights – which was fine, as the infractions were both out of view of referee Jimmy Ocean – but Liberty also grabbed the ropes, which was missed. In addition, the deciding fall was controversial, as Shanna kicked out of Liberty’s tornado DDT, and Ocean’s hand hit the mat for three, but declared it a two before second guessing himself and calling the finish. It was a confusing way to end.
40 Shanna Liberty Bellatrix 6• In fairness, there were quite a few moments during the show where the refereeing was questionable, as they struggled to keep up with the action going on in the ring.
• Also, some of the fans’ comments were a bit too xenophobic and jingoistic at times for my liking. I also know there’s not much that can be done about it, but it was a shame.
• So that was Bellatrix 6, which overall had better matches than the previous show (so to answer the question from last night… yes, this was better than the March show). Mina/Storm, O’Reilly/Angel, Penelope/Alpha, Carmel/Saraya and Liberty/Shanna were all good to great, with the only match which didn’t hit the spot being the tag team match, though it had its moments. We’ll have more tomorrow on the prospects on Bellatrix 7 featuring five SHIMMER wrestlers, including the announcement during the broadcast that Bellatrix World Champion Courtney Rush will be part of the proceedings.

– Lee Burton


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